Mirror welding

Mirror welding, also known as hot plate welding or butt welding, is a process primarily used to join thermoplastic parts. In mirror welding, two thermoplastic parts are heated by pressing them against a heated tool, sometimes referred to as a “mirror” due to its polished appearance. Once the touching surfaces are sufficiently melted, the heated tool is removed, and the parts are pressed together, allowing them to fuse as they cool.

Mirror weld crates are commonly used in industries such as automotive (for joining large parts like bumpers or headlights), piping systems (to weld pipes and fittings), among others.

Notable Benefits of this technique include:

  • Robust Connections: Properly executed mirror welding results in joints that can rival or surpass the original material’s strength;
  • Cost-efficiency: The process can be automated, making it cost-effective for large-scale production;
  • Adaptability: It’s suitable for joining both similar and dissimilar thermoplastic materials.

In essence, mirror welding stands as a time-established strategy for bonding thermoplastic materials, ensuring resilient and lasting joints when performed with precision. Its success, similar to other welding modalities like extrusion welding, pivots on the specifics of the material in use and the accuracy of the process settings.

At Logimarkt, we are acutely aware that the resilience of a welded crate or box is determined by meticulous and precise welding performed on premium-grade materials. This understanding underpins our commitment to excellence in every welding operation.

For products that deviate from standard dimensions, a reliable approach to crafting high-quality plastic boxes of specific sizes involves the cut and weld technique. Here, non-standard containers are fashioned by cutting and welding standard-sized ones. This method preserves the advantages of economically produced, industry-tested containers. Within this context, mirror welding is the chosen method for merging the container halves.

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