External Dimensions

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The trolleys or dollies from injected plastic are used to move the euro containers, storage boxesstackable plastic crates, nestable plastic totes, stack-nest bins and, in general, any packaging that needs to be transported from one zone to another.

They can be used in production, warehouses, distribution, postal services for parcels, or even in offices or various institutions, for effortlessly moving the documents or other correspondence.


  • they are easy, simply to maneuver, silent, with rounded edges, ergonomic for the operator
  • they are robust, resist to considerable heavy weights of up to 250 kg
  • they are compatible to boxes and containers which have bases in euro dimensions
  • they have external rim/ frame which doesn’t let the products placed on the trolley to move and unbalance, ensuring this way their integrity
  • easy to move due to their wheels which can be simple, swivel, with brakes, from special rubber or polyamide, they don’t leave traces and don’t slip on the running surface
  • they can be equipped with guiding systems to prevent the ALCs (which have a smaller base) from unbalancing and falling
  • they are easy to stack, reducing the horizontal space occupied, and maximizing the use of the vertical space
  • due to the special holes for wheels located on the dollies’ surface, the stacks with trolleys are very stable and there is no risk for them to unbalance and fall
  • the trolleys can be easily attached one to another (they form a small convoy or train) increasing this way the number of boxes  or products which needs to be moved
  • moving in the convoy is safe for all the boxes or containers placed on the dollies’ surface

Logimarkt provides plastic trolleys or dollies on different dimensions:

  • 600×400 mm with rim/ frame
  • 800×600 mm with closed surface

These can be:

  • simple
  • with guiding for ALC boxes for distribution (containers with attached lid, nestable or double stackable)
  • with attachments systems to form a convoy or a train
  • they are available also from ESD conductive material