Non-slip sheets from paper and compact or corrugated cardboard

The non-slip paper sheets help to stabilize the palletized goods during transportation, on a conveyor, in the warehouse or truck. The foils prevent the merchandise from moving on the pallet surface, their handling being done in safe conditions. The anti-slip sheets are made from paper, compact or corrugated cardboard, coated on both sides with a high coefficient of friction.

The non-slip paper foils are used for light weighted goods.

The anti-slip compact cardboard works for merchandise with sharp shapes, medium or heavy weighted. The corrugated cardboard is recommended for irregular shaped goods and when the contact surface with the pallet is reduced.

The standard sizes are 1200×800 mm or 1200×1000 mm, but they can be customized according to the client’s request.


  • packaging costs optimization
  • decrease the number of accidents
  • decrease the number of deteriorated products
  • improve the stability goods on the pallet
  • the stacks of goods are operated in better conditions due to their decreased weight

The anti-slip sheets can be used both for manual and automatized palletization, as follows:

  • under the pallets or between the goods and the pallets – to prevent the slippage caused by moisture, to protect the products from the contact with the rough material the pallets are made of, or to stabilize the first layer of goods
  • between the layers of merchandise – to improve their stability and to be able to load the pallet with as many products as possible
  • on top, over the products – to prevent the slippage of the last layer and the friction between it and other pallets, to protect the stack from dust or moisture
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