Foldable large container with lid FLCL1210-2809 (114881)

Injected Sleeve Pack Containers are the classic flatpac models, with lid and pallet from injected plastic and foldable walls from Duraflex/triplex material type.

Depending on the model, for storage or return transport, these containers can be folded either sandwich type (the folded sleeve-ul is placed between the pallet and the lid), or the pallets and the lids in separate stacks, and the walls are folded on a separate pallet.

The Injected Sleeve Pack Containers are available in versions with or without return collar. This one is produced in case there are foldable internal dunnage which need to stay inside the folded system container for return transport.

The sleeves are laminated with mesh wire witch offers superior resistance in case of impact with the fork lift’s forks.
They are very useful for the applications where the containers are kept at very low temperatures, below zero degrees.
In this case, the sleeves can be laminated with a special material, this one increasing their resistance at negative temperatures.

Technical specifications

Reference: FLCL1210-2809 (114881)

External length (mm): 1200

External width (mm): 1000

External height (mm): 995

Internal length (mm): 1140

Internal width (mm): 940

Internal height (mm): 815

Color: Black pallet and lid, grey walls

Units per pallet: 10

Pallets per truck: 26

Weight (kg): 42

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