Standard automotive metallic containers

Automotive is one of the most dynamic industries, a sector constantly looking for solutions to optimize the actions involved, to reduce the costs and the losses of any kind, and which is striving to offer increasingly high-performance products from all points of view.

An important part is this industry has the production of returnable metal containers used to store and transport component parts and pieces from production to assembly line, but also other different materials.

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External dimensions
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    Containers with closed metal walls

    Containers with closed metal walls

    The containers with closed metal walls heavy-duty type have also models on different dimensions, depending on the products they are ordered for.

    They are stackable, walls can be rigid or foldable, and are usually produced from metal sheets.

    These containers have also a sturdy design and construction, are produced from metal profiles, this ensuring for them as well a long service life.

    Due to the robust construction, the steel containers they resist to intensive or long term use, and, in time, the clients come back with orders for new containers mostly due to the increased transport volume, and less because they need to replace the deteriorated ones.

    The are handles with standard machines: pallet trucks, forklifts, lifting rings, cranes.

    They can have internal separators or interlayers, increasing the density of products for packing, offering protection in the same time.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Maximum load (kg)Folded height (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
    Metal containers CON-S-0130
    CON-S-0130780 x 570 x 478740 x 540 x 305N.A.N.A.36121,88 LView product
    Metal containers 00080
    00080780 x 570 x 478770 x 560 x 305400 kgN.A.36130 LView product
    Metal containers 00133
    001331150 x 800 x 5401050 x 700 x 3151000 kgN.A.85230 LView product
    Metal containers ETM---4434
    ETM---44341274 x 1014 x 8401110 x 930 x 500N.A.N.A.141516,15 LView product
    Metal containers 00082
    000821370 x 900 x 7301310 x 840 x 5351400 kgN.A.143590 LView product

    Wire mesh containers

    These  containers can be produced on many dimensions, they have wire mash walls, and the base is usually closed. They can be foldable or with rigid walls, are stackable, and, upon request, they can have access doors on the laterals.

    The base can be pallet type, with full or partial (only in the corners) skids/crossbeams, or they can have feet.

    The access of the pallet truck or forklift is east.

    Depending on the applications, the walls can be left open (only with wire mesh) or they can be closed with compact boards placed inside.

    Wire mesh cages are used with internal separators and dunnage, and have label holders for a quick identification of the packed products.

    Also , they can have contact zones which are plasticized, and are galvanized or painted in electrostatic filed.

    Mesh pallet cages have low maintenance costs, and due to their sturdiness, they have a long service life.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Maximum load (kg)Folded height (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
    Metal containers SLI---0130-1S560MR
    SLI---0130/1S560MR800 x 600 x 560732 x 532 x 412N.A.N.A.38160,44 LView product
    Metal containers H6M
    H6M1110 x 650 x 8401090 x 640 x 595N.A.N.A.90415,07 LView product
    Metal containers 00081
    000811150 x 800 x 7301080 x 720 x 5001000 kg300 mm71390 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---0601-2S750M
    SLI---0601/2S750M1200 x 1000 x 7501120 x 920 x 550N.A.N.A.91566,72 LView product
    Metal containers 00123
    001231200 x 1000 x 9101085 x 880 x 6801000 kg410 mm125650 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---0760
    SLI---07601200 x 1000 x 9301120 x 920 x 700N.A.N.A.118721,28 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---0771-2S975M
    SLI---0771/2S975M1200 x 1000 x 9751120 x 920 x 774N.A.N.A.112797,53 LView product
    Metal containers SLI0770-2S975L
    SLI---0770/2S975L1200 x 1000 x 9751110 x 910 x 774N.A.N.A.117781,82 LView product
    Metal containers F3M
    F3M1300 x 1100 x 5401290 x 1090 x 295N.A.N.A.95,00414,80 LView product
    Metal containers F6M
    F6M1300 x 1100 x 8401290 x 1090 x 595N.A.N.A.124,00836,63 LView product
    Metal containers 00103
    001031370 x 900 x 9201294 x 814 x 6801000 kg353 mm114716 LView product
    Metal containers 00084
    000841370 x 900 x 9201300 x 820 x 6801000 kg353 mm107725 LView product
    Metal containers 00083
    000831370 x 900 x 9201300 x 820 x 6801000 kg353 mm107725 LView product
    Metal containers H3ME
    H3ME1600 x 650 x 5401590 x 640 x 295N.A.N.A.90300,19 LView product
    Metal containers H6ME
    H6ME1600 x 650 x 8401590 x 640 x 595N.A.N.A.115,00605,47 LView product
    Metal containers 3B600M
    3B600M1600 x 800 x 6001520 x 720 x 377N.A.N.A.95,50412,59 LView product
    Metal containers 00126
    001261600 x 1150 x 6701490 x 1040 x 4201000 kg353 mm126650 LView product
    Metal containers 00114
    001141600 x 1150 x 9201490 x 1040 x 6801000 kg353 mm1701050 LView product
    Metal containers 00124
    001241600 x 1150 x 9201490 x 1040 x 6801000 kg353 mm1801050 LView product
    Metal containers 00105
    001051600 x 1150 x 10701524 x 1064 x 8351000 kg353 mm1541350 LView product
    Metal containers 00085
    000851600 x 1150 x 10701530 x 1070 x 8351000 kg353 mm1471370 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---1200
    SLI---12001600 x 1200 x 9301520 x 1120 x 700N.A.N.A.1501191,68 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---1271-3S975M
    SLI---1271/3S975M1600 x 1200 x 9751520 x 1120 x 754N.A.N.A.1451283,61 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---1101-4S750M
    SLI---1101/4S750M1900 x 1200 x 7501820 x 1120 x 530N.A.N.A.1601080,35 LView product
    Metal containers 00079
    000791950 x 1150 x 10701860 x 1050 x 8301000 kg353 mm1731620 LView product
    Metal containers 00087
    000872300 x 1300 x 10702210 x 1200 x 7851500 kg423 mm2452080 LView product
    Metal containers 00089
    000892300 x 1600 x 13502210 x 1500 x 10751500 kg423 mm2843530 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---2000-5S975M
    SLI---2000/5S975M2400 x 1200 x 9752280 x 1110 x 730N.A.N.A.2761847,48 LView product
    Metal containers 00069
    000692500 x 1150 x 9202410 x 1050 x 6351500 kg423 mm2501610 LView product
    Platform type containers, with completely open side and bars on the 4 corners (also called metal racks, or automotive racks)

    Platform type containers, with completely open side and bars on the 4 corners (also called metal racks, or automotive racks)

    Metal racks are widely used in automotive industry. They are build from a metal platform with skids on the base, and the 4 corners they have positioned 4 bars also from metal.

    Automotive racks are especially destinated for packing and transport heavy or oversized pieces and components, like various car body parts, leather pieces, front boards, mufflers, engines and drives, various modules, car transmissions, chairs, suspensions, etc., which need supplementary protection.

    The platform type containers are successfully used withing the production and assembly segments, they ensure a high density of the packed products and are ergonomic, the changing of the insert models between them being doe really quickly.

    Their advantage, and the main concern of the designers is that they can fit with many models and types of inserts and separators on the same platform, changing only the dunnage according to the product which needs to be packed.

    This option brings low costs with packaging, especially if we take into consideration that a platform’s service life can go even up to 20 years.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Maximum load (kg)Folded height (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
    Metal containers 2S870P
    2S870P1200 x 1000 x 8701120 x 920 x 672N.A.N.A.81692,43 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---1210/SLI1210
    SLI---1210/SLI12101200 x 1000 x 9751098 x 898 x 775N.A.N.A.83764,15 LView product
    Metal containers SLI---1612/SLI1612
    SLI---1612/SLI16121600 x 1200 x 9751498 x 1098 x 775N.A.N.A.1101274,72 LView product

Metal containers for auto industry are of several types:

  • Containers with metal wire walls, mesh type (also called wire containers, or wire mesh containers)
  • Containers with closed metal walls (also called steel containers)
  • Platform type containers, with completely open side and bars on the 4 corners (also called metal racks, or automotive racks)

These models meet the big returnable packaging needs from this sector.

The metallic automotive containers are stackable, which helps to optimize the space occupied with transport or storage. They can be foldable, can have rigid walls, can have access doors, label holders, contact zones which are plasticized, galvanized or are painted in electrostatic filed.

They are very sturdy and offer a high level of flexibility of configuration.

Metal packaging for automotive are used together with diverse dunnage models: textiles, evolon, tyvek, technologic foams, Duraflex, Triplex, thermoformed trays, cellular plastic, corrugated plastic, alveolar plastic, etc.

They are used for big parts, like windshields, car body pards, chairs,  boards, engines, tires, radiators, but also for the smaller parts, like mirrors, wheels, wipers, gearboxes, different other internal components, etc.

In general, the transport metal containers for auto industry are produces on standardized dimensions, regulated by the car manufacturers (Renault, Nissan, VW, Peugeot Citroën, Daimler, etc.).

The standardization helps the quick placement of the orders, streamlines the supply, production/assembly activities, helps the storage part, the transport, but the most important fact is that the products are safe in packaging specially designed and personalized for their specific needs regarding the dimensions, fragility, density per pack.

Main advantages:

  • Lower costs with packaging on a long term due to their long use life, the replacement of the metal containers because deteriorations being minimum
  • They are very easy to configure on special dimensions or for oversized and complex pieces and components
  • Reduced costs with transport due to their stackability, the fact that they are folded upon return, but also due to the high packaging density
  • Increased productivity in production due to respecting and following the LEAN intralogistics organizing principles by providing an easy and quick access to the products placed inside

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