Heavy duty thermoformed trays for intensive use

This line of trays is specially designed to be returnable packaging.

Heavy duty trays are designed to be efficient and safe for transport, especially in the case of large or heavy parts (parts of conveyor components, high pressure pumps, fuel pumps, piping, cases, etc.).

On the inside, the design goes on the line of the highest density of products, but also on the packaging of products individually.

They’re cost-effective in production, they’re robust, and they’re resistant to repeated use.

They have double frames to cope with the stacking weight and pressure of the heavier products, but also to ensure the stability of the stacks. They can also be produced with frames to accommodate caps or various other protections, if the application requires it.

Even if the materials have high quality to withstand an intensive flow of use, the trays are light and the transport costs are thus streamlined.

They may be separated from the container in which they are placed, and washed in order to remove residues as effectively as possible and not to contaminate the parts from the next transport. After washing and drying, the container and the heavy duty tray are reassembled for the next use.

They can also be placed on wooden or plastic pallets, and the top row is covered with a lid. For increased stability, one can choose to place on the pallet an anti-slip protection sheet.

It is suitable for washing in plastic crates washing machines.