Rack systems and holders for ESD stackable boxes

Rack systems and holders are an economical solution for PCBs’ transport, simplifying the storage segment.

The handling systems for printed circuit boards are a combination of trays or modular internal separators that hold together PCBs in ESD-injected plastic boxes (400×300 mm, 600×400 mm, etc.)

The trays or inserts have easy-to-load slots which can hold the boards in a straight or angled position and provide perfect alignment. The grooves are deep enough to guarantee a firm grip and stability for the packed circuit boards and keep a safe distance between them, so the PCBs will not touch during transport or handling. They have mobile metal handles on the short sides for ergonomic use and secure placement inside the plastic crate.

The PCB holders can have various sizes and designs, are safe, and protect the products against electrostatic discharges when packed inside the ESD boxes.

When empty, the circulation racks are easy to stack and store, saving space and costs.

They are light-weight but resistant to intensive use, ready for a long-lasting service life. Also completely recyclable when rendered useless.

The modular internal dunnage is a flexible system that can be customized by combining various elements with adjustable integrated slots to follow the requirements of the applications. The partition system holding the PCBs goes inside ESD-injected plastic stackable containers.

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