Stackable-nestable plastic containers

Stack & nest containers are boxes made from high-quality injected plastic (HDPE, PE, PP, etc.) with smaller dimensions at the base and wider at the top.

They can have hinge-integrated or simple detachable lids.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 900)
Width (0 - 600)
Height (0 - 500)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
Stackable nestable plastic container SN3329-6803SN3329-6803355 x 355 x 285313 x 313 x 2601.15108View product
Producer of PVC stackable plastic container, similar with EFB boxes, 400x300x250 mm, SN4325-1205SN4325-1205400 x 300 x 250350 x 270 x 2401.34259View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SN4427-3802SN4427-3802406 x 406 x 265320 x 250 x 2301.45162View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SN4323-2104SN4323-2104430 x 350 x 230355/325 x 315/280 x 2250.60240View product
Multi purpose plastic containers, 530x370x310 mm, SN5331-1201SN5331-1201530 x 370 x 310475 x 310 x 2902.2084View product
Multi purpose container manufacturer, 555x410x300 mm, SN5430-2201SN5430-2201555 x 410 x 300480 x 370 x 2701.7860View product
Plastic storage box, 600x400x120 mm, SN6412-2206SN6412-2206600 x 400 x 120564/538 x 365/3391.42240View product
Sealable boxes, 600x400x150 mm, SN6415-1511SN6415-1511600 x 400 x 150550/565 x 350/365 x 1351.73108View product
Stack-nest containers, 600x400x150 mm, SN6415-1506SN6415-1506600 x 400 x 150470/478 x 349/365 x 1401.38200View product
Stack-nest containers that ensure the integral delivery of goods, similar to Integra, 600x400x155 mm, SN6416-1202SN6416-1202600 x 400 x 155570 x 370 x 1501.46208View product
Picking boxes similar to Kaiman, 600x400x160 mm, SN6416-1102SN6416-1102600 x 400 x 160463 x 335 x 1401.55N.A.View product
Polypropylene stackable and nestable container, 600x400x190 mm, SN6419-2207SN6419-2207600 x 400 x 190564/538 x 365/3391.84160View product
Containers for distribution, made out of PVC, 600x400x200 mm, SN6420-1510SN6420-1510600 x 400 x 200550/565 x 350/365 x 1852.2076View product
Plastic container distributor, 600x400x200 mm, SN6420-2204SN6420-2204600 x 400 x 200560 x 368 x 1971.40150View product
Producer of PVC stackable and nestable box, 600x400x250 mm, SN6425-1507SN6425-1507600 x 400 x 250450/478 x 340/365 x 2401.92150View product
Stackable and nestable lightweight plastic crate similar with Fix-Boxes EFB, 600x400x250 mm, SN6425-1203SN6425-1203600 x 400 x 250570 x 370 x 2402.18120View product
Safe and hygienic plastic box similar to Nesco, 600x400x250 mm, SN6425-2208SN6425-2208600 x 400 x 250564/537 x 365/3382.21120View product
Boxes compatible with Poolbox producer, 600x400x300 mm, SN6430-2205SN6430-2205600 x 400 x 300560 x 368 x 2972.10100View product
PP stackable container with handles, 600x400x320 mm, SN6432-1508SN6432-1508600 x 400 x 320442/478 x 332/365 x 3122.29140View product
Multiway containers for distribution, 600x400x410 mm, SN6441-1509SN6441-1509600 x 400 x 410430/478 x 320/365 x 4042.79100View product
High quality injected plastic containers with lids, similar with EFB boxes, 600x400x420 mm, SN6442-1204SN6442-1204600 x 400 x 420570 x 370 x 4103.3876View product
Producer of stackable plastic containers for transport, 620x490x375 mm, SN6438-2203SN6438-2203620 x 490 x 375544 x 467 x 3403.0260View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SN6540-1018SN6540-1018620 x 500 x 403540 x 430 x 4002.5852View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SN6417-3309SN6417-3309628 x 435 x 165453 x 364 x 1552.04108View product
Polyethylene boxes for display, 630x440x335 mm, SN6434-2202SN6434-2202630 x 440 x 335520 x 395 x 3102.1860View product
Producer of plastic conainer for storage, 690x345x198 mm, SN6320-3302SN6320-3302690 x 345 x 198568 x 290 x 1901.62116View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SN8416-6804SN8416-6804805 x 450 x 155600 x 400 x 1482.46105View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SN8524-3405SN8524-3405885 x 555 x 235718 x 490 x 2274.0564View product
PEST containers for pharma products, 690x345x315 mm, SN6331-3303SN6331-3303690 x 345 x 315568 x 290 x 3002.1780View product
Stackable and nestable lightweight PVC container, produced in Romania, 800x400x200 mm, SN8420-1512SN8420-1512800 x 400 x 200749/763 x 352/364 x 1863.1560View product
Large plastic container from HDPE material, 800x400x200 mm, SN8420-1505SN8420-1505800 x 400 x 200745/770 x 343/365 x 1853.0090View product
Resistant transport container, 800x450x190 mm, SN8419-3401SN8419-3401800 x 450 x 190645 x 400 x 1802.60N.A.View product
Large plastic containers, produced in Romania, 800x450x270 mm, SN8427-3402SN8427-3402800 x 450 x 270645 x 400 x 2603.80N.A.View product
Fresh products plastic containers, 800x600x330 mm, SN8633-1101SN8633-1101800 x 600 x 330638 x 540 x 3225.5033View product
Plastic container manufacturer, 890x560x235 mm, SN8524-3403SN8524-3403890 x 560 x 235725 x 494 x 2284.30N.A.View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Plastic containers for storage and integral delivery of goods, 650x450x225 mm, SN6423-1504SN6423-1504650 x 450 x 225520/545 x 370/395 x 125881.75View product
Plastic containers for food items, 650x450x320 mm, SN6432-1502SN6432-1502650 x 450 x 320520/545 x 355/385 x 220602.30View product
Multiway container for distribution and storage, 650x450x425 mm, SN6443-1501SN6443-1501650 x 450 x 425520/545 x 355/385 x 330483.46View product
Resistant HDPE plastic container, 770x595x425 mm, SN7643-1503SN7643-1503770 x 595 x 425575/625 x 430/465 x 375304.58View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
Stackable nestable plastic container SN6518-3301SN6518-3301612 x 505 x 176541 x 451 x 1632.29142View product
Security plastic seals for boxesSecurity plastic plug seals for boxes
  • Placed on the lid, in a specially designed aperture; the seal proves that the box was not opened along the way
  • Ergonomic design of the arrowhead and the finger area, for easy fixing and removal
  • Available in various colors for quick identification (essential in some scenarios)
  • Can be imprinted with a logo, bar codes, serial numbers etc.
  • Very efficient regarding costs
  • Suitable for logistic services, transport, retail, freight services, warehouse/ storage
View product
Security seal lock made from PP used for trolleys and containersSecurity locks for trolleys and containers
  • Suitable for trolleys used in airline catering or duty-free shops, distribution, storage/ warehouses, isothermal containers
  • Ergonomic design allows easy single-handed application and quick integrity check
  • Can be imprinted with a logo, bar codes, serial numbers, label texts, etc.
  • Available in various colors for quick identification (essential in some scenarios)
View product
Variable lenght plastic seal for chemical industry, pharma, roll cages, bags, physical bank transfers, etcPlastic seals with variable length
  • Suitable for the chemical industry, pharma, transport and freight companies, parcel services, roll cages, bags, cash money-physical bank transfers etc.
  • Ribbon length is variable
  • Special locking system for an increased level of security
  • Can be imprinted with a logo, bar codes, serial numbers etc. for easy identification
  • Ergonomic design – removed without using tools
View product

They are mainly used in distribution, traditional picking zones, e-commerce, but also in fabrication, daily work or processing, assembly lines, warehouses, transport and logistic companies etc. Usually used in industries like automotive, food processing and distribution (goods with extreme temperatures), aerospace, electronics, pharma, house appliances, and others.

Stack & nest totes are robust and very stable in stacks due to the reinforcements in the lid and upper rim. This also ensures a long service life, reduced costs in the long run and thus, a return of the investment.

The reinforced walls increase load capacity, and prevent deformations under both interior and exterior pressure.

Stackable and nestable at the same time despite not having a lid. When nested, they save up to 75% of the total volume (4:1 nesting ratio), thus optimizing storage and return transport space and costs.

Due to their base configuration, they are compatible with conveyors. A great choice for automated lines.

  • Standard crates double stackable by 180° rotation or 90°, without a lid
  • Stackable and nestable boxes with lateral bale arms for stacking
  • Stack & nest containers with detachable (one-piece lid) or attached/ hinged lid – ALC (2 pieces lid with closing on the length, simple or ‘crocodile’/ ’zip’ type)

Stackable and nestable bins can be completely closed or partially, if not fully ventilated.

The closed walls versions are usually best for heavy loads, small parts, applications where the products must be protected from dust, other external factors, or with small items that need to be contained (pharma, distribution, e-commerce, retail, picking, warehousing, storage, others).

The versions with perforated base and/or walls are suited for applications where the products are sensitive to moisture and need constant air circulation, e.g., agriculture, horticulture, processed food distribution like bakery, dairy, meat etc.

Simple nestable boxes become double stackable using lids: they can be stored one inside another when empty and one on top of the other when the lid is on.

The tote stack & nest boxes can have specially designed spaces for labels or barcodes (easy, quick, and correct identification of the content), can be locked and secured with seals or straps for extra safety, can be imprinted with a logo or other imprints as required, they can be used with trolleys or dollies for easy transport in case of heavier loads or stacks.

They are high-quality, carefully designed products. The smooth finished edges and ergonomic handles make them easy to use and safe for the operators handling them.

Nestable and stackable plastic bins are resistant to oils and other chemicals and can be easily washed, cleaned or sanitized for food contact or regular applications.

All boxes in this category are fully recyclable at the end of their service life. This reduces waste and costs and offers a much better experience compared to one-way packaging.

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