Non-Slip Sheets: Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Options

The non-slip sheets made from paper, compact, or corrugated cardboard, are designed to stabilize palletized goods during transport. It applies whether the goods are on a conveyor, in a warehouse, or in a truck. These sheets, coated with a high-friction material on both sides, prevent merchandise from shifting on the pallet surface. The purpose is to ensure safe handling.

Specific Uses Based on Material:

  • Non-Slip Paper Sheets: Ideal for lighter goods.
  • Anti-Slip Compact Cardboard: Best for items with sharp edges or medium to heavy weights.
  • Corrugated Cardboard Sheets: Recommended for irregularly shaped items or when there’s minimal contact with the pallet.

We offer standard sizes of 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm, but customization is available to meet specific client needs.


  • Cost-Effective Packaging: Helps optimize packaging expenses.
  • Accident Reduction: Lowers the risk of incidents during handling.
  • Decreased Product Damage: Minimizes the deterioration of goods.
  • Enhanced Pallet Stability: Improves the safety of goods in transit.
  • Efficient Operations: Facilitates better handling due to reduced stack weight.

These anti-slip sheets are versatile, suitable for both manual and automated palletization, used in various ways:

  • Underneath or Between Pallets and Goods: Prevents slippage due to moisture, protects products from rough pallet surfaces, and stabilizes the first layer.
  • Between Merchandise Layers: Improves overall stack stability, allowing for maximum pallet utilization.
  • On Top of Products: Guards the top layer against slippage, friction with other pallets, and external elements like dust or moisture.
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