Plastic pallets

Pallets are, in general, basic handling equipment in packaging, especially in storage and transport, but not only.

They can be produced from many materials, but the widest solution used, especially for standard dimensions, is from injected plastic.

They offer increased protection for the packed products against shocks and bumps, they offer stability for the stacks, the goods can be handled quickly when packed on pallets, and the storage and transport spaces are clean and organized.

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    Fire retardant pallet PL1208-4707

    Fire retardant pallets

    Fire retardant pallets were developed to replace the wooden pallets used in areas with higher fire risk, like are, for example, warehouses for inflammable products or chemical production, but also for use in crowded and busy areas with small storage spaces, where fires can have devastating effects. Thus, they can be used in big commercial centers and malls, in storage spaces that belong to transport companies (no matter if it is road, sea, or airline), in warehouses with long-term storage services, etc.

    Fire retardant pallet versions offered by Logimarkt have all the certifications and approvals required by the authorities in this field and respect the fabrication procedures and standards for this type of product.

    The fire resistance level can be improved by adding special additives. This way there can be reached the V0, V1, or V2 levels, which reflect the burning time from the moment they are exposed to flame and the fire starts until it goes out when tested with a special burner for 10 seconds:

    • material with V0 level goes out in 10 seconds
    • material with V1 level goes out in 30 seconds and there are no flaming particles to drip on the floor
    • material with V2 level goes out in 30 seconds and there are flaming particles that drip on the floor

    They are resistant, recyclable at the end of their service life, they have a very good use time, they contribute to a safe activity environment.

    Their big advantages are that, besides the fact that in case of fire they do not maintain it and they go out quickly, they also greatly reduce the extent of damages which occur in such unwanted situations.

    Insurance companies significantly reduce the premium of insurance in case fire retardant pallets are used.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
    Fire retardant pallet PL1210-4708
    PL1210-47081200 x 1000 x 15516View product
    Fire retardant pallet PL1208-4707
    PL1208-47071200 x 800 x 15513View product
    Closed deck plastic pallets

    Closed deck plastic pallets

    The pallets with closed deck are produced from high-quality scratch-resistant plastic.
    They are suitable for worldwide exports and, also, ideal for use in large warehouses.

    They work with intensive daily use and provide protection for the items packed on them.

    Due to their smooth and robust surface, they are ideal for the transportation and storage of different goods in hygienic conditions.
    The accuracy of their dimensions and design makes them ideal for conveyor use.

    Closed deck pallets from injected plastic can have optional anti-slip safety edges, skids, metal reinforcements for higher rack resistance, and anti-slip deck solutions, they are stable in the stack when are stored.

    In case they are washed, they dry quickly and are ready for use, optimizing the activity flow.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Plastic pallet PL8615-4901
    PL8615-4901800 x 600 x 150N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.5.46View product
    Plastic pallet PL1111-0212
    PL1111-02121100 x 1100 x 160HDPE5000200010001918.2View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-4812
    PL1208-48121200 x 800 x 145Virgin material400010004002710View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-1507 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1208-15071200 x 800 x 145N.A.400010005002112.6View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-4809
    PL1208-48091200 x 800 x 150N.A.500015007502214.75View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0921
    PL1208-09211200 x 800 x 150PP recycled300015006001513View product
    Hygienic plastic pallets PL1208-0208
    PL1208-02081200 x 800 x 150HDPE500010008002117View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1208-0215
    PL1208-02151200 x 800 x 153HDPE500010007502118View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0903
    PL1208-09031200 x 800 x 157Virgin PP4000200010001518View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-1508 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1210-15081200 x 1000 x 145N.A.400010005002114.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-0924
    PL1210-09241200 x 1000 x 150PP300015007502515View product
    Plastic pallet Renault SLI 2112
    SLI2112 Renault1200 x 1000 x 172HDPE50001500N.A.1419.6View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0449
    PL1311-04491300 x 1100 x 150N.A.500012501000N.A.19.6View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0448
    PL1311-04481300 x 1100 x 150N.A.500012501000N.A.18.7View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0453
    PL1311-04531300 x 1100 x 158N.A.600015001375N.A.26.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0452
    PL1311-04521300 x 1100 x 158N.A.600015001375N.A.24.6View product
    Light pallets with closed surface

    Light pallets with closed surface

    One-way plastic pallets with closed deck are an excellent alternative for export to wooden pallets, which have a limited service life, and can have problems with maintaining the hygiene level and also with the safety use.

    Their main characteristic is their lightweight, this allowing the users to safely transport a large amount of load and save the transport costs. They are used for deliveries within the same company, between different working points, but also for deliveries to external clients.

    Compared to one-way packaging, they have a higher resistance and offer better protection to the packed goods. This aspect is very important, especially on long or difficult trips.

    Therefore, they are preferred even in case the supplier doesn’t want to transport them back after they deliver the orders. Overall, packaging with low quality and small costs can come with unwanted expenses than quality packaging, just because this protection decreases the number of products delivered with partial or complete damages. More than this, they increase client satisfaction.

    Due to their feet, the light plastic pallets for export can be easily stacked by overlaying them in nesting style, optimizing the handling timing and storage space.

    They are resistant to humidity, odors and smells, and different other chemicals (for example solvents). The materials they are manufactured from, do not require special treatments and comply with all the updated regulations and requirements in this field.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)
    Plastic pallet PL1208-4825
    PL1208-48251200 x 800 x 13080/905.2N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-4813
    PL1208-48131200 x 800 x 130806HDPE 22000700N.A.View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-4830
    PL1210-48301200 x 1000 x 130806.7HDPE 21500400N.A.View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0222 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1208-02221223 x 825 x 175367.2HDPE2000750N.A.View product
    Medium pallets with perforated surface

    Medium pallets with perforated surface

    The medium pallets with open deck are made of superior plastic, scratch, and impact resistant.

    They are easy to clean and are recommended for heavy loads transportation and applications with intensive use.

    They can be used both for export and production or for shelf storage.

    In general, the medium pallets from injected plastic are available with skids for enhanced resistance and heavy traffic applications.

    They are available on standard dimensions, but also on special sizes for sea/ ocean/ railway transport.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Plastic pallet PL1210-4824
    PL1210-48241200 x 1000 x 155N.A.5000150010002417.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1111-0419
    PL1111-04191100 x 1100 x 150N.A.40001250300N.A.13.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1111-0418
    PL1111-04181100 x 1100 x 150N.A.50001250250N.A.12View product
    Plastic pallet PL1111-0213
    PL1111-02131100 x 1100 x 160HDPE500020007501917.1View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0447
    PL1311-04471300 x 1100 x 150N.A.50001250800N.A.17.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0446
    PL1311-04461300 x 1100 x 150N.A.50001250500N.A.16.7View product
    Clean-room plastic pallets

    Clean-room plastic pallets

    The hygienic plastic pallets are mainly used in pharma, food, or chemical industries due to their compliance with high sanitation standards norms and protocols, which guarantee the maintenance in the manufacturing area of a proper work environment.

    In such spaces, usually, there is a high traffic of incoming and outgoing products, which is the perfect way of introducing contaminants into the working zones. More than this, if the products are packed on wooden pallets, the range of unwanted substances is high: dust, splinters, molds, fungi, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, pesticides, and other residues.

    Cleanroom pallets from injected plastic have the high benefit of not absorbing any smells, odors, moisture, or bio-contaminants.

    In case they have any dangerous contact, due to their closed deck they can be immediately and easily cleaned and sanitized, preventing the accumulation of dust and residues. If it’s required, they can be perfectly washed with industrial washing machines.

    This characteristic guarantees fewer recalled products because of unfortunate contaminations with chemicals, decreasing the financial losses associated with this particular situation (waste products, delayed production, slowed down supply, dangerous spreading of bio-contaminants).

    Cleanroom pallets are safe for food contact, compatible for international export, resistant to high temperatures, and scratches, and very easy to handle.

    For applications with high rack systems, they can be reinforced with metal bars, both in length and width.

    Also, for higher stability and as an anti-slip solution, they can have safety edges.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1208-4831
    PL1208-48311200 x 800 x 150HDPE 15000200015002421View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1208-0214
    PL1208-02141200 x 800 x 153HDPE5000200010002318View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1208-4816
    PL1208-48161200 x 800 x 150 (155)Virgin material500015009002415View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1210-4827
    PL1210-48271200 x 1000 x 140HDPE400010004002714.75View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1210-4818
    PL1210-48181200 x 1000 x 145Virgin material400010004002712.5View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1210-4834
    PL1210-48341200 x 1000 x 155N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.16.6View product
    Clean-room plastic pallet PL1210-4832
    PL1210-48321200 x 1000 x 155HDPE 12000500015002424View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-0216
    PL1210-02161200 x 1000 x 160HDPE5000250012501623.2View product
    Light pallets with perforated surface

    Light pallets with perforated surface

    The light plastic pallets with open deck are as well suited to replace the wooden pallets used for export to end customers or transport between the activity places of the same company.

    The light pallets from injected plastic are resistant to humidity, smells, and different other chemicals (for example solvents). The materials they are manufactured of, do not require special treatments and comply with all the latest regulations and requirements in this field.

    They can have different dimensions, from the small models on 600×400 mm and 800×600 mm, to euro and industrial sizes, or sea/ railway versions 1100×1100 mm, 1200×1100 mm, 1200×1200 mm.

    The open deck pallets for export can have only feet, or the bottom can be reinforced with skids.

    The 4 feet and 6 feet models are also known as ‘display pallets’ due to their reduced dimensions.

    No matter the number of feet, they make them easily stackable by just overlaying them, optimizing in this way the working time for handling and storage.

    The skids offer extra sturdiness, reinforcing the basic model with feet, in case of heavier loads or transport on long distances.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Plastic pallet PL6414-0912 for transporting and storing goods
    PL6414-0912600 x 400 x 139HDPE recycled800250N.A.2001.7View product
    Plastic pallet PL6414-0911 for transporting and storing goods
    PL6414-0911600 x 400 x 140HDPE virgin800250N.A.2001.1View product
    Plastic pallet PL8612-0915 for transporting and storing goods
    PL8612-0915800 x 600 x 120HDPE recycled1800500N.A.1203View product
    Plastic pallet PL8613-0916 for transporting and storing goods
    PL8613-0916800 x 600 x 130HDPE virgin2000500N.A.804View product
    Pallet 'Dusseldorf'
    Dusseldorf800 x 600 x 135N.A.800400N.A.523.70View product
    Plastic pallet PL8613-0916 for transporting and storing goods
    PL8616-0909800 x 600 x 160HDPE recycled20001000500308View product
    Plastic pallet PL1111-0416
    PL1111-04161100 x 1100 x 150N.A.25001000N.A.N.A.8.45View product
    Plastic pallet PL1111-0417
    PL1111-04171100 x 1100 x 150N.A.25001000N.A.N.A.6.6View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-5504
    PL1208-55041200 x 800 x 120PP regrind1800700N.A.346View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0927
    PL1208-09271200 x 800 x 140PP recycled1800600N.A.N.A.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-4706 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1208-47061200 x 800 x 140N.A.2000750N.A.5011.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0211 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1208-02111200 x 800 x 140HDPE2000750N.A.709.7View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0917 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1208-09171200 x 800 x 150N.A.2000750N.A.4010.5View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-5501
    PL1210-55011200 x 1000 x 120N.A.1800700N.A.347View product
    Plastic pallet PL1211-5502
    PL1211-55021200 x 1100 x 120N.A.1800700N.A.347.6View product
    Plastic pallet PL1212-5503
    PL1212-55031200 x 1200 x 120N.A.1800750N.A.348.2View product
    Open deck plastic pallets

    Open deck plastic pallets

    Logimarkt’s medium plastic pallets with open deck are produced from high-quality scratch and impact-resistant plastic, having a long lifespan.

    Among the pallet types, they represent a universal solution, compatible with a wide range of applications from medium to quite heavy loads, for transport/ export/ shipping, storage/ high racking, production, and logistics.

    They do not retain the liquids, they don’t allow for the bacteria and fungus to fix on their surface, are easy to clean and sanitize, have a high stability factor, and are used in food and non-food sectors.

    Like all the models, they also have available versions with safety rims, crossbeams, stoppers, etc.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Weight (kg)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)Units per pallet
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0923
    PL1208-09231200 x 800 x 150PP123000150060015View product
    Plastic pallet PL1208-0902
    PL1208-09021200 x 800 x 157PP1840002000100018View product
    Clean room H2 plastic pallet
    H2800 x 600 x 160N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.18View product
    Clean-room H1 plastic pallet
    H11200 x 800 x 160HDPEN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.21View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-0150 for transporting and storing goods
    PL1210-01501200 x 1000 x 152N.A.12.984000170075014View product
    Plastic pallet PL1210-0922
    PL1210-09221200 x 1000 x 155PP1440001500100015View product
    Heavy-duty pallets with perforated surface

    Heavy-duty pallets with perforated surface

    The heavy-duty open deck pallets are produced from superior injected plastic, especially resistant to scratches and impacts. They are durable, specially designed to work with really intensive traffic and repeated use applications (static or dynamic), and are the strongest of the pallet categories, long-lasting, and with a low rate of getting damaged (optimized costs with replacing the packaging).

    They are also easy to clean and sanitize and are recommended for large stacking loads for storage (shelf storage, high racking), transportation/ export, conveyor lines, logistics, etc.

    They are compatible with forklifts and pallet trucks, which are absolutely necessary when maneuvering loads with high weights and intensive/ continuous handling, especially if they are used for racking.

    The pallets for heavy-duty applications are available in various dimensions, suitable for many requirements.

    They can be produced also from recycled material, being environmentally friendly and reducing the plastic waste volume by circulating it for many live cycles.

    They can have options: safety rims, skids, and metal reinforcements, can be produced in a couple of different colors.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Material (Virgin, Regranulate)Static load (kg)Dynamic load (kg)Racking load (kg)
    Plastic pallet PL1212-4835
    PL1212-48351200 x 1200 x 15029.5N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0451
    PL1311-04511300 x 1100 x 15824.3N.A.600015001250View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0450
    PL1311-04501300 x 1100 x 15823N.A.600015001250View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0455
    PL1311-04551300 x 1100 x 16023.7N.A.600015001250View product
    Plastic pallet PL1311-0454
    PL1311-04541300 x 1100 x 16022N.A.600015001250View product
    Plastic pallet lids

    Plastic pallet lids

    The plastic pallet lids are produced from impact-resistant materials, offer maximum protection against external factors for the load, and are easy to clean.

    The pallet covers also help the stacking.

    They can be produced from injected plastic or thermoformed ABS sheets.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per pallet
    Plasti pallets lid VW 001006
    VW 0010061000 x 60060View product
    Plastic pallets lid LPL1208-5301
    LPL1208-53011200 x 80050View product
    Plastic pallet lid 310 1208 BMW
    310 1208 BMW1200 x 80050View product
    Plastic pallets lid A1210-Daimler
    A1210-Daimler1200 x 100035View product
    Plastic pallets lid VW 001210
    VW 0012101200 x 100035View product
    KTL plastic pallets lid A1208-1
    A1208-11210 x 81050View product
    KLT plastic pallets lid A1210-1BMW
    A1210-1BMW1210 x 81050View product
    KLT plastic pallets lid A1210-1
    A1210-11210 x 101050View product
    Plastic pallets lid LPL1208-0101
    LPL1208-01011220 x 820100View product
    Plastic pallets lid LPL1210-0102
    LPL1210-01021220 x 1020100View product

The plastic pallets protect the products from being placed directly on the floor and getting damaged:

  • in the case of accidents: spilled liquids or other similar situations which can contaminate the goods or their packaging (for example the cardboard boxes, rolls of paper/ textile/ any water-absorbent material)
  • in case the products need for the air to circulate at the base to stop the molds from developing
  • in case the flooring has a very low temperature, and the products can be affected because of this, and need a buffer zone at the base

Among the materials used, plastic is a more and more preferred alternative to wood.

The advantages between the two solutions are:

  • plastic has a constant own weight which allows the weighing of goods together with the pallets (the wooden pallets accumulate humidity, and, because of this reason, their weight may vary)
  • they have higher resistance, and are sturdier than the wooden versions, which results in much more use cycles and a longer service life
  • plastic pallets are easy to clean and sanitize, which is crucial in zones with strict hygiene conditions or in case of direct contact with the products
  • they also keep the cleanliness in the warehouse – no dust or molds
  • better work protection in case of injected plastic pallets – there are no metal nails or wooden splinters
  • better protection of the goods – there are no nails that can come out and damage the carton boxes placed on the pallet, like in the case of the wooden solution
  • they do not require a phytosanitary certificate for export – ISPM no 15
  • plastic pallets have a better aspect compared to wooden, especially after a couple of uses, which is maintained because they can be cleaned and washed, so they are perfect for example, for immediate display, in case they are used in stores/ markets, or any space where the visual impression makes the difference
  • this counts as well in automotive, where the aspect of the packaging is very important, and the goods are never to be delivered in dirty or contaminated conditions

Logimarkt offers the injected plastic pallets in a large selection of dimensions and models:

  • plastic euro-pallets – 1200×800 mm
  • industrial plastic pallets – 1200×1000 mm
  • plastic pallets for sea/ oceanic/ railway shipment: -1200×1200 mm, 1200×1100 mm, 1100×1100 mm, 1300×1100 mm, others

The available models can have:

  • completely closed, partially closed, or opened deck
  • bottom with feet (4/ 6/ 9/ more, depending on the model), 2/ 3/ 5/6 skids (rims/ crossbeams)
  • upper deck with or without safety rims, anti-slip stripes, bumps (suitable for food industry, automotive, distribution, etc.), central blockers
  • metal reinforcements for enhanced racking resistance
  • completely closed bottom and welded skids for hygienic applications

As for accessories, they can be very well used with pallet lids, pallet label holders, straps, or other security solutions, can be produced in personalized colors, and have various codes for quick identification or company branding, they can be imprinted with logo or other desired markings to enhance the marketing value.

The applications for which the plastic pallets are usually recommended are in warehouse handling, transport, bulk storage, distribution, retail, display, logistics, and many more.

As industries, they are used in automotive, food, any type of production area, transport, export, commerce, agriculture, etc.

They are robust, rigid, resistant to intensive use, they can be stacked in high stacks (space-saving and improved costs with return transport), produce less waste (both plastic and disposable) due to longer service life, enhance work productivity due to their ergonomic design, are compatible with industrial washing machines or autoclaves.

Plastic pallets are compatible with semi-automated and automated handling:

  • hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, forklifts
  • pallet dispensers
  • conveyor lines
  • AGVs
  • pallet changers and forklift attachments to switch the base pallet (between wood and plastic or different dimensions)
  • lift platforms
  • intralogistics trolleys

Regardless of the model, they can be used with any boxes from injected plastic (stackable, stack & nest, nestable, foldable, VDA KLT, Galia Odette, stacking frames), boxes from EPP foam, with thermoformed trays, corrugated plastic boxes.

Like all the returnable packaging offered by Logimarkt, the pallets from injected plastic are completely recyclable at the end of their service life, reduce the carbon footprint and the plastic waste, reduce the costs of storage and transport (for delivery due to their optimized weights and for return due to the stackability in high and stable stacks).

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