Logimarkt’s stackable plastic containers are products with standard and atypical dimensions. The ones with standard dimensions are palletizable, and their base fits 300×200 mm, 400×300 mm, 600×400 mm, 800×600 mm.

They are used in almost every industry (food, automotive, pharma, etc.) and are known under different names: plastic boxes, euro-containers, plastic containers, KLT boxes, stackable plastic boxes, PVC boxes, polypropylene boxes, crates, totes, bins.

The stackable plastic euro-containers are a good alternative for reusable packaging which can replace the one-way packaging used in transportation and storage of different products. They decrease the expenses with multiple supplying, there can be elaborated a more efficient logistic flow due to their modularity and the standardization they bring, and the handling becomes more ergonomic. They have the advantage of reducing the carbon footprint due to the price/ service life ratio, which is clearly superior to disposable packaging.

Besides, there is no need to pay the environmental tax for every delivery cycle. These crates can be safely stacked, which allows them to be stored in high stacks and to cover the entire truck height when transported.

The industrial plastic totes can have smooth base, reinforced or double, can be manually handled or used on conveyor systems, and can be accessorized with:

The stackable plastic industrial containers are easy to clean, robust and are a standard solution in the plastic reusable packaging field.