Injected moulded trays

The injected moulded trays made by Logimarkt serve as tailored packaging solutions ideal for component storage, seamless transfer between production stations, and dependable transport.

These trays are produced through injection moulding. In the initial phase, a mould is crafted from robust stainless steel. Our expert engineers and specialists precisely design this mould, ensuring every corner, edge, and contour aligns with the component’s requirements and the specific conditions of use, such as handling techniques or storage needs.

During production, we introduce melted polymers into the mould under controlled temperatures and pressures. The exact method and materials centers on the tray’s intended function and the materials’ properties.

Why Opt for Injection Moulding? Injection moulding stands out as a cost-effective method, especially when producing trays in bulk. Further, for components demanding precise geometries, polymer injection remains a top choice.

  • Efficient and safe to use dividers for industrial packaging

    Size-Adjustable Workpiece Carrier

    The size-adjustable workpiece carrier is tailored to offer both protection and adaptability. With its variable configurations, it serves as an ideal insert for transits and provides top safety during the cleaning, handling, and storage of delicate components. This carrier can accommodate any special components a project might require.


    • Versatility in Size: The carrier can be resized to any desired dimension.
    • Tool-free Adjustment: Pins, which rotate to lock and are gentle on sensitive parts, can be placed without the need for tools. This ensures the surface remains scratch-free.
    • Customizable Dividers: Adjust the partitions within a 9 mm grid. These dividers ensure each component is secure.
    • Automatic Handling Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with automated processes.
    • Efficient Set-Up: It boasts a swift installation process.
    • Numerous Configuration Choices: A broad spectrum of configuration options is available to meet varied needs.
    • Cleaning Machine Adaptability: Its flexible dimensions mean it fits seamlessly into different conditions within cleaning machines.
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  • Workpiece carrier, shields items against dust, moisture and debris

    ESD Size-Adjustable Workpiece Carrier

    This workpiece carrier is a indispensable assistant in warehouses, serving as an effective insert in transport crates or acting independently as a carrier. It’s designed to tackle electrostatic discharge, a major potential vulnerability for electronic components. By preventing and dissipating these charges, it ensures the longevity of electronics and ultimately helps in cost savings for production.


    Key Features:

    • Customizable Dimensions: The carrier can be tailored to fit specific needs, with the plate easily resizable to any dimension.
    • Protection: It’s designed to minimize surface damage. Thanks to the rotating pins and dividers, scratches are avoided.
    • Adaptable Holding: Whether it’s a small resistor or a larger chip, its flexible design ensures a range of components can be securely held.
    • Ample Plug Pins: With numerous plug pins provided, components enjoy maximum security and protection.
    • Stacking Made Simple: It’s designed to be efficiently stackable, optimizing storage space.
    • Hassle-free Installation: No complexities involved; it’s straightforward to set up.
    • Easy Cleaning: Maintenance and washing are easy.
    • Add-Ons: Handles can be attached for more comfortable transportation.
    • Automation Compatibility: It’s suited for areas with full automation, including robotic handling zones.
    • Multifunctional: Beyond storage, it’s designed to support transport, logistics, and cleaning processes effectively.
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  • Space-saving solution for organizing small parts

    Workpiece Carrier Basic

    This workpiece carrier merges the convenience of plastic systems with the robust stability of a metal mesh rack base. It’s designed to streamline operations in cleaning components, and its adaptability makes it a go-to solution for transportation and logistics tasks.


    Key Features:

    • Versatility in Compartments: The carrier comes with varying compartments and inserts, making it easy to adjust based on the components.
    • Smart Stacking: Its clever design allows the base to double as a lid, promoting easy stacking. This design also accommodates stacking bolts, enabling height adjustments as per requirements.
    • Dual Usage: Can be used as an insert for a storage crate or as an independent carrier.
    • Supports Safety: The smooth edges are designed keeping user safety in mind, reducing the risks of scraping and cutting.
    • Ready for Automation: The carrier is fully compatible with automated systems, making it suitable for areas equipped with robotic handling.
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  • ESD insert carrier, for industrial use

    Modular ESD Workpiece Carrier

    The Modular ESD workpiece carrier is specially designed to keep small industrial components safe, whether they’re in cleaning environments or on the production floor. A key feature is its ability to guard against electrostatic discharge, ensuring that components remain unharmed. Additionally, it provides a shield against potential scratches and dents.

    Key Features:

    • Adaptable Design: Its design incorporates versatile components and plug pins, allowing for easy adjustments based on your needs.
    • Stack and Store: Its build facilitates easy stacking, making storage and transport more efficient.
    • Multiple Usage Options: It can be used as an insert for another container or a standalone carrier.
    • Optimized Space Utilization: With strategically placed grips on the plate, it promotes better use of available space.
    • Safety-Centric Design: The rounded edges are more than just a design choice—they’re there to minimize the risk of injuries, ensuring user safety at all times.
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  • Stackable and safe to handle solution for transport and storage of small products

    All-in-One Cleaning Rack System

    The All-in-One Cleaning Rack System is expertly designed for the modern industrial setting. Catering especially to automated environments, this system supports robotized processes for the effortless loading and unloading of small components.

    Key Features:

    • Multifunctional Design: Beyond just cleaning, this rack is adept at transportation and storage of small parts. This makes it a versatile tool in any industrial setting.
    • Thorough Cleaning: Even the most delicate parts can be cleaned efficiently, thanks to the exceptional product protection it offers.
    • Space-Efficient Storage: Not only is it stackable up to nine racks, but it also boasts adjustable height and compartment dimensions. This means you can optimize it to fit your specific needs.
    • Custom-Made: With various customization options, you can mold this system to be exactly what your operation requires.
    • Safety First: Handling the rack is easy and also safe, as its rounded edges are designed to minimize the risk of injuries.
    • Light and Sturdy: Despite its lightweight build, the rack is robust and capable of handling demanding industrial tasks.
    • Advanced Tracking: Equipped with RFID, it ensures a smooth and contact-free data transfer, allowing for easy tracking throughout all processes.
    • Universal Fit: The dimensions have been chosen to be compatible with both EURO and industrial pallets, ensuring you can integrate it effortlessly into your existing processes.
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  • Adaptable and resistant lightweight carrier for industrial small components

    Workpiece Holder and Cleaning Rack

    The Workpiece Holder and Cleaning Rack stands out as an ideal solution for all logistics and cleaning needs. Designed with precision, it promises efficiency not just in transporting and storing components, but also in cleaning, even those of a sensitive nature.

    Key Features:

    • Material Selection: Made from PP or PAG (glass reinforced polyamide), the rack is sturdy and durable, built to resist the demands of industrial processes.
    • Effortless Maintenance: Its design makes it easy to clean, ensuring longevity and hygiene in every use.
    • Custom-Made: The configuration is designed to match the specific demands of your operation.
    • Adaptable Build: With adjustable height and dimensions, this rack can fit a variety of components, enhancing its versatility.
    • Light and Easy: Despite its functionality, the rack remains lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver.
    • Safety-centric Design: Its rounded edges are aesthetically pleasing, but their main role is to reduce the risk of injuries, ensuring a safer workspace.
    • Optimal Storage Solution: They can be stacked, optimizing space usage in storage areas.
    • Universal Compatibility: Its dimensions fit both EURO and industrial pallets. This makes integration into existing systems hassle-free.
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  • manufacturer of injected kit holder with great fit, protective for items with sensitive surfaces

    Injected Kit Holders

    Injected Kit Holders serve as efficient solutions to keep various components organized and readily available, simplifying the assembly process. Their design focuses on both ergonomics and precision, ensuring that every component has its dedicated place.

    Key Benefits:

    • Precision Design: With tailored cavities and a design that matches product contours, these holders promise high stability and a snug fit for each component.
    • Simplified Packaging: The custom design of the trays eliminates the need for extra inlays or dunnage, making the packing process streamlined.
    • Efficient Tracking: The design aids in the quick identification of any missing parts, ensuring no hiccups in the assembly process.
    • Automation Compatibility: These holders are compatible with modern manufacturing processes, including conveyor lines and robotic arms. This makes them ideal for both packing and assembly operations.
    • Stand-alone Efficiency: While they’re compact, they’re also robust enough to be used without the need for an outer container.
    • Boosted Productivity: By holding all necessary parts together in one specially designed tray, assembly processes become more efficient.
    • Optimized Space Utilization: The design ensures that parts are delivered in a space-efficient manner, saving both storage and transportation costs.
    • Enhanced Protection: The precision design ensures minimum damage to goods, even those with sensitive surfaces.
    • Organizational Excellence: The trays can accommodate a variety of shapes, including items with sharp edges, wires, or delicate surfaces. The flexibility of the injection moulding process ensures a design that can meet any challenge.
    • Eco-Friendly Solution: These holders aren’t just for one-time use. They can be washed and reused multiple times, serving as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable packaging.
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  • personalizable component holders with precise fitting

    Component Holders

    These holders play a key role in transporting components to assembly lines, with custom trays accurately designed to fit each component’s unique form and function.

    Key Features:

    • Efficient Logistics: Thanks to their stack-nesting feature, these trays optimize space during return transport. This not only conserves space but also translates to significant savings in logistics costs.
    • Robotic Arm Compatibility: Their precision design ensures seamless compatibility with robotic arm systems. Whether it’s the loading or unloading phase, these trays work in perfect harmony with automated processes.
    • Automation-Friendly: Their precision and consistency make them a top choice for automated assembly lines, ensuring smooth operations without hitches.
    • Custom Fit: Each tray is designed with an emphasis on providing a snug fit for the components. This precise fit ensures that components are held securely during transport.
    • Quick Part Identification: The design aids in immediately spotting any missing components upon delivery, ensuring continuity in the assembly process.
    • Easy Maintenance: Post-delivery, these trays can be quickly cleaned and prepped for subsequent deliveries, ensuring a consistent supply to the assembly lines.
    • Protection for Delicate Parts: Sensitive components get the care they deserve. The design ensures they remain untouched and undamaged during transport.
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  • manufacturer of component totes for KLT boxes, protective against scratches and bumps

    Component Totes

    Component totes are expertly crafted to align with KLT boxes. They are a versatile solution that complements KLT containers while also being efficient as standalone packaging.

    Key Highlights:

    • Versatility: While these totes are seamlessly integrated with KLT boxes, their design also allows them to shine as individual packaging solutions. This dual-functionality ensures flexibility in various logistical scenarios.
    • Automation-Friendly: Their precise design ensures they’re fully compatible with automated handling systems and assembly lines. Whether it’s robotic arms loading or unloading, these totes are designed for smooth interfacing.
    • Stacking Made Safe: With these totes, stacking doesn’t equate to risking damage. They’re engineered to stack securely, ensuring the safety of the packed products, whether in storage or during transit.
    • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: By emphasizing reusability, these totes challenge the status quo of one-way packaging. This not only results in significant cost savings but also reduces waste, promoting a more sustainable approach to logistics.
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  • personalizable and reusable dunnage that protects and secures the contents

    Packaging Accessories

    Component securing accessories plays a crucial role in optimizing the packaging process, offering both adaptability and increased safety for the goods.

    Key Benefits:

    • Adaptable Packaging Solutions: With these accessories, a single container or packaging system can serve multiple functions. By simply adding or removing the accessories, the container can be tailored to fit various applications, maximizing its utility.
    • Improved Safety: These add-ons ensure that components remain firmly in place within their racks or containers. By minimizing movement, they substantially reduce the risk of damage during transport. This ensures that products reach their destination in pristine condition, leading to satisfied customers.
    • Cost Efficiency & Productivity: Fewer damaged goods mean fewer losses and returns. This not only translates to cost savings but also enhances productivity for both suppliers and clients, streamlining the entire logistical process.
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  • Intricate Moulds for Complex Components

    • Precision Crafting with Plastic Injection: Plastic injection moulding produces high-precision parts. This method guarantees that even the smallest, most intricate details of a component’s geometry are captured accurately, thanks to the high pressure that pushes the melted material into every nook and cranny.

    Unmatched Accuracy & Durability

    • Superior Precision and Longevity: For components that are exceptionally intricate or minute, injection moulding is the go-to method. When alternatives like thermoforming, milling, or cutting prove too tedious or challenging, injection moulding shines.
    • Long-Term Tool Usability: Injection moulding tools are built to last, enduring millions of cycles over several years without degradation in quality or precision.

    Efficient Material Utilization

    • Minimal Waste: One of the standout benefits of plastic injection is its low scrap rate. The process allows for meticulous measurement of the required plastic volume.
    • Waste Reduction: With certain polymers, any leftover or scrap material can be recycled, leading to virtually no wastage.

    Cost-Effective Plastic Injection

    • Value Analysis: While it’s commonly believed that plastic injection moulding is costlier than thermoforming, certain projects might prove otherwise.
    • Streamlined Design: From start, trays can be optimized, thus potentially lowering mould costs and boosting productivity and ergonomics.
    • Automated Production: The entire process of plastic injection is automated. Post injection and cooling, trays are ejected from the mould without manual intervention, a step up from thermoformed trays which might require additional checks.
    • Cost-Benefit Calculation: Our experts crunch the numbers to determine the most cost-effective design route.
    • Personalized Solutions: Logimarkt’s injected moulded trays are tailor-made. Each tray is uniquely crafted for its intended component or application.

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