FEFCO boxes

FEFCO is the standard of the European Federation of Cardboard Box Manufacturers.

Corrugated plastic FEFCO boxes are the superior alternative to these cardboard boxes.

The advantage of this standard is that all the boxes are delivered in single sheets with markings that help their easy composition by the customer. In general, FEFCO boxes do not need a lid, which is also part of the box.

FEFCO boxes are used by both consumer goods manufacturers and logistics and transportation companies. They can be easily arranged and stored in any open or closed space.

Basically, with the FEFCO alveolar plastic boxes produced by Logimarkt, you can have all the advantages of the FEFCO standard to which are added those of the corrugated plastic:

  • much higher impact resistance than cardboard boxes
  • resistance to moisture
  • can be used on a much wider range of products than the cardboard version which may be unsightly or insufficiently durable in certain situations
  • can be reused for a long time, have a much longer lifespan
  • by being returnable, packaging costs decrease
  • they look much more attractive: they can be customized, they can be produced in different colors, they can print different information, they become a valuable marketing tool
  • they can also be used with separators or internal protection

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