Foldable large flatpac container with lid FLCL1711-5732

Cod produs: FLCL1711-5732

External length (mm): 1700

External width (mm): 1140

External height (mm): 1157

Internal length (mm): 1590

Internal width (mm): 1030

Internal height (mm): 965

Description: Closed flatpac system, pallet, lid and sleeve made of HDPE twin-sheet thermoformed, 276 mm h folded, foldable sleeve in M, folding sandwich system, recessed handles, access door, optionally you can put metal frame or metal reinforcements at pallet for high strength, also available with h 635 mm (443 mm h internal) and 846 mm (654 mm h internal)

Color: Black

Weight (kg): 82

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