System with sleeve and twin sheet base FLC8879-4502

Flatpac Trays allow to make a foldable custom-size box which can be fitted with a space for storage of dunnage inside, which can be made according to request.

There are many sizes available in standard and this can be done in customized size, in case of a large order.

Our standard dimmensions are :

  • 600 x 400 x 390 mm
  • 800 x 600 x 590 mm
  • 800 x 800 x 790 mm
  • 1000 x 600 x 590 mm

When folded, the sleeve is secured in the floor element.

The sleeve is secured by 2 locks on the top and on the bottom, when the container is open.

Technical specifications

Reference: FLC8879-4502

External length (mm): 800

External width (mm): 800

External height (mm): 790

Internal length (mm): 740

Internal width (mm): 740

Internal height (mm): 735


Color: Black pallet, gray sleeve

Units per pallet: 11

Weight (kg): 11

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