In situations where the products which are going to be packed, stored or transported have atypical dimensions, but above all cannot be disassembled for these procedures, there is the possibility of creating plastic boxes with special dimensions.

These atypical containers are produced by cutting the standard ones and recomposing them in the desired dimensions, through a special welding procedure: mirror welding.

Crates with atypical dimensions can be modified both in length and width, as well as in height, in order to reach the desired special dimensions, so that the products are not pressed, forced and finally damaged in order to fix them in the package.

  • Cut weld boxes

    Plastic pallet boxes

    For applications where large packaging is needed for atypical products, there is the option of plastic cut & weld pallet boxes or mirror welding.

    To obtain such packaging by injection the costs would be much too high, so welding two pallet boxes to get one of the desired size is a quick solution at an efficient cost.

    The welding area is strong, the resulting packaging is resistant and can accommodate without problems the products for which they are requested. In the case of very large containers, in which a large weight is put, the base of the pallet boxes is reinforced with metal profiles.

    The quality of the pallet boxes produced by the mirror welding method is constant and at a high level, in a production series where there is the guarantee that all the products will be the same.

  • Mirror welding stackable container with open handles

    Plastic containers

    Plastic cut & weld or mirror welding containers can be produced in almost any sizes required, with extension both horizontally and vertically.

    The procedure is a safe one, and there is no risk that over time the resulting products will crack on the area where they were glued.

    Also, following the procedure, there won’t remain burrs on the gluing area.

    The quality of the mirror welding containers obtained is high, they can be used for a long period of time and the costs are much lower than if they were produced with special mold.

    They are used for storing and transporting products of atypical size or shapes, such as piping, pipes or various types of containers.