Stackable plastic containers

Stackable injected plastic containers are one of the most popular products when it comes to packaging for both food and non-food products.

Due to their design and the wide range of available dimensions, they have applicability in almost any industry (automotive, pharma, commerce, clothing, freight, distribution, supply chains, logistics, warehousing, agriculture, food processing, HoReCa, etc.).

A true standard in the reusable packaging field.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1200)
Width (0 - 700)
Height (0 - 600)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Standard container with handles and smooth interior, 300x200x145 mm, ST3215-5160ST3215-5160310 x 210 x 145284 x 184 x 1422520.52View product
Manufacturer of euronorm containers for distribution, 380x170x65 mm, ST3107-2217ST3107-2217380 x 170 x 65365 x 155 x 584500.25View product
Standard reusable tall euro container, 390x290x300 mm, ST3230-1205ST3230-1205390 x 290 x 300370 x 270 x 290641.29View product
Standard stackable container for small parts, 400x300x118 mm, ST4312-1101ST4312-1101400 x 300 x 118355 x 255 x 1151840.74View product
Standard smooth plastic euro containers, 400x300x175 mm, ST4318-1102ST4318-1102400 x 300 x 175355 x 255 x 1711200.98View product
High quality plastic containers, open handles, 400x300x230 mm, ST4323-1103ST4323-1103400 x 300 x 230355 x 255 x 228881.20View product
HDPE containers for pharma distribution, 430x320x95 mm, ST4310-2216ST4310-2216430 x 320 x 95392 x 290 x 912000.64View product
Hygienic smooth container for transport and display, 450x300x120 mm, ST4312-5161ST4312-5161465 x 315 x 120423 x 275 x 1181280.97View product
Polypropylene stackable containers for storage, 450x300x200 mm, ST4320-5162ST4320-5162465 x 315 x 200423 x 277 x 195801.27View product
Industrial stackable high plastic box, 450x300x300 mm, ST4330-5163ST4330-5163465 x 315 x 300426 x 276 x 297481.82View product
Stable containers for food industry, 480x410x140 mm, ST4414-2214ST4414-2214480 x 410 x 140426 x 378 x 137801.22View product
Polypropylene crate for the food industry, 520x420x200 mm, ST5420-2213ST5420-2213520 x 420 x 200450 x 380 x 192501.67View product
HDPE container for food distribution, 540x350x110 mm, ST5311-2215ST5311-2215540 x 350 x 110515 x 325 x 100801.00View product
Transport, storage and display plastic crate, 598x398x289.5 mm, ST6429-1107ST6429-1107598 x 398 x 289.50552 x 354 x 277362.73View product
Standard containers for small parts distribution, 600x400x118 mm, ST6412-1104ST6412-1104600 x 400 x 118555 x 355 x 108921.48View product
Storage bins, 600x400x175 mm, ST6418-1105ST6418-1105600 x 400 x 175552 x 352 x 158602.00View product
Reusable storage bins, 600x400x230 mm, ST6423-1106ST6423-1106600 x 400 x 230552 x 352 x 215442.28View product
Plastic totes, 600x400x340 mm, ST6434-1108ST6434-1108600 x 400 x 340552 x 352 x 325282.86View product
Storage containers, 600x400x450 mm, ST6445-1109ST6445-1109600 x 400 x 450540 x 340 x 440203.80View product
Warehouse storage bins, 600x500x215 mm, ST6522-1236ST6522-1236600 x 500 x 215565 x 465 x 200N.A.2.80View product
Transport plastic crates, 600x500x315 mm, ST6532-1235ST6532-1235600 x 500 x 315565 x 465 x 300N.A.3.48View product
Storage plastic crates, 600x500x425 mm, ST6543-1234ST6543-1234600 x 500 x 425565 x 465 x 405N.A.4.62View product
Reusable plastic crates, 600x500x445 mm, ST6545-2208ST6545-2208600 x 500 x 445535 x 450 x 430154.45View product
Returnable plastic crates, 620x400x300 mm, ST6430-2210ST6430-2210620 x 400 x 300550 x 370 x 285152.70View product
Stacking plastic crates, 625x370x260 mm, ST6326-2212ST6326-2212625 x 370 x 260560 x 330 x 252402.09View product
Low height HDPE container for food distribution, 650x427x65 mm, ST6407-2205ST6407-2205650 x 427 x 65600 x 400 x 601801.00View product
Plastic crates for industrial use, 630x450x300 mm, ST6430-5164ST6430-5164655 x 470 x 300604 x 429 x 297284.36View product
Polypropylene crate for food storage, 650x427x83 mm, ST6408-2203ST6408-2203650 x 427 x 83600 x 400 x 801201.22View product
Euronorm containers for food delivery, 650x427x115 mm, ST6412-2204ST6412-2204650 x 427 x 115600 x 400 x 110901.24View product
Stackable container, exterior handles, industrial use, 700x500x465 mm, ST7547-1233ST7547-1233700 x 500 x 465660 x 465 x 435N.A.5.59View product
Containers used in transport and storage, 705x505x280 mm, ST7528-1232ST7528-1232705 x 505 x 280665 x 470 x 260N.A.3.97View product
Storage containers, 730x440x310 mm, ST7431-2209ST7431-2209730 x 440 x 310650 x 395 x 300153.12View product
Plastic storage box, 740x440x210 mm, ST7421-2211ST7421-2211740 x 440 x 210700 x 400 x 200102.80View product
Hygienic plastic containers for food distribution and storage, 740x440x400 mm, ST7440-2207ST7440-2207740 x 440 x 400700 x 400 x 380154.80View product
Solid walls multi purpose stacking plastic boxes, 798x601x174 mm, ST8617-1116ST8617-1116798 x 601 x 174750 x 555 x 162303.85View product
Lightweight high quality multiway containers, 799x601x119 mm, ST8612-1115ST8612-1115799 x 601 x 119753 x 559 x 107463.25View product
Manufacturer of multiway packaging from resistant materials, 800x400x340 mm, ST8434-1131ST8434-1131800 x 400 x 340745 x 345 x 325243.50View product
Stackable plastic crate, 800x600x230 mm, ST8623-1117ST8623-1117800 x 600 x 230750 x 555 x 215224.50View product
Plastic storage containers, 800x600x340 mm, ST8634-1118ST8634-1118800 x 600 x 340750 x 555 x 325145.55View product
Storage boxes for industrial use, 800x600x388 mm, ST8639-1119ST8639-1119800 x 600 x 388748 x 554 x 374125.80View product
Solid walls stackable crate producer, 800x600x450 mm, ST8645-1120ST8645-1120800 x 600 x 450745 x 552 x 435106.45View product
Solid container for food distribution, 830x570x355 mm, ST8536-2206ST8536-2206830 x 570 x 355760 x 530 x 345105.60View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Heavy-duty plastic containers, with reinforced bottom, 300x200x120 mm, ST3212-0320ST3212-0320300 x 200 x 120269 x 169 x 1171440.42View product
Stackable heavy duty container for distribution, 300x200x147 mm, ST3215-5102ST3215-5102300 x 200 x 147235 x 161 x 1332560.60View product
Heavy-duty hygienic containers similar to Silverline, Euroclick, 400x300x120 mm, ST4312-0321ST4312-0321400 x 300 x 120367 x 267 x 1161600.90View product
Reusable high quality plastic heavy-duty containers silverline, euroclick, 400x300x180 mm, ST4318-0322ST4318-0322400 x 300 x 180367 x 267 x 1761041.15View product
Polyethylene heavy-duty containers silverline and euroclick for industrial use, 400x300x220 mm, ST4322-0323ST4322-0323400 x 300 x 220367 x 267 x 216801.30View product
Storage and transport plastic euronorm containers, 600x200x270 mm, ST6227-1203ST6227-1203600 x 200 x 270570 x 170 x 260720.85View product
Heavy-duty crates for industrial use, with reinforced bottom, 600x400x120 mm, ST6412-0324ST6412-0324600 x 400 x 120567 x 367 x 116801.50View product
Stackable heavy-duty plastic containers for warehouses, produced in Romania, 600x400x170 mm, ST6417-5133ST6417-5133600 x 400 x 170N.A.56N.A.View product
Polyethylene heavy-duty silverline and euroclick containers for transport, storage and display, 600x400x180 mm, ST6418-0325ST6418-0325600 x 400 x 180567 x 367 x 176521.85View product
Palletizable heavy-duty container supplier, 600x400x220 mm, ST6422-0326ST6422-0326600 x 400 x 220567 x 367 x 216402.03View product
Returnable polypropylene containers for industrial use, 600x400x270 mm, ST6427-0327ST6427-0327600 x 400 x 270567 x 367 x 266322.40View product
European size crates for heavy-duty products, 600x400x280 mm, ST6428-5141ST6428-5141600 x 400 x 280N.A.32N.A.View product
Tall stackable heavy duty plastic container, 600x400x320 mm, ST6432-0328ST6432-0328600 x 400 x 320567 x 367 x 316402.71View product
Heavy-duty plastic containers for storage, 600x400x320 mm, ST6432-5105ST6432-5105600 x 400 x 320535 x 361 x 300404.02View product
Tall heavy-duty plastic container for transport and storage, with double base, 600x400x420 mm, ST6442-0329ST6442-0329600 x 400 x 420567 x 367 x 416203.20View product
Reusable heavy-duty containers for intensive use, 690x480x430 mm, ST6443-4903ST6443-4903690 x 480 x 430650 x 440 x 420154.10View product
Stacking plastic heavy-duty boxes for warehouses, with double base, 800x600x220 mm, ST8622-0330ST8622-0330800 x 600 x 220752 x 552 x 216204.35View product
Transport and display high quality plastic boxes producer, 800x600x320 mm, ST8632-0331ST8632-0331800 x 600 x 320752 x 552 x 316145.40View product
EURO containers with stacking properties supplier, 1000x300x220, ST1003-1228ST1003-12281000 x 300 x 220970 x 270 x 210442.30View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Plastic stackable eurocontainer with smooth base, 145x90x70 mm, ST1107-5157ST1107-5157145 x 90 x 70123 x 81 x 6816000.07View product
Plastic storage box for distribution, 145x140x70 mm, ST1107-5158ST1107-5158145 x 140 x 70124 x 126 x 689600.11View product
Stackable plastic box ST3311-6221ST3311-6221335 x 335 x 105291 x 291 x 801980.78View product
Stackable plastic box ST3315-6220ST3315-6220335 x 335 x 149291 x 291 x 1261440.84View product
Stackable plastic box ST3320-6222ST3320-6222335 x 335 x 195291 x 291 x 1721080.90View product
Stackable plastic box ST3329-3315ST3329-3315335 x 335 x 283304 x 304 x 265721.48View product
Stackable plastic box ST3216-6211ST3216-6211365 x 275 x 160320 x 230 x 1351300.88View product
Stackable plastic box ST4407-07277ST4407-07277400 x 400 x 70370 x 370 x 522041.20View product
Stackable plastic box ST4408-6802ST4408-6802400 x 400 x 80383 x 383 x 711500.84View product
Solid Euro container with smooth base for easy maintenance, 400x400x120 mm, ST4412-1206ST4412-1206400 x 400 x 120365 x 365 x 1051201.15View product
Stackable plastic eurocontainers with handles, 400x400x200 mm, ST4420-1207ST4420-1207400 x 400 x 200365 x 365 x 180721.69View product
Stackable plastic box ST4422-07279ST4422-07279400 x 400 x 220370 x 370 x 202601.80View product
Stackable plastic box ST4427-07280ST4427-07280400 x 400 x 270370 x 370 x 258541.70View product
PVC plastic box with open handles, 410x350x190 mm, ST4319-1219ST4319-1219410 x 350 x 190385 x 325 x 180721.15View product
Stackable bin for food, produced in Romania, 420x334x173 mm, ST4317-3309ST4317-3309420 x 334 x 173375 x 300 x 1631171.00View product
Plastic container used in distribution, 430x310x130 mm, ST4313-3308ST4313-3308430 x 310 x 130410 x 290 x 1151440.69View product
Polyethylene boxes with open handles for transport and storage, 444x369x175 mm, ST4318-3311ST4318-3311444 x 369 x 175400 x 330 x 169601.28View product
Containers for pharma distribution, with double base, 475x285x205 mm, ST4221-0601ST4221-0601475 x 285 x 205440 x 250 x 195601.49View product
Stackable resistant container for transport and storage, 475x340x220 mm, ST4322-3401ST4322-3401475 x 340 x 220410 x 300 x 215661.60View product
Multi-purpose plastic container for distribution, 485x385x175 mm, ST4318-1213ST4318-1213485 x 385 x 175455 x 355 x 165561.40View product
Producer of industrial PVC stackable boxes, 492x399x234 mm, ST5423-3317ST5423-3317492 x 399 x 234445 x 355 x 220662.00View product
Stackable plastic box ST5418-3322ST5418-3322495 x 421 x 178458 x 378 x 164561.66View product
Stackable plastic boxes made from injection moulding, similar to EF series, Logiline and Euro-norm, 500x225x160 mm, ST5216-1223ST5216-1223500 x 255 x 160475 x 225 x 150901.11View product
Stackable polyethylene bin with closed base and solid walls, 500x255x220 mm, ST5222-1225ST5222-1225500 x 255 x 220475 x 225 x 205661.42View product
PVC container for storage compatible with EF series, 500x290x180 mm, ST5218-1224ST5218-1224500 x 290 x 180465 x 265 x 165781.29View product
HDPE stacking boxes manufacturer, 500x290x235 mm, ST5224-1230ST5224-1230500 x 290 x 235465 x 265 x 220601.70View product
Stackable plastic box ST5551-6219ST5551-6219503 x 503 x 519468 x 468 x 502164.25View product
Stackable plastic box ST5326-6809ST5326-6809504 x 384 x 260466 x 348 x 246721.73View product
Reusable HDPE containers, compatible with LTS series containers, 520x360x135 mm, ST5314-1212ST5314-1212520 x 360 x 135500 x 340 x 120801.25View product
Small high quality storage bins, compatible with MF series, Eurotec, 530x329x140 mm, ST5314-3316ST5314-3316530 x 329 x 140493 x 292 x 1351141.07View product
Storage and display plastic boxes producer, 562x408x280 mm, ST5428-1220ST5428-1220562 x 408 x 280532 x 380 x 265362.30View product
Polypropylene box factory, 565x410x370 mm, ST5437-1221ST5437-1221565 x 410 x 370535 x 380 x 355243.35View product
Multi-purpose reusable plastic containers, 590x380x210 mm, ST5321-1231ST5321-1231590 x 380 x 210560 x 355 x 200482.13View product
Hygienic and solid plastic eurocontainer, 600x200x170 mm, ST6217-1201ST6217-1201600 x 200 x 170570 x 170 x 1551121.15View product
Lightweight plastic containers with stacking properties, 600x200x220 mm, ST6222-1202ST6222-1202600 x 200 x 220570 x 170 x 208881.39View product
Palletizable HDPE container, similar to MF series, Eurotec, 604x497x402 mm, ST6540-3314ST6540-3314604 x 497 x 402555 x 440 x 388284.30View product
Stackable plastic box ST6427-1272ST6427-1272620 x 420 x 270590 x 385 x 245242.30View product
Stackable plastic box ST6440-1275ST6440-1275620 x 465 x 395570 x 415 x 380183.37View product
Stackable plastic box ST6415-3326ST6415-3326623 x 423 x 146565 x 376 x 1401441.62View product
Stackable plastic box ST6426-1270ST6426-1270625 x 420 x 260590 x 385 x 245272.30View product
Stackable plastic box ST6413-0350ST6413-0350630 x 430 x 125610 x 400 x 105572.20View product
Stackable plastic box ST6440-0351ST6440-0351638 x 434 x 400598 x 398 x 385183.22View product
Stackable plastic box ST6407-3125ST6407-3125650 x 450 x 69625 x 420 x 561021.15View product
Stackable plastic box ST6409-3126ST6409-3126650 x 450 x 92625 x 420 x 78781.45View product
Stackable plastic box ST6415-0352ST6415-0352650 x 450 x 148622 x 422 x 145481.66View product
Stackable plastic box ST6427-0353ST6427-0353650 x 450 x 266622 x 422 x 250272.80View product
Stackable plastic box STAS6427-03141STAS6427-03141650 x 450 x 270617 x 418 x 249242.73View product
Stackable plastic box STAS6432-03142STAS6432-03142650 x 450 x 320617 x 418 x 299213.02View product
Stackable plastic box ST6434-0354ST6434-0354650 x 450 x 335619 x 419 x 315213.34View product
Stackable plastic box STAS6440-03143STAS6440-03143650 x 450 x 400617 x 418 x 379183.66View product
Stackable plastic box ST6441-6816ST6441-6816661 x 454 x 410592 x 406 x 400303.87View product
Heavy-duty plastic container on wheels, 690x480x540 mm, ST6454-4902ST6454-4902690 x 480 x 540650 x 440 x 420125.63View product
Plastic crates for industrial handling, 750x445x200 mm, ST7420-3402ST7420-3402750 x 445 x 200700 x 400 x 196332.60View product
Euro stacking containers, 797x398x119 mm, ST8412-1110ST8412-1110797 x 398 x 119758 x 356 x 109691.93View product
Automotive containers, 798x398x265 mm, ST8427-1113ST8427-1113798 x 398 x 265748 x 348 x 250303.10View product
Perforated plastic crates, 798x398x278 mm, ST8428-1114ST8428-1114798 x 398 x 278748 x 348 x 265273.40View product
Rectangular plastic crates, 800x400x171 mm, ST8417-1111ST8417-1111800 x 400 x 171752 x 352 x 158452.25View product
Returnable plastic crates, 800x400x227 mm, ST8423-1112ST8423-1112800 x 400 x 227750 x 350 x 215332.54View product
Stackable plastic box ST1004-0220ST1004-02201000 x 400 x 230963 x 365 x 208333.30View product
Reusable plastic crates, 813x483x220 mm, ST8422-3403ST8422-3403813 x 483 x 220757 x 475 x 208N.A.4.60View product
HDPE boxes compatible with EF Series and Logiline, 1190x490x320 mm, ST1104-1227ST1104-12271190 x 490 x 3201140 x 440 x 295165.43View product
HDPE box compatible with MF Series Containers, Eurotec, 1200x400x119 mm, ST1204-1121ST1204-11211200 x 400 x 1191157 x 358 x 108462.85View product
Manufacturer of crates compatible with LTB Series Containers, 1200x400x171 mm, ST1204-1122ST1204-11221200 x 400 x 1711154 x 354 x 158303.48View product
Reusable plastic storage bins, compatible with LTF Series Containers, 1200x400x230 mm, ST1204-1123ST1204-11231200 x 400 x 2301154 x 350 x 215223.84View product
Polyethylene container compatible with LTS Series Containers, 1200x400x338 mm, ST1204-1124ST1204-11241200 x 400 x 3381145 x 345 x 324145.20View product
European size stacking containers, 1200x400x445 mm, ST1204-1125ST1204-11251200 x 400 x 4451154 x 350 x 430106.30View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Picking box with adjustable dividers for items storage and display, 600x400x220 mm, ST6422-0332ST6422-0332600 x 400 x 220565 x 368 x 199402.19View product
Stackable picking boxes for warehouses, 600x400x270 mm, ST6427-0333ST6427-0333600 x 400 x 270565 x 368 x 249322.40View product
Picking containers with adjustable dividers, reinforced edges, 600x400x320 mm, ST6432-0334ST6432-0334600 x 400 x 320565 x 368 x 299402.61View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Perforated plastic white meat crate, 600x400x120 mm, ST6412-03137-E6ST6412-03137-E6600 x 400 x 120565 x 365 x 117851.50View product
German meat industry standard box E1, 600x400x125 mm, ST6413-2102-E1ST6413-2102-E1600 x 400 x 125570 x 373 x 120951.50View product
German meat industry standard box E2, 600x400x200 mm, ST6420-2105-E2ST6420-2105-E2600 x 400 x 200570 x 373 x 195552.00View product
German meat industry standard box E3, 600x400x300 mm, ST6430-2101-E3ST6430-2101-E3600 x 400 x 300570 x 373 x 295453.00View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Lightweight plastic lid for boxes and containers for better stacking, 200x150x14 mm, LST21-0101LST21-0101200 x 150 x 1432000.09View product
Polypropylene reusable lid for containers, 300x200x14 mm, LST32-0102LST32-0102300 x 200 x 1416000.15View product
Resistant plastic lid for securing containers, 320x205 mm, LST32-0106LST32-0106320 x 2058790.20View product
Plastic lid for industrial boxes transport, 400x300x18 mm, LST43-0103LST43-0103400 x 300 x 188000.31View product
Producer of industrial plastic lid for containers and boxes, 400x300 mm, LST43-0112LST43-0112400 x 300400N.A.View product
Plastic container cover for better stacking of products, 420x305 mm, LST43-0107LST43-0107420 x 3058000.63View product
Container hygienic and safe covers, 600x400x22 mm, LST64-0104LST64-0104600 x 400 x 226000.67View product
Resistant to impact plastic lids for containers, 625x405 mm, LST64-0108LST64-0108625 x 4054000.77View product
Resistant plastic lids for diferent dimensions of boxes, bins or containers, 800x400 mm, LST84-8701LST84-8701800 x 400N.A.1.03View product
Stackable containers lids from high-quality plastic, 800x600 mm, LST86-0105LST86-0105800 x 600502.03View product
Plastic snap lid for industrial containers, 825x610 mm, LST86-0109LST86-0109825 x 6102001.28View product

Standard (Euro) or atypical in size, these containers can be used for a wide range of products, from small parts and lightweight items, to heavy loads and oversized objects. 

There are several terms for this type of product: plastic boxes, euro containers, injected plastic containers, KLT boxes, totes, stackable boxes, bins, trays, PVC boxes, crates, cases, polypropylene boxes, Rako, Euroclick, Eureka, Euro stacking, Euro containers. 

Logimarkt produces high-quality injected plastic crates from virgin or recycled raw material, depending on the product’s applicability and destination. Clients can choose the desired color from a standard color scheme or, for larger quantities, the colors can be customized to perfectly fit the existing branding.  

They are the sustainable alternative to one-way packaging made of wood or cardboard, which generates considerable amounts of waste. Multi-use plastic packaging optimizes logistics costs, and also allows a more efficient flow due to its modularity and standardization. 

Plastic crates come in three standard options: with a smooth, reinforced, or double base. All of them can be manually operated and are also compatible with automated lines (conveyors, robotic arms, etc.).  

They are practical and convenient throughout the logistics cycle: storage, transport, production, and inventory organization. 

Stackable totes can be produced with reinforced walls and other structural enhancements to provide extra durability.  

They can be equipped with open or closed handles for ergonomic maneuvering and feature a sturdy upper rim that ensures safe staking. Staking can be advanced by adding lids to the boxes. Creating stable and secure stacks, tall enough to make up for the entire volume of the truck or storage room, boxes is crucial in optimizing space during transport, storage, or production lines. And optimizing space is essentially, optimizing costs. 

The main advantages of stackable plastic containers: 

  • They are suitable for virtually any type and size of product and application, due to the wide variety of standard sizes and models.
  • They come in closed or ventilated walls and bases, according to their use and destination.
  • They can be light or sturdy, as needed, optimizing production costs.
  • They offer good protection against moisture, dust, and weather factors.
  • The rigid and robust walls of the crate facilitate maximum usage of its volume.
  • Euro standardized dimensions ensure compatibility with all the Euro packaging solutions – containers, trolleys, pallets, etc. This insures safe mixed stacking, which is important in optimizing the available space. 
  • Are resistant to chemicals, oils, acids, alkaline substances, grease, corrosion, etc.
  • Are resistant to extreme temperatures, from freezing lows to extreme highs.
  • They can be easily cleaned, washed, and sanitized, compatible with industrial washing machines. This feature helps maintain an appropriate hygiene level and is also the key premise for an impeccable presentation, an essential aspect in most industries.
  • With an excellent price/service life ratio, they are sustainable and reduce carbon footprint in a far superior way than disposable packaging.
  • Environmental fees for each delivery cycle are eliminated. 

A complete series of accessories are available that further simplify and enhance the logistical process:

  • Label holders
    • Permanent self-adhesive label holders for self-adhesive labels
    • Several options for non-adhesive labels: such as Galia (metallic or plastic), transparent plastic label holders, welded on or set in place with permanent adhesive, mould-injected label holders, Kanban holders (rigid or flexible), metallic clips, perforations for wires and clips, flaps with suspension eye, pockets with wire hangers, and many others
  • Internal dunnage for an easy and quick overlook of the contents; this also offers better support when stacking:
    • Thermoformed trays
      • Textile internal separators, simple or laminated
      • EPP boxes
      • Foam packaging and dunnage inserts
      • Cellular polypropylene internal dividers
      • Rigid plastic
      • Corrugated plastic
      • Injected trays
      • Interlayers from Duraflex
  • Hinged or detachable lids and covers of one or two parts protect the products against external factors and provide extra stability when stacking.
  • Serigraphy marking or hot printing (hot stamping) – text, company logo, and more
  • Seals or straps for extra security and product tracking, ensuring the quantity integrity at delivery
  • Handles for better maneuvering during special applications

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