FEFCO boxes

FEFCO represents the standard of the European federation of cardboard boxes producers.

FEFCO boxes form corrugated plastic are the superior alternative to these cardboard boxes.

The advantage of this standard is that all the boxes are delivered in single sheets with markings which help the customers to easy build them. In general, FEFCO boxes do not need lids or covers, these being constitutive parts of the respective boxes.

Basically, with FEFCO corrugated plastic boxes produced by Logimarkt, you can have all the advantages of the FEFCO standard, to which are added the ones of the corrugated plastic:

  • higher resistance to impact than the cardboard models
  • resistance to humidity
  • they can be used for a wider range of products than the cardboard version which can be inaesthetic or not enough resistant in certain situations
  • they ca be reused for a long term, they have a longer service life
  • being returnable, the costs with packaging are decreasing
  • They have a more attractive aspect: they can be personalized, they can be produced on different colors, there can be printed various information, they become a valuable marketing tool
  • they can be used with separators or internal protection