Eco-Friendly Protective Foam – Buffer Cushioning for Packaging

The Bio-blocks represent a solution for securing items during transit or storage. They ensure the safety and integrity of products, especially fragile and delicate ones. These eco-friendly packaging blocks are protective, user-friendly, and reusable. Their adaptable design allows for molding into any desired shape. This way, they provide a long-lasting and cost-effective solution that reduces inventory expenses and saves time.

Bio-blocks, standing 3 cm tall and featuring a perforated design attached to a sheet, offer a sustainable cushioning method for packing items. They further align with the principles of environmentally friendly packaging. The environmental impact and safety of goods are no longer concerns with these blocks.

Application Methods:

Bio-blocks, combined with a biofilm, create a patented, protective sheet that delivers exceptional shock absorption. The sheets, comprising five pads in width, can be extended to any preferred length. The design facilitates ease of use, with simple application and removal processes for efficient packaging. Whether used with a packing machine or manually, these blocks provide versatile and effective protection. They can be folded for diverse uses, such as:

  1. Surrounding each item or lining package walls for optimal product protection.
  2. Folding or wrapping the sheet for versatile applications.
  3. Custom shaping for specific package requirements, like corner placement or as dividers.

Suitable for a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights due to their flexibility, Bio-blocks ensure an efficient fit for products like electronics, furniture, tools, decorations, small parts, and fragile items. This adaptable solution reduces the need for specific design, machinery, and inventory, saving time and money.

Reusable and Environmentally Conscious:

The patented bio-block sheets can be reused, thanks to their universal design and non-product specific nature. This leads to more efficient packing routines, lower material consumption, and reduced production costs for packaging components. Their 100% biodegradable certification according to EN13432 ensures that they decompose into environmentally harmless substances. This ensures a minimal ecological footprint.

Bio-blocks represent a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective packaging solution, aligning with eco-conscious values and practices.

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