Plastic pallets

Pallets are universal to the world of logistics, especially but not limited to storage and transportation.

They can be produced from different materials, but today most of them are made of injected plastic as this ensures precise dimensions and long life.

They offer increased protection against shocks and vibrations, ensure the stability of stacks and quick manipulation all around. Storage spaces are clean, transport is well organized.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1300)
Width (0 - 1200)
Height (0 - 200)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
PVC pallets for retail, 600x400x139 mm, PL6414-0912PL6414-0912600 x 400 x 139HDPE recycled800.00250.00No2001.70View product
Polypropylene pallet resistant to humidity, 600x400x140 mm, PL6414-0911PL6414-0911600 x 400 x 140HDPE virgin800.00250.00No2001.10View product
Recyclable plastic pallet for export, production and shelf storage, 800x600x120 mm, PL8612-0915PL8612-0915800 x 600 x 120HDPE recycled1 800.00500.00No1203.00View product
Hygienic HDPE pallets, 800x600x130 mm, PL8613-0916PL8613-0916800 x 600 x 130HDPE virgin2 000.00500.00No804.00View product
HDPE pallet with perforated surface, 800x600x135 mm, DusseldorfDusseldorf800 x 600 x 135PP recycled800.00400.00No523.70View product
Retail distribution pallet, Lidl standard, half size, 800x600x160 mm, PL8616-0909PL8616-0909800 x 600 x 160HDPE recycled2 000.001 000.00500.00308.00View product
Polyethylene plastic pallet for intensive use, 1100x1100x150 mm, PL1111-0416PL1111-04161100 x 1100 x 150HDPE2 500.001 000.00No168.45View product
Polyethylene pallets for transport and storage, similar to UPAL, 1100x1100x150 mm, PL1111-0417PL1111-04171100 x 1100 x 150HDPE2 500.001 000.00No556.60View product
Producer of recyclable plastic pallet for distribution, 1200x800x120 mm, PL1208-5504PL1208-55041200 x 800 x 120PP regrind1 800.00700.00No346.00View product
Plastic pallets with perforated surface for transport and storing of products, 1200x800x140 mm, PL1208-0927vPL1208-09271200 x 800 x 140PP recycled1 800.00600.00No565.00View product
Anti-slip plastic pallet, 1200x800x140 mm, PL1208-4706PL1208-47061200 x 800 x 140HDPE recycled2 000.00750.00No5011.50View product
Multipurpose pallets for distribution, 1200x800x140 mm, PL1208-0211PL1208-02111200 x 800 x 140HDPE2 000.00750.00No709.70View product
Food display hygienic pallets, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-0917PL1208-09171200 x 800 x 150PP2 000.00750.00No4010.50View product
Producer of poyethylene pallets with perforated surface, 1200x1000x120 mm, PL1210-5501PL1210-55011200 x 1000 x 120PP recycled1 800.00700.00No347.00View product
Producer of reusable plastic pallets, 1200x1100x120 mm, PL1211-5502PL1211-55021200 x 1100 x 120PP/PE recycled1 800.00700.00No347.60View product
Plastic pallets similar to UPAL manufacturer, 1200x1200x120 mm, PL1212-5503PL1212-55031200 x 1200 x 120PP/PE recycled1 800.00750.00No348.20View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)
Cleanroom hygienic plastic pallets, produced in Romania, 1200x800x130 mm, PL1208-4825PL1208-48251200 x 800 x 13080/905.20PP1 500.00400.00NoView product
Plastic pallets similar to UPAL, 1200x800x130 mm, PL1208-4813PL1208-48131200 x 800 x 130806.00HDPE 22 000.00700.00NoView product
Injected plastic pallets with perforated surface, 1200x1000x130 mm, PL1210-4830PL1210-48301200 x 1000 x 130806.70HDPE 21 500.00400.00NoView product
Universal pallet, 1223x825x175 mm, PL1208-0222PL1208-02221223 x 825 x 175367.20HDPE2 000.00750.00NoView product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per pallet
PVC pallets for distribution similar to UPAL for rail transport and ship containers, 1100x1100x150 mm, PL1111-0419PL1111-04191100 x 1100 x 15013.50HDPE4 000.001 250.00300.0016View product
Producer of polypropylene pallet resistant to humidity, 1100x1100x150 mm, PL1111-0418PL1111-04181100 x 1100 x 15012.00HDPE5 000.001 250.00250.0016View product
Recyclable plastic pallet for export, production and shelf storage, similar to UPAL or Benopal, 1100x1100x160 mm, PL1111-0213PL1111-02131100 x 1100 x 16017.10HDPE5 000.002 000.00750.0019View product
High-quality plastic pallet for conveyor use, 1200x1000x155 mm, PL1210-4824PL1210-48241200 x 1000 x 15517.50HDPE5 000.001 500.001 000.0024View product
Ergonomic plastic pallet manufacturer, 1300x1100x150 mm, PL1311-0447PL1311-04471300 x 1100 x 15017.50HDPE5 000.001 250.00800.0016View product
Resistant plastic pallet producer, 1300x1100x150 mm, PL1311-0446PL1311-04461300 x 1100 x 15016.70HDPE5 000.001 250.00500.0016View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)
Plastic pallet deck, produced in romania, 1200x1200x150 mm, PL1212-4835PL1212-48351200 x 1200 x 15029.50HDPE6 000.002 000.001 200.00View product
PVC plastic pallet for display, 1300x1100x158 mm, PL1311-0451PL1311-04511300 x 1100 x 15824.30HDPE6 000.001 500.001 250.00View product
Plastic pallet manufacturers, 1300x1100x158 mm, PL1311-0450PL1311-04501300 x 1100 x 15823.00HDPE6 000.001 500.001 250.00View product
Producer of plastic pallet, 1300x1100x160 mm, PL1311-0455PL1311-04551300 x 1100 x 16023.70HDPE6 000.001 500.001 250.00View product
Injected plastic pallets, 1300,1100,160 mm, PL1311-0454PL1311-04541300 x 1100 x 16022.00HDPE6 000.001 500.001 250.00View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Units per palletWeight (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Static load (kg)Racking load (kg)
Clean-room plastic pallets made from high quality materials, H2 German meat industry standard for plastic pallets, 800x600x160 mm, H2H2800 x 600 x 160HDPE189.00500.002 000.00NoView product
Open deck plasic pallet producer, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-0923PL1208-09231200 x 800 x 150PP1512.001 500.003 000.00600.00View product
Open deck pallets factory, 1200x800x157 mm, PL1208-0902PL1208-09021200 x 800 x 157PP1818.002 000.004 000.001 000.00View product
Clean-room safe and hygienic plastic pallet, H1 German meat industry standard for plastic pallets, with central blocks for E2 crates, 1200x800x160, H1H11200 x 800 x 160HDPE2118.001 250.005 000.00NoView product
Open deck pallet made from high-quality plastic, 1200x1000x152 mm, PL1210-0150PL1210-01501200 x 1000 x 152HDPE1412.981 700.004 000.00750.00View product
Multipurpose pallet for transport and storing, 1200x1000x155 mm, PL1210-0922PL1210-09221200 x 1000 x 155PP1514.001 500.004 000.001 000.00View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Solid and resistant pallets for transport and display, 800x600x150 mm, PL8615-4901PL8615-4901800 x 600 x 150PP1 800.00500.00No165.46View product
HDPE pallets with smooth surface made from injected plastic, 1100x1100x160 mm, PL1111-0212PL1111-02121100 x 1100 x 160HDPE5 000.002 000.001 000.001918.20View product
Smooth plastic pallets for storage, 1200x800x145 mm, PL1208-4812PL1208-48121200 x 800 x 145Virgin material4 000.001 000.00400.002710.00View product
Plastic pallet with smooth surface, having high rims as Renault standard, 1200x800x145 mm, PL1208-1507PL1208-15071200 x 800 x 145HDPE4 000.001 000.00500.002112.60View product
Plastic pallet suppliers, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-4809PL1208-48091200 x 800 x 150HDPE5 000.001 500.00750.002214.75View product
High-quality plastic pallet with smooth surface designed for conveyor use, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-0921PL1208-0921PL1208-09211200 x 800 x 150PP recycled3 000.001 500.00600.001513.00View product
Scratch resistant pallets easy to clean and maintain, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-0208PL1208-02081200 x 800 x 150HDPE5 000.001 000.00800.002117.00View product
HDPE hygienic pallet, 1200x800x153 mm, PL1208-0215PL1208-02151200 x 800 x 153HDPE5 000.001 000.00750.002118.00View product
PVC ergonomic pallet with closed top, 1200x800x157 mm, PL1208-0903PL1208-09031200 x 800 x 157Virgin PP4 000.002 000.001 000.001518.00View product
Multiway plastic pallet manufacturer, 1200x1000x145 mm, PL1210-1508PL1210-15081200 x 1000 x 145HDPE4 000.001 000.00500.002114.50View product
High-quality PP pallet with closed surface and 2 rails, 1200x1000x150 mm, PL1210-0924PL1210-09241200 x 1000 x 150PP3 000.001 500.00750.002515.00View product
Plastic pallets with closed deck and high safety margins for improved stability, 1200x1000x172 mm, SLI2112 RenaultSLI2112 Renault1200 x 1000 x 172HDPE5 000.001 500.00500.001419.60View product
Resistant plastic pallet with closed surface and 6 rails, 1300x1100x150 mm, PL1311-0449PL1311-04491300 x 1100 x 150HDPE5 000.001 250.001 000.001619.60View product
Plastic pallet with closed deck and 3 rails ideal for conveyor use, 1300x1100x150 mm, PL1311-0448PL1311-04481300 x 1100 x 150HDPE5 000.001 250.001 000.001618.70View product
Injected pallet with closed deck surface, ergonomic and safe for transport, 1300x1100x158 mm, PL1311-0453PL1311-04531300 x 1100 x 158HDPE6 000.001 500.001 375.001626.50View product
Injected plastic pallet manufacturing, 1300x1100x158 mm, PL1311-0452PL1311-04521300 x 1100 x 158HDPE6 000.001 500.001 375.001624.60View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
PVC resistant and hygienic plastic pallets, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-4831PL1208-48311200 x 800 x 150HDPE 15 000.002 000.001 500.002421.00View product
PVC pallets with smooth surface, 1200x800x153 mm, PL1208-0214PL1208-02141200 x 800 x 153HDPE5 000.002 000.001 000.002318.00View product
Hygienic plastic pallets with closed surface, 1200x800x150 mm, PL1208-4816PL1208-48161200 x 800 x 150 (155)Virgin material5 000.001 500.00900.002415.00View product
Polyethylene pallets with smooth surface factory, 1200x1000x140 mm, PL1210-4827PL1210-48271200 x 1000 x 140HDPE4 000.001 000.00400.002714.75View product
PVC pallet with smooth top part manufacturer, 1200x1000x145 mm, PL1210-4818PL1210-48181200 x 1000 x 145Virgin material4 000.001 000.00400.002712.50View product
Clean-room pallets with smooth surface, 1200x1000x155 mm, PL1210-4834PL1210-48341200 x 1000 x 155HDPE5 000.002 500.001 250.005016.60View product
Plastic pallet for storage and display, 1200x1000x155 mm, PL1210-4832PL1210-48321200 x 1000 x 155HDPE 12 000.005 000.001 500.002424.00View product
Injected pallet with smooth surface, 1200x1000x160 mm, PL1210-0216PL1210-02161200 x 1000 x 160HDPE5 000.002 500.001 250.001623.20View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
Fire retardant pallets, 1200x800x155 mm, PL1208-4707PL1208-47071200 x 800 x 15513.00View product
Pallets safe to use in areas with fire risks, 1200x1000x155 mm, PL1210-4708PL1210-47081200 x 1000 x 15516.00View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per pallet
Impact resistant pallet lid, produced in Romania, 1000x600 mm, VW 001006VW 0010061000 x 60060View product
Plastic pallet lid for stacking, 1200x800 mm, LPL1208-5301LPL1208-53011200 x 80050View product
Impact resistant high quality pallet plastic lid, 1200x800 mm, 310 1208 BMW310 1208 BMW1200 x 80050View product
Plastic pallet cover compatible with metallic containers, 1200x1000 mm, A1210-DaimlerA1210-Daimler1200 x 100025View product
Plastic cover for pallets, 1200x1000 mm, VW 001210VW 0012101200 x 100035View product
High quality resistant plastic pallet lid, 1210x810 mm, A1208-1A1208-11210 x 81050View product
Lid for KLT pallets, 1210x810 mm, A1210-1BMWA1210-1BMW1210 x 81050View product
Lid for KLT pallets to help stacking, 1210x1010 mm, A1210-1A1210-11210 x 101050View product
Plastic pallets lid A1210-1 DaimlerA1210-1 Daimler1215 x 101625View product
Industrial plastic lid for pallets producer, 1220x820 mm, LPL1208-0101LPL1208-01011220 x 820100View product
PVC pallet lid safe to use, 1220x1020 mm, LPL1210-0102LPL1210-01021220 x 1020100View product

One role of plastic pallets is protecting the products from the damage they might take when placed directly on the floor:

  • Against wet floors or spilled liquids that may ruin packages
  • Prevents moulds from developing under stacks
  • Protects against freezing floors that may harm products

Plastic is preferred more and more over wood for pallet production.

Advantages are:

  • Plastic has a constant own weight which allows easy weighing of palletized goods. Wooden pallets have variable weights for different reasons, including inevitable humidity variations
  • Plastic is more resistant in time so that pallets can serve more use cycles and a longer service life
  • Plastic pallets are easy to clean and sanitize, a mandatory requirement for some industries and applications. This also keeps warehouses free of dust, moulds and splinters
  • Safer for operators – plastic pallets do not contain metal nails or wooden splinters
  • The same is true for the palletized goods – the smooth surface does not risk damaging products or packaging
  • Plastic does not require a phytosanitary certificate for export – ISPM no 15
  • Plastic pallets have a better aspect compared to wooden ones, especially after several trips. They can be cleaned and washed and are fit for display in retail
  • Good looks and cleanliness are key factors in the automotive industry

Logimarkt provides injected plastic pallets in a wide array of shapes and sizes:

  • Plastic Euro pallets – 1200×800 mm
  • Industrial plastic pallets – 1200×1000 mm
  • Plastic pallets for sea/oceanic/railway shipping –1200×1200 mm, 1200×1100 mm, 1100×1100 mm, 1300×1100 mm and others

Available versions may have:

  • Completely closed, partially closed, or an open deck
  • Feet (4, 6, 9 or more) or skids (2, 3, 5, 6)
  • Safety rims, anti-slip stripes, bumps (suitable for the food industry, automotive, distribution) or central blockers
  • Metal reinforcements for enhanced racking resistance
  • Completely closed bottom and welded skids for hygienic applications

Available accessories include:

  • Pallet lids
  • Label holders
  • Straps and other security equipment

Plastic pallets may come in personalized colors, they can be imprinted with a logo or other markings for enhanced marketing value.

Pallets are an all-round logistic solution, essential in automotive, food, production areas, transport, commerce, agriculture and more.

They are robust, resistant to intensive use, can be stacked in high stacks (space-saving and improved costs with return transport), produce less waste (both plastic and disposable) due to their long service life, enhance productivity due to their ergonomic design, are compatible with industrial washing machines or autoclaves.

Plastic pallets are compatible with semi-automated and automated handling:

  • Hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, forklifts
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Conveyor lines
  • AGVs
  • Pallet changers and forklift attachments to switch the base pallet (between wood and plastic or different dimensions)
  • Lift platforms
  • Intralogistics trolleys

Regardless of the model, they can be used with any injected plastic box or crate (stackable, stack & nest, nestable, foldable, VDA KLT, Galia Odette, stacking frames), boxes from EPP foam, with thermoformed trays, corrugated plastic boxes.

Like all the returnable packaging supplied by Logimarkt, the pallets from injected plastic are completely recyclable at the end of their service life, reduce carbon footprint and plastic waste.

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