Metal containers SLI—2000/5S975M

These containers can be produced on many dimensions, they have wire mash walls, and the base is usually closed. They can be foldable or with rigid walls, are stackable, and, upon request, they can have access doors on the laterals.

The base can be pallet type, with full or partial (only in the corners) skids/crossbeams, or they can have feet.

The access of the pallet truck or forklift is east.

Depending on the applications, the walls can be left open (only with wire mesh) or they can be closed with compact boards placed inside.

Technical specifications

Pack dimensions (mm) and weight
External Internal
Folding hgt370Int. volume 1847,48 L
Nesting hgt.45
Weight276,00 kgPayload 1500 kg
Handling unit (HU) / transported quantity
Empty packs weight in Truck23,74 tons
Transp. Stack2/17/1
Transp. Hgt.2835 2645
Storage Stack5/1 15/1
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