Plastic Trolleys

Molded with precision and built to last, Logimarkt’s Plastic Trolleys are an indispensable and very robust solution for effortlessly moving items within any facility. They can be used to transport a variety of items, ranging from Euro containers and stack-nest bins to cardboard or corrugated plastic boxes.

These trolleys can handle Euro containers, storage boxes, tote bins, and more. They streamline clients’ internal transport needs with reliable sturdiness.

The special groove embedded in their design ensures safe stacking when not in use, optimizing your storage space without sacrificing safety or stability.

Navigate with ease, stack with confidence, and safeguard your items with the available range of resilient container dollies.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1200)
Width (0 - 800)
Height (0 - 200)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Producer of HDPE platform trolley for transport of containers, produced in Romania, 600x400x100 mm, TR6410-0201TR6410-0201600 x 400 x 100601.70View product
Handling injected plastic trolley similar to Assembly trolley FOX with attachments to form a train and rubber wheels, 600x400x100 mm, TR6410-0202TR6410-0202600 x 400 x 100601.70View product
Manufacturer of order picking connectable dolly with ESD properties and rubber wheels for distribution, produced in Romania, 600x400x100 mm, TR6410-0203TR6410-0203600 x 400 x 100601.70View product
Stacking trolleysATR6412-0101600 x 410 x 1180109.50View product
Platform box carrier polypropylene trolley from injection moulding with guiding for ALC boxes, 820x620 mm, TR86-0110TR86-0110820 x 620328.86View product
Industrial HDPE boxes and containers dolly on wheels with brakes, 820x620 mm, TR86-0111TR86-0111820 x 620328.86View product
Stackable and connectable plastic equipment for display and retail from injection moulding, with closed deck and wheels with brakes, 820x620 mm, TR86-0112TR86-0112820 x 620268.86View product
PP stable trolley equipment for safe transport of boxes and containers on wheels with brakes, produced in Romania, 820x620 mm, TR86-0113TR86-0113820 x 620328.86View product
Polyethylene trolley for safe and resistant transport of goods in a warehouse, produced in Romania, 820x620 mm, TR86-0114TR86-0114820 x 620328.86View product
Manufacturer of HDPE stackable and connectable picking trolleys for containers and boxes display, 820x620 mm, TR86-0115TR86-0115820 x 620328.86View product
Box carrier polyethilene dolly with ESD properties production, produced in Romania, 820x620 mm, TR86-0116TR86-0116820 x 620328.86View product
Resistant closed deck plastic trolleys for products transport, with attachments to form a train and non-marking wheels, 820x620 mm, TR86-0117TR86-0117820 x 620268.86View product
Manufacturer of connectable trolley system for industrial use, produced in Romania, 820x620 mm, TR86-0118TR86-0118820 x 620328.86View product
PP platform stackable trolley on non-marking wheels, similar to Maxi HD series, 820x620 mm, TR86-0119TR86-0119820 x 620328.86View product
Producer of handling trolley from injected plastic europallet sized, 1200x800x200 mm, TR1208-1601TR1208-16011200 x 800 x 200N.A.N.A.View product

Versatile Applications

  • Diverse Environments: From production lines and warehouses to postal services for parcels, these trolleys can be adapted to various settings, including offices and institutions.
  • Specialized Uses: Perfect for scenarios where larger equipment won’t fit, such as catering deliveries, medical facilities, and moving services.
  • Mobile Workstations: The trolleys can function as on-the-go workstations, providing front access to organized stacks of boxes.

Advanced Construction and Design

These trolleys are crafted using high-quality plastics, including ABS, PPC, PE, and injected PP, ensuring longevity and resistance. One of the standout features of our trolleys is their wheels. Engineered for optimal load capacity and endurance, they ensure effortless movement and noiseless operation.

Wheel specifications are diverse, providing tailored solutions:

  • Material Options: Choices range from polyurethane and thermoplastic elastomer to polyamide.
  • Mobility Variants: Choose from fixed wheels for linear movement or swivel designs for full 360˚ rotation.
  • Surface Compatibility: Our range offers soft wheels for harder surfaces like tiles and hardwood and harder wheels optimized for softer floorings. We also offer non-marking wheels, ensuring no marks are left behind on floors, and ESD wheels for additional utility.
  • Bearings : Our wheels can be equipped with bearings to facilitate smoother movement under heavy loads, or with nuts for situations where frequent movement is not required.
  • Additional Features: Options for markings, brakes, bushing or bearing, and maximum load capacity allow customization based on specific needs.

Important Features and Advantages

  • Stability and Anti-Slip: The top deck’s design ensures the cargo remains stable, bolstered by anti-slip properties.
  • Efficiency Boost: These trolleys provide faster load movements.
  • Safety First: We prioritize safety. By reducing heavy load handling manually, our trolleys minimize work-related accidents.
  • Customization: For bulk orders, trolleys can be customized in bespoke colors. This aids in visual identification and improving workflow.
  • Stacking Design: The closed-deck trolleys enable stacking through designated areas for the insertion of the wheels from the dolly above. Alternately, a dolly stacker may be utilized for stacking.
  • Logistic Trains: Dollies can be interconnected to create an efficient material movement system when pulled by a tow tractor. This enhances route optimization and minimizes delivery times. Utilizing the Milk Run technique, it’s possible to optimize empty runs as well.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

  • High-Quality Material: Resistant to chemicals, acids, and contaminants. These trolleys can endure multiple washes. Thus, they are apt for diverse sectors, from food to pharma.
  • Temperature Versatile: Suitable for high-to-low temperature applications.
  • Eco-Conscious: By reducing waste and boasting full recyclability at the end of their service life, our trolleys contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Compatibility and Customization

Logimarkt’s plastic trolleys come in a spectrum of Euro dimensions, ensuring compatibility with any Euro base container. Customizable wheel options cater to varied needs: from different materials suited for specific floor types to steering variants and brake options. This ensures swift movement, low noise, and unparalleled durability. And, if ever a caster malfunctions, individual replacements ensure prolonged trolley lifespan.

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