LM injected moulded trays

LM-injected moulded trays are custom-made packaging for component holders used every step of the way from storage and internal transfer between production stations to transport.

These trays are produced by injection moulding. This procedure requires high-level design and engineering to develop the tool or mould, produced from high-quality stainless steel. Our specialists and engineers cover this first step and pay close attention to every little corner, edge, and shape of the component, considering the details of the application – handling, transport, storage, etc.

Trays are produced by injecting various types of melted polymers in the mould at high temperatures and under extreme pressure. The injection parameters depend on the material and application of the trays.

Plastic injection is a good and cost-efficient process for personalized component packaging when large amounts of trays are required. Polymer injection is also preferable for very accurate geometries.

  • Efficient and safe to use dividers for industrial packaging

    Size-adjustable workpiece carrier

    This carrier ensures excellent safety and efficiency. It is available in different versions and operators can use it as an insert for transits. It also offers protection and is easy to manipulate during cleaning and storage of sensitive components. Can adapt to special components. Customers may place dividers and pins anywhere into the holes. The pins fix by rotation and do not scratch sensitive parts.


    • Can be cut into any dimension
    • Anti-scratch surface, due to the fact that the rotating and plug pins can mount without any tools
    • Flexible adjustment of any partitions with dividers – within a 9 mm grid. By using partitions, the components inside the workpiece carriers are protected
    • Suitable for automatic handling
    • Quick installation
    • A large variety of configuration options
    • Adaptable to any conditions in the cleaning machine due to their dimensions’ flexibility
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  • Workpiece carrier, shields items against dust, moisture and debris

    ESD size adjustable workpiece carrier

    Warehouses can use it as an insert in a transport or storage crate or as a carrier. It helps prevent electrostatic discharge, which can destroy the electronic components and dissipate the existing charge. This way, it saves production costs.


    • The sizes of the plate can be cut on any dimension
    • Surface and scratch protection through the rotating pins and the cross and length divider
    • Flexibility, due to the fact that it can hold a large variety of components
    • Maximum protection of the parts, due to a large number of plug pins provided
    • Stackable
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to wash
    • Handles can be installed
    • Can be used in full automation and robotic handling areas
    • Usable for transport, logistics and cleaning processes
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  • Space-saving solution for organizing small parts

    Workpiece carrier basic

    It combines the benefits of using a plastic system with the stability and protection offered by a metal mesh rack base. It can be used in components’ cleaning, transportation and logistics.


    • Flexible, due to its compartments and inserts variation
    • Stackable, due to the fact that its base also acts like a lid
    • Compatible with stacking bolts, which makes its height adjustable
    • Can be used as an insert in a transport or storage crate or as a carrier itself
    • Smooth edges that reduce the risks of injuries
    • Can be used in full automation and robotic handling areas
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  • ESD insert carrier, for industrial use

    Modular ESD workpiece carrier

    It offers excellent safety and protection for small components in industrial cleaning or production areas. It prevents the electrostatic discharge and dissipates the existing charge. It also offers protection against scratches and dents.


    • Flexible, due to the versatility of the components and plug pins
    • Stackable
    • Can be used as an insert or as a standalone workpiece carrier
    • Grips on the plate, to support a better space utilization
    • The rounded edges help in reducing the injuries risks
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  • Stackable and safe to handle solution for transport and storage of small products

    All-in-one cleaning rack system

    The design of this product allows robotised systems to load and unload the small components stored inside.


    • It can be used for cleaning, transporting and storing small parts
    • Provides efficient cleaning for even the most sensitive pieces due to the top product protection
    • Stackable, up to 9 racks
    • Adjustable height and compartment dimensions
    • Different customization possibilities
    • Safe to handle due to its rounded edges, which reduce the risks of injuries
    • Lightweight
    • Seamlessly tracking of all processes through RFID, which refers to a contact-free data transfer process
    • Its dimensions are suitable for both EURO pallets and industrial pallets
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  • Adaptable and resistant lightweight carrier for industrial small components

    Workpiece holder and cleaning rack

    It is suitable for all the logistics and cleaning requirements. It ensures efficiency during the cleaning, transporting and storing even for the sensitive components.


    • Made from PP or PAG (glass reinforced polyamide)
    • Easy to clean
    • Customized configuration
    • Adjustable height and dimensions
    • Lightweight
    • Safe to use due to its rounded edges that reduce the injuries risks
    • Stackable
    • Its dimensions make it suitable for EURO pallets and also industrial pallets
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  • manufacturer of injected kit holder with great fit, protective for items with sensitive surfaces

    Kit holders

    They are developed to hold different components in a single place for an ergonomic assembly process.

    The kitting holders can be customized to pack the component pieces of a kit and protect them during storage and transport.


    • High accuracy design – tailored cavities, product contour matching, high stability
    • Custom trays eliminate the need for any additional inlays or dunnage
    • Quick identification of any missing part/ parts
    • Compatible with automated systems – conveyor lines or robotic arms – for both packing for delivery and production assembly
    • They can be used as they are, without a larger container to hold them
    • Increased productivity – different parts necessary in a process are held together in one custom-designed tray
    • Space-efficient delivery of parts
    • Increased protection for goods and minimum damage
    • Excellent organization for the packed components, fitting any shape, sharp edges, wires or sensitive surfaces. The injection moulding process allows high flexibility in the design.
    • Can be washed and reused a large number of times, successfully replacing one-way packaging
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  • personalizable component holders with precise fitting

    Component holders

    Industrial component holders are manufactured using injection moulding for delivering components to the assembly line. Components are packed in custom trays specifically designed for their shape and use.


    • Trays can be stack-nested for return transport, which means less space and smaller logistic costs
    • Compatible with robotic arm systems for both loading and unloading segments due to their exact size and shape
    • Ideal for automated assembly lines
    • Precise fit for the packed components
    • Quick identification of the missing parts at delivery
    • Can be easily cleaned and prepared for following deliveries
    • High protection for sensitive pieces, as they do not touch
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  • manufacturer of component totes for KLT boxes, protective against scratches and bumps

    Component totes for KLT boxes/ single-units

    The main advantage of these crates is that they are designed to fit KLT boxes but also work as individual packaging.

    They are used with KLT totes when the application requires this.

    They are compatible with automated handling and assembly lines, with robotic arms for loading and unloading; they can be stacked without damaging the packed products during storage or shipping.

    They reduce the costs and waste with one-way packaging due to their reusability.

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  • personalizable and reusable dunnage that protects and secures the contents

    Accessories for securing the components in racks

    Accessories are essential when it comes to packaging due to their multiple advantages:

    • The same container or packaging can be reused for various applications by simply placing/ removing the accessories as necessary
    • They enhance the safety of the goods and the container or rack used by neatly fixing the pieces inside. This guarantees fewer damaged products at delivery, more satisfied customers, lower costs with wasted goods and increased productivity both for the client and the supplier
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  • Detailed moulds for the most complex components

    • Plastic injection offers the technical possibility to manufacture high-precision parts with an incredible degree of detail
    • The high pressure used for injecting the trays forces the melted material firmly and evenly into the cavities, no matter how small, detailed or complex the geometry

    Incredible precision and performance

    • Injection moulding for trays is recommended for remarkably complex or small components, and if development or production is too time-consuming or difficult to obtain through thermoforming, milling or cutting
    • The injection tool may be used over and over again, for millions of cycles, over many years

    Effective usage of material

    • Plastic injection has a low rate of material scrap because the volume of plastic can be calculated with great accuracy
    • Some polymers offer the possibility to recycle scrap material, so zero material is wasted

    Cost efficiency with plastic injection

    • It is a known fact that plastic injection is more expensive than thermoforming, but for particular projects and with precise calculation of all factors, this might not be true
    • From the design phase, trays can be simplified and streamlined, reducing the cost of the mould, operator handling time, ergonomics, and productivity
    • Plastic injection is an automatic process where the trays are pushed outside the mould, after injection and cooling, without human intervention. This makes production more efficient than thermoformed trays, where each tray needs to be analyzed for undercutting or coring operations
    • Our specialists do all the math to ensure a precise answer as to what design route is less costly
    • LM-injected moulded trays are a 100% personalized solution in which each tray is designed for a particular component or purpose

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