Standard automotive metallic containers

The automotive industry, known for its dynamic nature, consistently seeks ways to enhance efficiency and cut costs. In this highly competitive market, delivering value becomes vital. Here, metallic containers and steel racks stand out.

Steel containers, specifically designed for the automotive industry, have emerged as a crucial solution. They serve as returnable units, simplifying the storage and transport of vital components, underscoring their importance in the industry’s ecosystem.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 2500)
Width (0 - 1600)
Height (0 - 1400)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Maximum load (kg)Folded height (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
steel rigid container for heavy-duty applications manufacturer, 780x570x478 mm, CON-S-0130CON-S-0130780 x 570 x 478740 x 540 x 305400 kgNon-folding36.00121,88 LView product
steel rigid container for heavy-duty applications manufacturer, 780x570x478 mm, 0008000080780 x 570 x 478770 x 560 x 305400 kgNon-folding36.00130 LView product
metallic automotive containers produced in Romania, 1150x800x540 mm, 00133001331150 x 800 x 5401050 x 700 x 3151000 kgNon-folding85.00230 LView product
manufacturer of metallic heavy-duty resistant container, 1274x1014x840 mm, ETM---4434ETM---44341274 x 1014 x 8401110 x 930 x 5002000 kgNon-folding141.00516,15 LView product
stackable steel containers produced in Romania, 1370x900x730 mm, 00082000821370 x 900 x 7301310 x 840 x 5351000 kgNon-folding143.00590 LView product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Maximum load (kg)Folded height (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
stackable metallic containers with crossbeams or feet, 800x600x560 mm, SLI---0130/1S560MRSLI---0130/1S560MR800 x 600 x 560732 x 532 x 412400 kg265 mm38.00160,44 LView product
metallic container with skids, for the automobile industry, 1110x650x840 mm, H6MH6M1110 x 650 x 8401090 x 640 x 5951000 kgNon-folding90.00415,07 LView product
steel stackable container with open or closed walls, 1150x800x730 mm, 00081000811150 x 800 x 7301080 x 720 x 5001000 kg300 mm71.00390 LView product
producer of stackable metallic container for the automotive industry, 1200x1000x750 mm, SLI---0601/2S750MSLI---0601/2S750M1200 x 1000 x 7501120 x 920 x 5501000 kg330 mm91.00566,72 LView product
rigid welded containers for automotive applications, 1200x1000x910 mm, 00123001231200 x 1000 x 9101085 x 880 x 6801000 kg410 mm125.00650 LView product
wire mesh container for automotive, produced in Romania, 1200x1000x930 mm, SLI---0760SLI---07601200 x 1000 x 9301120 x 920 x 7001000 kg370 mm118.00721,28 LView product
wire mesh container for transport and display of automotive products, 1200x1000x975 mm, SLI---0771/2S975MSLI---0771/2S975M1200 x 1000 x 9751120 x 920 x 7741000 kg330 mm112.00797,53 LView product
metallic container with skids, produced in Romania, 1200x1000x975 mm, SLI---0770/2S975LSLI---0770/2S975L1200 x 1000 x 9751110 x 910 x 7741000 kg330 mm117.00781,82 LView product
rigid stackable containers for transport and display manufacturer, 1300x1100x540 mm, F3MF3M1300 x 1100 x 5401290 x 1090 x 2951000 kgNon-folding95.00414,80 LView product
producer of wire mesh container with feet or skids, 1300x1100x840 mm, F6MF6M1300 x 1100 x 8401290 x 1090 x 5951000 kgNon-folding124.00836,63 LView product
manufacturer of metallic wire mesh containers with feet or skids, 1370x900x920 mm, 00103001031370 x 900 x 9201294 x 814 x 6801000 kg353 mm114.00716 LView product
metal container for storage, transport or display of automotive pieces, produced in Romania, 1370x900x920 mm, 00084000841600 x 1150 x 9201530 x 1070 x 6851000 kg353 mm135.001120 LView product
producer of wire mesh containers for the automotive industry, Renault standard, 1370x900x920 mm, 00083000831370 x 900 x 9201300 x 820 x 6801000 kg353 mm107.00725 LView product
stackable metallic container for storing and transporting automotive parts, Renault standard, 1600x650x540 mm, H3MEH3ME1600 x 650 x 5401590 x 640 x 2951000 kgNon-folding90.00300,19 LView product
metallic stillage for transporting heavy car body parts, 1600x650x840 mm, H6MEH6ME1600 x 650 x 8401590 x 640 x 5951000 kgNon-folding115.00605,47 LView product
welded metallic transport containers for internal automotive components 1600x800x600 mm, 3B600M3B600M1600 x 800 x 6001520 x 720 x 377750 kg330 mm95.50412,59 LView product
automotive metallic container for heavy-duty products, manufactured in Romania, 1600x1150x670 mm, 00126001261600 x 1150 x 6701490 x 1040 x 4201000 kg353 mm126.00650 LView product
wire mesh containers for the automotive industry, produced in Romania, 1600x1150x920 mm, 00114001141600 x 1150 x 9201490 x 1040 x 6801000 kg353 mm170.001050 LView product
producer of metallic containers with skids, crossbeams or feet, for heavy-duty automotive items, 1600x1150x920 mm, 00124001241600 x 1150 x 9201490 x 1040 x 6801000 kg353 mm180.001050 LView product
manufacturer of industrial automotive wire mesh containers, 1600x1150x1070 mm, 00105001051600 x 1150 x 10701524 x 1064 x 8351000 kg353 mm154.001350 LView product
stackable steel containers for automotive transports and storage, 1600x1150x1070 mm, 00085000851600 x 1150 x 10701530 x 1070 x 8351000 kg353 mm147.001370 LView product
producer of wire mesh rigid containers for heavy-duty products, 1600x1200x930 mm, SLI---1200SLI---12001600 x 1200 x 9301520 x 1120 x 7001500 kg370 mm150.001191,68 LView product
stackable metallic container for transporting car body parts, produced in Romania, 1600x1200x975 mm, SLI---1271/3S975MSLI---1271/3S975M1600 x 1200 x 9751520 x 1120 x 7541000 kg330 mm145.001283,61 LView product
producer of wire mesh steel containers for the automotive industry, 1900x1200x750 mm, SLI---1101/4S750MSLI---1101/4S750M1900 x 1200 x 7501820 x 1120 x 5301000 kg330 mm160.001080,35 LView product
stackable wire mesh containers with feet or skids manufacturer, 1950x1150x1070 mm, 00079000791950 x 1150 x 10701860 x 1050 x 8301000 kg353 mm173.001620 LView product
rigid metallic container for transporting car parts manufacturer, 2300x1300x1070 mm, 00087000872300 x 1300 x 10702210 x 1200 x 7851500 kg423 mm245.002080 LView product
foldable metallic container for the automotive industry, 2300x1600x1350 mm, 00089000892300 x 1600 x 13502210 x 1500 x 10751500 kg423 mm284.003530 LView product
producer of automotive metallic containers for transport, storage and display of items, 2400x1200x975 mm,SLI---2000/5S975MSLI---2000/5S975M2400 x 1200 x 9752280 x 1110 x 7301500 kg370 mm276.001847,48 LView product
stackable rigid metallic containers for the automotive industry, 2500x1150x920 mm, 00069000692500 x 1150 x 9202410 x 1050 x 6351500 kg423 mm250.001610 LView product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Maximum load (kg)Folded height (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
automotive racks for transport and storage, produced in Romania, 1200x1000x870 mm, 2S870P2S870P1200 x 1000 x 8701120 x 920 x 6721000 kg330 mm81.00692,43 LView product
producer of steel racks for heavy-duty automotive parts, 1200x1000x975 mm, SLI---1210/SLI1210SLI---1210/SLI12101200 x 1000 x 9751098 x 898 x 7751000 kg370 mm83.00764,15 LView product
rigid steel racks for the automotive industry manufacturer, 1600x1200x975 mm, SLI---1612/SLI1612SLI---1612/SLI16121600 x 1200 x 9751498 x 1098 x 7751000 kg370 mm110.001274,72 LView product

Automotive Metal Containers: Versatility at Its Best

The automotive sector relies heavily on metal containers for their unique needs. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Wire Mesh Containers: With metal wire walls, these are known for their airy design, perfect for visibility and air circulation.
  • Steel Containers: These containers, with solid metal walls, are renowned for their durability and robustness.
  • Platform-Type Containers: Also referred to as automotive or metal racks, these have open sides with four corner bars, making them ideal for larger items.

Meeting the pressing demands of returnable packaging, these metallic automotive containers are a boon for space optimization with their stackable design. Whether you need them foldable or rigid, with features like access doors, label holders, or plastic-coated contact areas, these containers tick all the boxes. Plus, their finish – be it galvanized or electrostatically painted – ensures longevity.

What adds to their flexibility is the variety of internal padding options they come with: textiles, technologic foams, thermoformed trays, or even cellular plastic, catering to parts as large as car windshields or as small as mirrors and wipers.

Notably, renowned car manufacturers like Renault, Nissan, VW, and Daimler vouch for these containers’ standardized dimensions. This standardization streamlines the entire process – from ordering to transport. Most importantly, these containers ensure every product remains safe, thanks to their custom-tailored packaging.

Why Choose Our Metal Containers?

  • Longevity Equals Savings: Their extended lifespan means cost savings in the long run with minimal replacements.
  • Customizable: Be it specific dimensions or catering to oversized components, these containers are adaptable.
  • Cost-Efficient: Their design, allowing stackability and foldability, ensures transportation savings.
  • Productivity Boost: Aligned with LEAN intralogistics principles, accessing stored products is swift and easy.

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