Another transport packaging for PCB’s-print circuit boards (one is Electronic print board magazine racks) are the EPP/EPP-ESD customized boxes and inserts. They are a relatively new product on the market of specialized packaging, sustainable and eco friendly.

These transport containers made from Expanded Polypropylene have isotherm properties and can be used, together with dividers, for transport of temperature-sensitive products.

They can be produced as inserts in injected plastic boxes/crates, or as self boxes, having the internal separators already produced from the mold.

Special transport boxes are perfectly stackable due to their special stack border, and can be used as they are, or placed inside big transport boxes and containers. They are compatible with automatic/robotic handling.

They are used for transport by the producers of auto-moto components, aviation, household appliances (including air-conditioning) industry.

Their advantage is that they are compatible and can be adapted to many products, not only to one single model.

The products are fixed in the separators, without the risk of moving out the transport box, or to bump between them.

They can be personalized with logo, bar codes, colored stripes, imprints specific to the packed products (serial numbers, etc.), self-adhesive label holders.

Beside the PCB circuit printed boards which are easily slide in the separator groove, the can be used as well to pack and transport, switch frames, glass panels, touch screen displays, cooling plates, etc.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Thickness of web
    TransportBOX 797 x 598 x 340 mmTSB-3753797 x 598 x 340740/745 x 535/540 x 3053 to 7 mmView product
    TransportBOX 797 x 598 x 240 mmTSB-3752797 x 598 x 240740/745 x 535/540 x 2053 to 7 mmView product
    TransportBOX 795 x 595 x 140 mmTSB-3751795 x 595 x 140N.A.3 to 7 mmView product
    TransportBOX 795 x 595 x 140 mmTSB-7751795 x 595 x 140745/750 x 540/545 x 105To 7 mmView product
    TransportBOX 1.195 x 397 x 170 mmTSB-71311.195 x 397 x 1701135/1140 x 335/340 x 135To 7 mmView product
    TransportBOX 795 x 397 x 170 mmTSB-7731795 x 397 x 170752/757 x 335/340 x 135To 7 mmView product
    TransportBOX 524 x 340 x 200 mmTSB-7532524 x 340 x 200 mm489/494 x 304/309 x 200To 7 mmView product