Plastic Trolley TR1208-1601

Crafted from high-quality injected plastic, the TR1208-1601 trolley serves as an efficient solution for transporting a myriad of items. From Euro containers and stackable crates to nestable totes and general packaging, this versatile dolly ensures smooth transitions between zones.

Optimized for various environments, it seamlessly integrates into production lines, warehouse settings, and distribution centers. Moreover, its utility extends to postal services for parcel movement and office spaces, facilitating effortless relocation of documents and correspondence. This trolley is a testament to adaptability and efficient design.

Technical specifications

Reference: TR1208-1601

External length (mm): 1200

External width (mm): 800

External height (mm): 200

Colour: Black

Load capacity stat. (approx.): 250 kg

Wheel diameter: 125 mm

Material: HDPE

Suitable for food-contact: not suitable for food-contact

Shipping unit: 1 unit

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