LM injected moulded trays

LM injected moulded trays are the custom made packaging solution for component holders, that are used in every step of their way, for storage, transfer between different locations in production or for transport.

Logimarkt manufactures this type of trays by injection molding, a procedure that requires high level design and engineering to develop the tool or mold, which is made from high quality stainless steel. This first step is covered by our specialists and engineers, that pay high attention to every little corner, edge, shape of your component and also to details of the application in use like handling, transport, storage, etc.

We produce the trays by injecting in the mold different types of melted polymers at different high temperatures, under extreme pressures. The injection parameters depend on the material and application in which the trays are use.

Plastic injection is an ideal and cost efficient process for personalized component packaging, when the project requires a large volume of trays, made in mass production series and also when the component requests a high precision or accurate geometry that other processes cannot achieve.

Injection moulded process offer many advantages in comparison with other manufacturing processes for trays, among which we would like to line up a few:

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Detailed molds for the most complex components

  • Plastic injection offers the technical possibility to manufacture extremely high precision parts with an incredible degree of detail
  • The high pressure used for injection of the trays forces the melted material firmly and evenly into the cavities, no matter how small, detailed or demanding geometry the cavity is

Incredible precision and performance

  • Injection molding for trays is recommended for especially complex and small components, when the packaging development and production are time consuming or difficult to obtain through thermoforming, milling, cutting or other processes
  • The injection tool is used over and over again, for thousands, even millions of cycles, over many years

Effective usage of material

  • Plastic injection has a low rate of material scrap, because when we calculate the necessary material for one tray, the parameters like volume of the mold cavity and material flow gives the possibility to have highly precise numbers
  • Some polymers gives the possibility to recycle the scrap material and in this case there is zero material that is not used

Cost efficiency with plastic injection

  • It is a known fact that plastic injection is more expensive than thermoforming, but in some cases, this is not quite right, if you compare the project’s overall costs
  • Starting with the design of the trays, with plastic injection, it can be simplified and streamlined, thus reduces the cost of the mold, operator handling time, ergonomics, and productivity
  • Injection is an automatic process, where the trays are pushed outside the mold, after injection and cooling time, without human intervention, in comparison with thermoforming trays, where after production, each tray must be individually analyzed for undercutting or coring operations
  • For analyzing overall costs of the project, our team of specialists and engineers do the job for you, we can offer you the estimated and detailed project costs for thermoformed or injection moulded trays, through our consulting service

LM injected moulded trays are 100% personalized solution, in which each tray is designed for one project of components.

Component holders

Component totes that can personalize the interior space of KLT boxes or that can be used as single unit packaging

Kit holders

Accessories like different dunnage for secure the components in racks

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