Flatpac containers are big foldable boxes made from Duraflex/triplex material with a lid. Lighter than injected plastic foldables, they are composed of a base pallet and a lightweight foldable sleeve.

Flatpac Advantages:

  • Light and Efficient: Flatpac containers are lightweight and foldable, outperforming traditional injected plastic counterparts in terms of foldability ratio. They excel in handling light to medium-weight bulk products with ease.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor your Flatpac to your specific needs with designated accessories. Choose from options like access doors, label holders, and more. The base pallet can feature skids or legs, offering flexibility in storage.
  • Return Collar: Ensure your components stay together during return trips with the convenient return collar. It keeps the sleeve and separators intact for a seamless return transport experience.
  • Dunnage Options: Our containers offer versatile dunnage options, including cellular polypropylene, technical foams, Tyvek dividers, Evolon, Microfiber, or EPP. Customize the interior to suit your cargo.
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External dimensions
Length (0 - 2500)
Width (0 - 1500)
Height (0 - 1200)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Sandwich foldingUnits per palletWeight (kg)
Large foldable plastic carrier with attached lid and welded margins, custom sized, 600x400x390 mm, FLC6439-4504FLC6439-4504600 x 400 x 390Yes446.00View product
Plastic foldable system for heavy items storage and transport, 800x600x590 mm, FLC8659-4501FLC8659-4501800 x 600 x 590Yes117.00View product
Polypropylene large containers with attached lid and C-profile sleeve, compatible with Ecopack, 800x600x750 mm, FLCL8675-5719FLCL8675-5719800 x 600 x 750No864 containers per truck11.50View product
Reusable and resistant flatpac for heavy loads transport with laminated sleeves, 800x800x790 mm, FLC8879-4502FLC8879-4502800 x 800 x 790Yes1111.00View product
Producer of PP containers, similar to BoxerPac, 815x615x700 mm, FLCL8670-4507FLCL8670-4507815 x 615 x 700Yes1115.00View product
Plastic foldable container for automotive and furniture heavy items with multiple layers, similar to System 2000, 1000x600x590 mm, FLC1006-4503FLC1006-45031000 x 600 x 590Yes119.00View product
Producer of flatpacs of medium weight for transport and storage, compatible with Ecopack, 1000x600x750 mm, FLCL1006-5720FLCL1006-57201000 x 600 x 750No729 containers per truck14.50View product
Closed system for transport of heavy electronics and car parts with pallet, return collar and lid, 1000x1000x990 mm, FLCL1010-5734FLCL1010-57341000 x 1000 x 990No223 containers per truck33.00View product
Thermoformed large sandwich container with lid and skids, 1140x595x635 mm, FLCL1106-5727FLCL1106-57271140 x 595 x 635YesN.A.24.00View product
HDPE container for heavy applications with detachable side wall and C-profile sleeve, 1140x1140x990 mm, FLCL1111-5721FLCL1111-57211140 x 1140 x 990No239 containers per truck30.00View product
HDPE closed flatpac with side access door, 1140x1140x990 mm, FLCL1111-5710FLCL1111-57101140 x 1140 x 990Yes438.50View product
Reusable foldable systems with locks and seals, Thorpack, 1150x975x1000 mm, FLCL1110-4508FLCL1110-45081150 x 975 x 1000Yes1136.00View product
Twinsheet large foldable container for transport and distribution, 1170x760x815 mm, FLCL1108-5728FLCL1108-57281170 x 760 x 815YesN.A.38.00View product
Agabaritic HDPE containers for heavy items, similar to KTP, 1190x1140x1157 mm, FLCL1111-5729FLCL1111-57291190 x 1140 x 1157YesN.A.61.00View product
System with sleeves and twin sheet base, 1200x800x900 mm, FLCL1208-4509FLCL1208-45091200 x 800 x 900Yes1125.00View product
Closed HDPE flatpac system for electronics transport and storage, similar to Cabcube, 1200x800x985 mm, FLCL1208-5702FLCL1208-57021200 x 800 x 985Yes950.00View product
Foldable plastic pallet box FLCL1208-0601FLCL1208-06011200 x 800 x 878/893N.A.836.55View product
Custom sized foldable PP pallet box for distribution, similar to KTP, 1200x800x990 mm, FLCL1208-5711FLCL1208-57111200 x 800 x 990Yes528.50View product
Robust and resistant container with foldable walls and custom size, 1200x1000x990 mm, FLCL1210-5726FLCL1210-57261200 x 1000 x 990Yes7838.50View product
Producer of HDPE reusable container with long service life for car parts, similar to system 2000, 1200x1000x990 mm, FLCL1210-5712FLCL1210-57121200 x 1000 x 990Yes638.50View product
Increased resistance duraflex container with plastic lid, 1200x1000x990 mm, FLCL1210-5713FLCL1210-57131200 x 1000 x 990Yes10437.00View product
Medium weight containers with attached lids for furniture and car parts transport, 1200x1000x1000 mm, FLCL1210-5730FLCL1210-57301200 x 1000 x 1000Yes951.50View product
HDPE twinsheet plastic foldable large container with lid and long access door, 1200x1000x1000 mm, FLCL1210-4501FLCL1210-45011200 x 1000 x 1000Yes1128.00View product
Versatile transport system made from plastic extrusion, 1200x1000x1200 mm, FLCL1210-5706FLCL1210-57061200 x 1000 x 1200No217 containers per truck41.50View product
Manufacturer of triplex resistant containers for components transport, 1225x1025x990 mm, FLCL1210-5725FLCL1210-57251225 x 1025 x 990Yes1028.50View product
Plastic extrusion container for heavy applications with return collar and laminated sleeves, compatible with Ecopack, 1230x830x905 mm, FLCL1208-5724FLCL1208-57241230 x 830 x 905Yes1023.00View product
Plastic boxes with lids and access doors, Thorpack, 1230x1030x1000 mm, FLCL1210-4510FLCL1210-45101230 x 1030 x 1000Yes1129.00View product
Injected plastic container with internal dunnage system for transport of car parts, compatible with Ecopack, 1300x1000x990 mm, FLCL1310-5722FLCL1310-57221300 x 1000 x 990No306 containers per truck31.00View product
Reusable solution for heavy loads similar to System 2000 series, Thorpack, 1300x1200x1000 mm, FLCL1312-4511FLCL1312-45111300 x 1200 x 1000Yes1136.00View product
Producer of thermoformed containers for the automotive industry with intermediate layers, similar to System Quad, 1350x800x990 mm, FLCL1408-5723FLCL1408-57231350 x 800 x 990No360 containers per truck27.00View product
Reusable containers with rounded or welded margins for furniture delivery with return collar, 1350x1200x1000 mm, FLCL1412-4512FLCL1412-45121350 x 1200 x 1000Yes1137.00View product
Producer of plastic solution for heavy loads distribution, 1410x1210x990 mm, FLCL1412-5735FLCL1412-57351410 x 1210 x 990No153 containers per truck45.50View product
PP flatpac system with lateral handles and separators, 1495x1140x846 mm, FLCL1511-5731FLCL1511-57311495 x 1140 x 846YesN.A.64.00View product
Large M-folding container for heavy weights distribution, Thorpack, 1500x1200x1000 mm, FLCL1512-4506FLCL1512-45061500 x 1200 x 1000Yes1141.00View product
Duraflex container for distribution of heavy products, 1600x900x1000 mm, FLCL1609-4514FLCL1609-45141600 x 900 x 1000Yes1134.00View product
Foldable plastic injected container with skids and laminated sleeves, Thorpack, 1600x1200x1000 mm, FLCL1612-4504FLCL1612-45041600 x 1200 x 1000Yes1143.00View product
Producer of injected plastic agabaritic system with laminated sleeves, multiple layes and twin sheet base for car parts transport, 1680x1200x750 mm, FLCL1712-4513FLCL1712-45131680 x 1200 x 750Yes1146.00View product
Twin-sheet container with lateral handles and skids, 1700x1140x1175 mm, FLCL1711-5732FLCL1711-57321700 x 1140 x 1175YesN.A.82.00View product
Triplex containers with skids and plastic lid and detachable front, 1700x1200x1000 mm, FLCL1712-4515FLCL1712-45151700 x 1200 x 1000Yes1146.00View product
Foldable flatpac system with access door for electronics transport and storage, 1800x1200x990 mm, FLCL1812-5716FLCL1812-57161800 x 1200 x 990No172 containers per truck48.50View product
HDPE container with intermediate layers, similar to Cabcube, 1900x1200x1000 mm, FLCL1912-4516FLCL1912-45161900 x 1200 x 1000Yes1152.00View product
Custom sizd container for heavy weights with metal reinforcements, 2000x1200x1000 mm, FLCL2012-4517FLCL2012-45172000 x 1200 x 1000Yes1152.00View product
Flatpac container with low height for heavy items transport and store, 2250x1140x635 mm, FLCL2211-5733FLCL2211-57332250 x 1140 x 635YesN.A.78.00View product
Foldable load carrier with large dimensions and locks and seals for transport and storage, 2300x1500x1000 mm, FLCL2315-4518FLCL2315-45182300 x 1500 x 1000Yes1177.00View product
Polyethylene container for return transports with intermediate layers and M-folding, 2500x1200x1000 mm, FLCL2512-4519FLCL2512-45192500 x 1200 x 1000Yes1166.00View product
Customizable container for shipment and storage of automotive parts and electronicsN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Sandwich foldingUnits per palletWeight (kg)
Closed sleevepack from plastic injection, 800x600x600 mm, FSCL8660-2301FSCL8660-2301800 x 600 x 600No1211.34View product
PP injected flatpac system with sleeves and twin sheet base for the automotive industry, 1200x800x800 mm, FLCL1208-2307FLCL1208-23071200 x 800 x 800No1028.00View product
Manufacturer of PP injected container for transport and storage of heavy products, similar with Smartfix, 1200x1000x995 mm, FLCL1210-2809 (114881)FLCL1210-2809 (114881)1200 x 1000 x 995Yes1042.00View product
Resistant plastic injected mega pack system with sleeves and twin sheet base for the aviation industry, 1200x1000x995 mm, FLCL1210-2809 (114888)FLCL1210-2809 (114888)1200 x 1000 x 995Yes1042.00View product
Manufacturer of custom sized sleeve pack containers for heavy weights, 1200x1000x1000 mm, FLCL1210-2308FLCL1210-23081200 x 1000 x 1000No1035.00View product
Foldable mega pack container from HDPE for the automotive industry, 1210x1010x990 mm, FLCL1210-0902FLCL1210-09021210 x 1010 x 990Yes1439.00View product
Producer of foldable plastic container with open surface and laminated sleeves and return collar, 1210x1010x990 mm, FLCL1210-0901 (114888)FLCL1210-0901 (114888)1210 x 1010 x 990Yes1439.00View product
HDPE container with detachable lid for the automotive industry, similar with Thorpack, 1235x830x955 mm, FLCL1208-0904 (114 777)FLCL1208-0904 (114777)1235 x 830 x 955Yes1237.00View product
Polyethylene mega pack container for heavy weights, 1600x1200x750 mm, FLCL1612-2810 (114 999)FLCL1612-2810 (114999)1600 x 1200 x 750Yes953.00View product
Foldable and robust agabaritic load carrier, similar to BoxerPac, 1600x1200x980 mm, FLCL1612-2811FLCL1612-28111600 x 1200 x 980Yes957.00View product
Foldable large container with lid FLCL1612-0905 9FFLCL1612-0905 9F1610 x 1208 x 750N.A.1249.00View product

Flatpac Containers for Light or Medium-Weight Bulk Products

Flatpac containers are the perfect solution for handling light to medium-weight bulk products. Their exceptional lightweight design and superior folding rate make them a top choice for efficiency, surpassing injected plastic boxes for lighter loads.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Folding: Flatpac systems can be folded individually (pallet + sleeve + lid), and each component is stackable by type (pallets, walls, lids), optimizing your available space.
  • ESD Material: If required, Flatpac containers can also be produced in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) material, ensuring the safe handling of sensitive electronics or components.

Systems can be folded as is (pallet + sleeve + lid) or the component parts can be separated and stacked  by type (pallets, walls, lids), thus making the most out of the available space.

Optional Add-Ons:

Customize your Flatpac containers with optional add-ons to meet your specific needs:

  • Attached Lid: Keep the lid secure by attaching it to the sleeve when the container is open, preventing it from getting lost.
  • Enhanced Protection: Choose rounded or welded margins for improved protection of your contents.
  • Convenient Handling: Opt for lateral handles for easy transport.
  • Mobility: Add wheels for effortless movement within your facility.
  • Bottom Unloading Flap: Enjoy the convenience of a bottom unloading flap for quick access to your goods.
  • Interior Organization: Use interlayers (horizontal separators) to organize your items effectively.
  • Branding: Imprint your containers with logos or labels for easy identification and added branding value.
  • Secure Closure: Utilize straps, locks, and seals to secure the sleeve on the pallet, ensuring your cargo stays safe during transport.

Flatpac containers are suitable for light or medium-weight bulk products.

They are very lightweight and have an excellent folding rate. This makes them more efficient than injected plastic boxes when dealing with light loads.

Systems can be folded individually (pallet + sleeve + lid), but the components are individually stackable by type (pallets, walls, lids) to make the most of a given space.

They can also be produced in ESD material.

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