Foldable and collapsible plastic containers

The foldable and collapsible plastic containers are maybe the most practical packaging solution, especially for those clients who want to optimize the storage space and reduce the costs associated with return transport.

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    Foldable plastic boxes

    Foldable plastic boxes

    Returnable foldable plastic boxes are used in general in applications where the lid is not necessary, or, if they are needed, it must be a detachable version.

    The advantage of the detachable lids is that they can be stacked separately and stored until they are used, expanding the range of applications for the foldable boxes.

    They can have foldable walls with folding from the middle of the long sides or collapsible walls with complete folding of all the four walls on the bottom of the tote.

    Regardless of the system, they have great resistance to repeated folding and unfolding, do not break or crack on the folding area due to the sturdy special system created for this.

    The collapsible crates can be washed and sanitized with industrial washing machines, which is very important for food applications or sensitive and expensive goods.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC4323-1101
    FSC4323-1101400 x 296 x 229.50355 x 255 x 2263281.34View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC4322-1602
    FSC4322-1602400 x 300 x 220370 x 270 x 215250N.A.View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC4324-1618
    FSC4324-1618475 x 350 x 240445 x 320 x 2301551.56View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC5328-1620
    FSC5328-1620530 x 350 x 275500 x 320 x 2601202.00View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6417-1603
    FSC6417-1603600 x 400 x 165570 x 370 x 1551201.60View product
    Foldable plastic box FSC6422-0601
    FSC6422-0601600 x 400 x 215560 x 362 x 205641.98View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6422-1605
    FSC6422-1605600 x 400 x 220570 x 370 x 2101202.60View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6423-0201
    FSC6423-0201600 x 400 x 230561 x 367 x 2111602.60View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6426-1606
    FSC6426-1606600 x 400 x 260560 x 360 x 2451002.4View product
    Foldable plastic box FSC6427-0202
    FSC6427-0202600 x 400 x 270561 x 367 x 2541522.83View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6428-5101
    FSC6428-5101600 x 400 x 280N.A.180N.A.View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6429-0205
    FSC6429-0205600 x 400 x 290561 x 367 x 2741522.97View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6430-1609
    FSC6430-1609600 x 400 x 300560 x 360 x 2851002.50View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6432-1612
    FSC6432-1612600 x 400 x 320570 x 370 x 315120N.A.View product
    Foldable plastic box FSC6440-0301
    FSC6440-0301600 x 400 x 400568 x 365 x 387N.A.3.31View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC6434-1102
    FSC6434-1102604 x 398 x 340562 x 364 x 3261563.15View product
    Foldable plastic box FSC8423-0206
    FSC8423-0206795 x 395 x 229761 x 366 x 2141202.44View product
    Foldable plastic box FSC8442-5105
    FSC8442-5105800 x 400 x 420754 x 356 x 416724.083View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC8645-1616
    FSC8645-1616800 x 600 x 445775 x 545 x 415367View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSC8634-1103
    FSC8634-1103810 x 600 x 340760 x 565 x 325504.85View product
    Foldable plastic box with lid attached

    Foldable plastic box with lid attached

    When supplementary securing is needed against theft attempts during storage or transport or just simple protection against physical or mechanical factors, the returnable foldable boxes can be produced with a lid attached.

    These are usually from 2 parts, with interlocking fingers closing design (also known as ‘crocodile’ or ‘zip’) or with linear closing, on the width or the length.

    The advantage is that they have no chances to be lost, being constantly hinged to the boxes. Also, for some of the models, in case the lid is damaged, this can be replaced without having to buy a new box. This means lower costs with packaging, less plastic waste, and decreased carbon footprint (environmentally friendly).

    The handles can be closed or open, and, in addition to the anti-theft option, the open handles can have like a protection grid, where the operator can softly insert the fingers to proceed with manual handling.

    The collapsible bins can be cleaned and sanitized with industrial washing machines, which is very important in case they come in contact with food or are used for sensitive and expensive goods.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSCL4323-1602
    FSCL4323-1602400 x 300 x 230370 x 270 x 215224N.A.View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSCL6426-1605
    FSCL6426-1605600 x 400 x 260560 x 360 x 25588N.A.View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSCL6430-1606
    FSCL6430-1606600 x 400 x 300560 x 360 x 2951403View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSCL6433-1609
    FSCL6433-1609600 x 400 x 330570 x 370 x 315100N.A.View product
    Foldable plastic box FSCL6440-0305
    FSCL6440-0305600 x 400 x 400568 x 364 x 3801163.70View product
    Foldable plastic box or bin FSCL8646-1612
    FSCL8646-1612800 x 600 x 455745 x 545 x 41532N.A.View product

Due to their straight walls, they maximally use the space on horizontal and vertical.

When the boxes are empty, they can be easily and quickly folded, reducing their own volume by up to 80%. The storage space is clean, released from unused packaging, and can be allocated to new activities while the boxes are not in use and stay folded. The foldability increases productivity as the operators take fewer trips with empty packaging by increasing the number of packed boxes per stack and/ or trip.

Foldable small plastic containers are usually produced with bases on Euro dimensions and various heights.

They can have a smooth or reinforced base, special systems for closing and fixing the walls, ensuring this way robustness and stability during handling or stacking.

They have a truly wide range of applications, from food (agriculture, meat processing, dairy, bakery, retail, food delivery, etc.) to various industries (automotive, logistics, warehousing, distribution, production, assembly lines).

They are sturdy and especially developed to resist multiple and repeated folding and unfolding daily.

For ergonomic handling, the foldable small containers from injected plastic can have 2 or more open handles. In case the application requires protection of the content against external factors and substances, the walls are completely closed, and the gripping zones are marked with shell-type handles for better handling.

They can be used with plastic pallets, transport trolleys, rack systems, are compatible with automated conveyor lines, can be secured with seals or strappings for enhanced stability and security.

The boxes with collapsible walls can have closed or perforated walls and bottom.

The closed models are suited for heavyweights and intensive use applications, offering adequate protection for the packed products. They are mainly used in automotive for car parts distribution, commerce/ retail, assembly lines, etc.

The models with perforated walls and bottom are used in general for applications where is needed for the air to circulate, ventilate the inside, dry out the moisture, keep away the bad odors that might develop. They are widely used in agriculture, retail stores (for fruits and vegetable display), bakeries (for bread and bread varieties), horticulture (to help the flowers to stay fresh for a long time), etc. Even if the walls are perforated and they are light weighted, due to their design with reinforcements in the upper edge area and robust construction, they have high resistance in the stack or with heavier loads.

Foldable and collapsible totes have available many accessories:

  • label holders – in case the boxes are used for multiple applications or products and labels need to be changed – Galia, permanent auto-adhesive, transparent plastic welded on the boxes
  • specially designed areas for self-adhesive labels – in case the boxes are used for the same product or application, to improve the activity flow and increase the productivity
  • internal separators and dividers from textile, foam, thermoformed trays, rigid or corrugated plastic
  • can be produced in various colors (depending on the quantity) – in the case is needed a quick visual identification, or for branding
  • can be personalized with hot printing (hot stamping) or serigraphy
  • detachable or attached lids – for extra protection against external factors like dust or water, or to just simply secure the content against theft attempts
  • wheels – for applications where the bins must be transported on long distances, have heavier loads, the number of boxes that need to be transported is high, the box has bigger dimensions and the operator cannot carry it with bare hands

Collapsible/ foldable crates from injected plastic are the ideal replacement for one-way packaging, especially in the case of high volumes of products, the costs with return transport being smaller than a new series of single use packaging.

This, together with their returnability and the less space occupied when they are empty, reduces the total amount of waste and the carbon footprint, and protects the environment. They are completely recyclable at the end of the service life, which is anyway a long one.

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