Foldable large flatpac container with lid FLCL1711-5732

Twin-sheet Containers are a version suited for heavy loads. They are robust, resistant, and have a long service life, which makes the investment in such returnable packaging models a worthwhile one, for the clients.

The most used version has the lid and the pallet produced from thermoformed twin-sheet and the sleeve is from duraflex/triplex. Optionally, it can have a return collar from duraflex, to have space for the dunnage folded inside the system when this one is also folded.

There is the option to have the return collar made from twin-sheet HDPE as well.

Technical specifications

Reference: FLCL1711-5732

External length (mm): 1700

External width (mm): 1140

External height (mm): 1157

Internal length (mm): 1590

Internal width (mm): 1030

Internal height (mm): 965

Description: Closed flatpac system, pallet, lid and sleeve made of HDPE twin-sheet thermoformed, 276 mm h folded, foldable sleeve in M, folding sandwich system, recessed handles, access door, optionally you can put metal frame or metal reinforcements at pallet for high strength, also available with h 635 mm (443 mm h internal) and 846 mm (654 mm h internal)

Color: Black

Weight (kg): 82

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