Foldable plastic box with lid attached FSCL6434-0201

The foldable plastic crates are a solution for the clients who want to reduce the storage spaces and decrease the return transportation costs. When the containers are empty and folded, they have the huge advantage to reduce their own volume with up to 80%.
The collapsible bins can be covered and sealed with lids.

Technical specifications

Reference: FSCL6434-0201

External length (mm): 598

External width (mm): 400

External height (mm): 343

Internal length (mm): 554

Internal width (mm): 365

Internal height (mm): 340

Description: Folding box with closed walls, attached lid (ALC type) made of 2 pieces with 'crocodile teeth' type closure across the width, smooth base, handles and grill

Color: Grey, black base

Units per pallet: 120

Pallets per truck: 33

Weight: 3.391

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