Mirror welding

When products have atypical dimensions, there’s one easy way to create quality plastic boxes with particular measurements.

These atypical containers are produced by cutting and welding standard-size ones.

This method retains the benefits of inexpensive, industrially produced and tested boxes.

Mirror welding is used in the process of joining the box halves.

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  • Cut weld boxes

    Plastic pallet boxes

    Oversized products may benefit from cut & weld or mirror welding plastic pallet boxes.

    Costs for producing such containers using a custom-size plastic injection process would be very high, so welding two pallet boxes to get a big one is an efficient solution.

    Cut & weld can join two box halves both horizontally (next to each other) or vertically (stacking the parts).

    The welded area is resistant, and the resulting packaging is just as strong and ready for loads. The base of the pallet box can be reinforced with metal profiles to withstand heavy weights.

    The welding technique ensures consistent quality along a batch of such containers.

    Both rigid and foldable pallet boxes can be enlarged using this technique.

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  • Mirror welding stackable container with open handles

    Plastic containers

    Plastic cut & weld or mirror welding containers can be produced in almost any required size using a horizontal or vertical extension.

    The welded area of the container does not crack or break quicker than the rest of the box.

    Finished boxes are clean of any burrs in the welded area.

    Welded plastic containers are long-lasting and much cheaper than custom-size boxes produced using a dedicated mould.

    They are used to store and transport products with atypical/ oversized dimensions or shapes, such as pipes or other containers.

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  • After cutting the components for assembly, the surplus material is removed, and the edges are heated for gluing. This is a precision process, the cut is accurate, and the welding line is hermetic and resistant.

    These items, known as cut & weld boxes (crates/ containers), are high-quality products suitable for any use.

    Lab testing can be performed on demand to verify mechanical, pressure, impact, stacking or temperature resistance.

    Mirror welding can deliver quality products very quickly and inexpensively, as no new mould is required. Using custom-tailored boxes always makes for efficient transport and storage of products and thus optimized costs.

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