Plastic pallets are the alternative to wooden pallets, having a longer service life and more duty cycles.

The advantages compared to wooden pallets are:

  • they have constant own weight which allows the weighing of goods together with the pallets (the wooden pallets accumulate humidity and, because of this reason, their weight varies)
  • they have multiple use cycles
  • they are easy to clean; they keep the cleanliness in the warehouse
  • a better work protection – there are no nails or wooden splinters
  • a better protection of the goods – there are no nails that can come out and damage the carton boxes placed on the pallet
  • they do not require phytosanitary certificate for export – ISPM no 15

They can have closed or opened deck, feet, skids, safety rims, anti-slip stripes or bumps, being suitable both for food industry or automotive, and distribution.

The dimensions of the pallets we can offer are:

  • plastic euro-pallets – 1200×800 mm
  • industrial plastic pallets – 1200×1000 mm
  • plastic pallets with atypical dimensions like 2400×1000 mm, 1200×1200 mm, etc.

Depending on their use, plastic pallets are divided into the following categories:

  • plastic euro-pallets clean room (or hygienic pallets): they are easy and quick to wash and dry, they don’t retain the smells, they have closed smooth surface both on top and under, not to allow the impurities to accumulate
  • light plastic pallets: are suitable for export, they are adapted to light-weighted goods
  • medium plastic pallets: they are suited to medium loads, both the opened and closed deck models are easy to clean, they don’t allow for the bacteria and fungus to fix on their surface
  • heavy duty plastic pallets: are designed for heavy  and very heavy loads, or in storage areas with high racks; they are available too in opened and closed deck models