Heavy duty thermoformed trays for intensive use

This line of trays is specially designed to be returnable and stackable packaging on pallets, without the help of plastic boxes or pallet boxes.

Heavy duty trays are designed to be efficient and safe on transport, especially for large or heavy parts (conveyor parts, high pressure pumps, fuel pumps, piping, housings, etc.). They are often used in conjunction with robotic arms (Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa) because they provide the precision they need to function.

On the inside, the design follows the concept of having a high-density rate of products, but also the individual packaging of products.

They are production costs-effective, robust, and withstand repeated use.

They have double frames to cope with the weight of the stack and the pressure of heavier products, but also to ensure the stability of the stacks. If the application requires it, they can also be produced with frames to accommodate lids or various other protections.

Even if the materials are of superior quality to withstand an intensive flow of use, the trays are light weighted and thus, the transport costs are made more efficient.

They can be separated from the container in which they are placed, and they can be washed in order to remove the residues as efficiently as possible and not to contaminate the parts from the next transport. After washing and drying, the container and heavy-duty tray are reassembled for the next use.

They can also be placed on wooden or plastic pallets, and the top row is covered with a lid. For increased stability, there can be choose the placement of a non-slip protective sheet on the pallet. It’s suitable for washing in plastic shuttle washing machines.

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