Stacked Frame Containers

The Stacked Frame Containers are designed for efficient and customizable logistics solutions. These returnable packaging options are composed of a single pallet, one or more modular frames stacked onto the pallet, and a lid.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Some of these plastic collar frames can be used on both wooden and plastic pallets, matching the dimensions of the base pallets. Options include half pallet (800×600 mm), Euro pallet (1200×800 mm), or industrial/ISO pallet (1200×1000 mm). For added security and stability, ventilated frames can be secured with especially designed collars.
  • Hinge Technology: Frames typically feature hinges on all four vertical edges, with additional hinges in the middle of the short walls. The folded frame neatly fits onto a pallet.

The custom-ordered vertical frames offer excellent modularity in height. With brackets as short as 200 mm, you can add as many as needed to achieve your desired height.

Interior space can be further customized with vertical or horizontal separators/interlayers. Options include textile internal separators, technical foam dunnage, Tyvek, Evolon, EPP, and microfiber internal partitions.

They are efficient and economical: this system is highly flexible and economical, ideal for projects requiring varying container sizes. Within the distribution business, each order is placed in a Stacked Frame Container, with its height adjusted according to the specific needs of each order. This approach minimizes unused space and reduces the amount of protective packaging required for larger-than-needed containers.

Stacking compatibility ensures a high efficiency in your storage and transportation processes, by allowing multi-containers stacking.

Heavy-Duty Solution – due to their injected plastic construction, external reinforcements, and robust hinges, these containers are well-suited for heavy loads. They find common use in the automotive industry, for packing heavy or sensitive electronic components and parts. Further, they can fit bulk products, when quantity decreases over time. In such cases, frames can be removed consecutively to maintain easy access and optimize space.

Several material options available –  foldable stacking frames are produced from either recycled or virgin food-grade material. Additionally, they can be manufactured from ESD materials to meet specific requirements.

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