For PC’s or Tablet single retention packaging LMFL241801Q

Single retention packaging is recommended for flat and light products, up to 2 kg weight, that requires a medium level of protection


  • Quick one-piece solution, the transport box is attached
  • Can be equipped with a hollow bottom or extra side pocket for accessories
  • High protection for products
  • Low cost, standard packaging with no tooling costs
  • Low packaging diversity, made to pack multiple types of products
  • Adapting to the most unusual product contours
  • Environmental friendly, dispose of with waste paper
  • Professional image

Technical specifications

Reference: LMFL241801Q

External dimensions: 342 x 230 x 44 mm

Application: Tablet-PCs, Printed circuit boards

Article-code: Version

LMFL241801Q: NORMLine 50, PU film 50 microns

LMFL241801ESQ: ESDLine 50, PU film ESD 50 microns

LMFL241801ECQ: ECOLine 80, PE film 80 microns

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