Foldable and collapsible plastic containers

Foldable and collapsible plastic containers are one of the most convenient packaging solutions, especially for companies that need to optimize storage space and reduce return transport costs.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 900)
Width (0 - 600)
Height (0 - 500)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Foldable plastic box FSC3216-6211FSC3216-6211365 x 275 x 160324 x 239 x 1352801.10View product
Foldable plastic box FSC3221-6212FSC3221-6212365 x 275 x 210324 x 239 x 1852801.30View product
Producer of plastic collapsible container sealable with lid, 400x296x229.5 mm, FSC4323-1101FSC4323-1101400 x 296 x 229.50355 x 255 x 2263281.34View product
Foldable plastic box for storage and transport, 400x300x220 mm, FSC4322-1602FSC4322-1602400 x 300 x 220370 x 270 x 2152501.60View product
Clever multi purpose small foldable containers for retail, 475x350x240 mm, FSC4324-1618FSC4324-1618475 x 350 x 240445 x 320 x 2301551.56View product
Clever space saving FB container for moving with smooth base, 530x350x275 mm, FSC5328-1620FSC5328-1620530 x 350 x 275500 x 320 x 2601202.00View product
Foldable plastic box FSC5316-6210FSC5316-6210550 x 365 x 160515 x 330 x 1451951.75View product
Smooth surface foldable small shelving containers, compatible with Walther, 600x400x165 mm, FSC6417-1603FSC6417-1603600 x 400 x 165570 x 370 x 1551201.60View product
Collapsible Faltbox crates similar to FK boxes, 600x400x215 mm, FSC6422-0601FSC6422-0601600 x 400 x 215560 x 362 x 205641.98View product
Clever resistant foldable plastic box for transport, compatible with Maxifold, 600x400x220 mm, FSC6422-1605FSC6422-1605600 x 400 x 220570 x 370 x 2101202.60View product
Solid folding FB container with label holder, compatible with Walther, 600x400x230 mm, FSC6423-0201FSC6423-0201600 x 400 x 230561 x 367 x 2111602.60View product
Industrial foldable resistant FBD containers, compatible with Maxifold, 600x400x260 mm, FSC6426-1606FSC6426-1606600 x 400 x 260560 x 360 x 2451002.40View product
Folding transport crate, smooth base manufacturer, 600x400x270 mm, FSC6427-0202FSC6427-0202600 x 400 x 270561 x 367 x 2541522.83View product
Collapsible FB crate with reinforced walls, 600x400x280 mm, FSC6428-5101FSC6428-5101600 x 400 x 280547 x 359 x 2771802.54View product
Collapsible and palletizable FBD box smooth surface, 600x400x290 mm, FSC6429-0205FSC6429-0205600 x 400 x 290561 x 367 x 2741522.97View product
PVC foldable Faltbox container similar to KB boxes, 600x400x300 mm, FSC6430-1609FSC6430-1609600 x 400 x 300560 x 360 x 2851002.50View product
Clever collapsible HDPE container to move goods, 600x400x320 mm, FSC6432-1612FSC6432-1612600 x 400 x 320570 x 370 x 3151201.32View product
Folding storage plastic bin manufacturer, 600x400x400 mm, FSC6440-0301FSC6440-0301600 x 400 x 400568 x 365 x 3872163.31View product
Foldable FBD small container for transport of fragile products compatible with Maxifold, 604x398x340 mm, FSC6434-1102FSC6434-1102604 x 398 x 340562 x 364 x 3261563.15View product
Folding FB boxes with smooth hygienic base, 795x395x229 mm, FSC8423-0206FSC8423-0206795 x 395 x 229761 x 366 x 2141202.44View product
Foldable plastic box FSC8442-5105FSC8442-5105800 x 400 x 420754 x 356 x 416724.08View product
Collapsible FBD box for space reduction, 800x600x445 mm, FSC8645-1616FSC8645-1616800 x 600 x 445775 x 545 x 415367.00View product
Foldable crates for transport, display and storage, 810x600x340 mm, FSC8634-1103FSC8634-1103810 x 600 x 340760 x 565 x 325504.85View product
Foldable plastic box FSC1103-6207FSC1103-62071100 x 365 x 2101050 x 313 x 187963.95View product
Foldable plastic box FSC1106-6206FSC1106-62061100 x 550 x 3301050 x 498 x 308327.10View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
It is a clever move box for retail and compatible with FBD, Walther, Faltsysteme standards, 400x300x230 mm, FSCL4323-1602FSCL4323-1602400 x 300 x 230370 x 270 x 2152241.32View product
Foldable plastic box with lid attached FSCL6434-0201FSCL6434-0201598 x 400 x 343554 x 365 x 3401203.39View product
Foldable and collapsible container easy to clean and sanitize, 600x400x260 mm, FSCL6426-1605FSCL6426-1605600 x 400 x 260560 x 360 x 255882.31View product
It is a clever move box for retail and compatible with FBD, Walther, Faltsysteme standards, sealed with lid, 600x400x300 mm, FSCL6430-1606FSCL6430-1606600 x 400 x 300560 x 360 x 2951403.00View product
It is a clever move box for retail and compatible with FBD, Walther, Faltsysteme standards with lid attached, 600x400x330 mm, FSCL6433-1609FSCL6433-1609600 x 400 x 330570 x 370 x 3151003.35View product
Space saving solid collapsible container manufactured from polyethylene, HDPE, 600x400x400 mm, FSCL6440-0305FSCL6440-0305600 x 400 x 400568 x 364 x 3801163.70View product
Solid base and walls container, 80% reduced dimensions when folded, 800x600x455 mm, FSCL8646-1612FSCL8646-1612800 x 600 x 455745 x 545 x 415328.70View product
Collapsible plastic pallet box FSCL1004-2501FSCL1004-25011000 x 400 x 400970 x 360 x 380486.30View product

Straight walls ensure maximum use of space – horizontal and vertical, interior and exterior.

When the boxes are empty, they can be folded quickly, reducing their volume by up to 80%. The storage space is thus freed of unused packaging and is well organized.

Foldability also allows more empty boxes to be carried around by operators and machines.

Foldable small plastic containers are usually produced with bases modular to Euro dimensions and various heights.

They may come with a smooth or reinforced base and systems for locking the walls, thus ensuring improved stability during handling or stacking.

These foldable boxes are used for a wide range of applications, from food (agriculture, meat processing, dairy, bakery, retail, food delivery etc.) to various other industries (automotive, logistics, warehousing, distribution, production, assembly).

They are carefully designed and tested to resist numerous folding and unfolding cycles.

Small foldable containers usually have two or more open handles for ergonomic handling. These can be replaced by shell-type handles applied on closed walls for improved protection of the goods.

The containers can be used with plastic pallets, transport trolleys or rack systems and are compatible with automated conveyor lines.

They can be secured with seals or strappings for enhanced stability and security.

Collapsible wall boxes can have closed or perforated walls and bottom.

The closed versions are suited for heavy weights and intensive use. They are mainly used in the automotive industry: for car parts distribution, commerce/ retail, assembly lines etc.

The perforated walls and bottom versions are used when the goods need air circulation to dry out the moisture and prevent foul odours or mould from developing. They are widely used in agriculture, retail stores (for fruits and vegetable display), bakeries, horticulture (helping flowers keep fresh for a long time) etc. The perforated wall versions are lightweight but compensate for sturdiness through critical, reinforced areas – still a good option for tall stacks or heavy loads.

Various accessories are available for foldable and collapsible totes:

  • Label holders – if labels need to be changed often – Galia, permanent auto-adhesive, transparent plastic welded on the boxes
  • Internal separators and dividers from textile, foam, thermoformed trays, rigid or corrugated plastic
  • Detachable or attached lids – for extra protection against external factors like dust or water, but also anti-theft
  • Wheels – when bins must be transported over long distances or carry heavy loads; if the number of transported boxes is high or the box has large dimensions, and the operator cannot hold it with bare hands

Their design includes free spaces to receive self-adhesive labels or permanent personalization with hot printing (hot stamping) or serigraphy. Further individualization can be achieved by producing them in different colors for quick identification.

Collapsible/ foldable crates from injected plastic are the ideal replacement for one-way packaging. Especially with high volumes of products, the costs of the return transport are smaller than a new batch of single-use packaging.

These containers reduce waste and carbon footprint and are entirely recyclable at the end of their long service life.

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