Metal containers SLI—1612/SLI1612

Metal racks are widely used in automotive industry. They are build from a metal platform with skids on the base, and the 4 corners they have positioned 4 bars also from metal.

Automotive racks are especially destinated for packing and transport heavy or oversized pieces and components, like various car body parts, leather pieces, front boards, mufflers, engines and drives, various modules, car transmissions, chairs, suspensions, etc., which need supplementary protection.

The platform type containers are successfully used withing the production and assembly segments, they ensure a high density of the packed products and are ergonomic, the changing of the insert models between them being doe really quickly.

Technical specifications

Pack dimensions (mm) and weight
External Internal
Length1600 1498
Width1200 1098
Folding hgt370Int. volume 1274,72 L
Nesting hgt.45
Weight110,00 kgPayload 1000 kg
Handling unit (HU) / transported quantity
Empty packs weight in Truck14,08 tons
Transp. Stack2/17/1
Transp. Hgt.28352645
Storage Stack5/115/1
INVESTED by Renault/Nissan if used with easily removable accesories (like thermoformed layers), but INVESTED by Suppliers to realize more specific Packs (welding, etc…).
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