Security plastic plug seals for boxes

  • Placed on the lid, in a specially designed aperture; the seal proves that the box was not opened along the way
  • Ergonomic design of the arrowhead and the finger area, for easy fixing and removal
  • Available in various colours for quick identification (essential in some scenarios)
  • Can be imprinted with a logo, bar codes, serial numbers etc.
  • Very efficient regarding costs
  • Suitable for logistic services, transport, retail, freight services, warehouse/ storage

Technical specifications

MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Tensile strengthApprox. 4 kg
Customer name/logoBlind embossed
Coloursblue, green, red, grey, yellow, white, black Other colors are available on request, depending on the quantity.
StorageBetter stored in the original box. Better placed away from direct sun and chemical vapors
( at 22°C/50% RH). If stored properly, they can be used appx 18 months after manufacture date (for PP and PA material).
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