Stackable plastic box STAS6432-03142

The stackable crates are stable, robust and have a long life cycle. The plastic eurocontainers are a great alternative to the one-way packaging used for transportation and storage of various products. They decrease the expenses with multiple supplies, a logistic flow can be developed, and the ratio price/ life cycle is visibly superior

Technical specifications

Reference: STAS6432-03142

External length (mm): 650

External width (mm): 450

External height (mm): 320

Internal length (mm): 617

Internal width (mm): 418

Internal height (mm): 299

Description: Solid walls, partially reinforced base in the center, closed, rounded corners at the base, rails for internal dividers, closed handles, also available with open handles or water drainage areas at the base or in the walls, especially for automated systems

Color: Grey

Units per pallet: 21

Pallets per truck: 26

Weight (kg): 3.02

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