VCI Anti-Corrosive Protective Packaging

VCI anti-corrosive protective packaging (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) is crafted from materials like plastic, paper, and cardboard. It is further treated with specialized inhibitors to combat corrosion and oxidation in both ferrous and nonferrous materials.

When items are enclosed in VCI foil or paper, anti-corrosion molecules are released into the atmosphere, forming a protective layer on the metal surface. This protective film effectively prevents corrosion, ensuring long-lasting protection during transportation and storage.

VCI packaging is particularly recommended when specific surface treatments for products are not feasible. To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to clean products of fingerprints and residues before packing, and ideally, pack them immediately after production.

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  • Anticorrosive paper for automotive oily parts and car parts transport, manufactured in Romania

    Water-Repellent Packaging from Bitumen Paper

    Bitumen Kraft Paper provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting products from humidity, especially during transportation in shipping containers. It is invaluable for industries such as automotive, construction, metallurgy, and more. Here, safeguarding goods from humidity-related damage is crucial.

    In addition to its water-repellent properties, certain models of bitumen paper offer reinforcement for enhanced tear resistance and durability. These have reinforcements applied either vertically or horizontally.

    Bitumen paper acts as a formidable moisture barrier. It resists water and vapor penetration.

    It is available in various configurations, including models with a bitumen layer enclosed by two layers of Kraft paper (sandwich type). Others feature two flexible sheets of Kraft paper  and film, with a special-grade reinforced bitumen layer on the inside (also sandwich type).

    This versatile water-repellent packaging can be applied across a range of industries. This range extends from safeguarding car parts and industrial machinery to serving as vapor barriers in construction and temporary waterproofing for roofs.

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  • VCI anti-corrosion paper in various thicknesses and with high level of pliability

    VCI Paper Protective Packaging

    VCI anti-corrosion paper ensures clients of superior corrosion protection for metallic components. These specialized products contain anti-corrosion molecules. The purpose is to safeguard both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    What sets the VCI packaging apart is its chlorine-free, environmentally safe composition. This product is ideal for a wide range of applications. It ensures protection for up to one year. Our VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) paper boasts the highest concentration of anti-corrosion molecules per cm².

    This versatile protective paper is especially finds use in applications that experience significant temperature fluctuations during production, packing, and transportation. For instance, when products must leave the factory immediately after production, they face frigid external temperatures. In this case, condensation can rapidly form on their surfaces and create ideal conditions for corrosion.

    Our VCI paper is a kraft product which offers a unique advantage. It provides corrosion protection for goods within 30 minutes of packaging. This makes it the perfect choice when time is of the essence, and immediate protection is crucial.

    For sea shipping, experts at Logimarkt suggest using VCI anti-corrosion paper along with VCI corrosion-inhibiting polyethylene film. This combination provides exceptional protection. Foil further safeguards the exterior of the packaging. The purpose is to ensure comprehensive defense against corrosion.

    VCI anti-corrosion paper offers protection for a wide range of applications. These include:

    • Packing small components;
    • Protecting small and medium-sized products in high humidity environments;
    • Cushioning heavy products to shield against shocks;
    • Wrapping cable reels and laminated stripes;
    • Safeguarding voluminous products or those with irregular shapes.

    Please ensure you meet the following conditions to maximize the anti-rust properties of our VCI paper.

    • Maintain a maximum distance of 25-30 cm between the VCI vapor corrosion inhibitor paper and the product requiring protection.
    • Avoid direct contact between metal and cardboard to prevent moisture infiltration. Additionally, avoid contact between metal parts and wood surfaces. Wood can absorb humidity and acidity.
    • Close the package airtight to create a protective environment.
    • Eliminate any obstructions between the VCI anti-corrosion packaging and the metal surfaces requiring protection. This includes mechanical absorbent materials and plates placed between layers of products.
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  • VCI polyethylene anti-rust packaging for atypical shaped products

    VCI Film Protective Packaging

    Logimarkt’s VCI polyethylene anti-rust film provides robust corrosion protection for metallic components. It surpasses the capabilities of traditional anti-rust paper. During the manufacturing process, polyethylene molecules are combined with VCI anti-corrosion agents. This process results in an impermeable final product. Unlike paper, this film forms an impervious barrier. It preventing moisture infiltration—the film acts like a protective umbrella. VCI particles are gradually released, taking approximately 2 hours to reach the surface of the protected product.

    This VCI polyethylene anti-corrosion foil is available in various strip widths. They range from 200 mm to 6000 mm. It features a transparent design with a subtle light-blue tint. Suitable for safeguarding both ferrous and non-ferrous products and metals, it has no adverse effects on the mechanical or electrical characteristics of the items it protects.

    Ease of use is a highlight of this product, available in convenient bag formats with different dimensions. For shipping under high humidity or salinity conditions, especially sea transportation, it can be effectively combined with our VCI anti-corrosion paper.

    Common applications for our VCI film protective packaging include:

    • Protecting tubes, pipes, cylinders, and voluminous components;
    • Packaging components for export, safeguarding them between operations and during long-term transport.

    A wide range of industries can benefit from these products. They include automotive, mechanical, metallurgy, heavy industry, electronics, and the packaging industry. To achieve comprehensive corrosion protection, it’s important to ensure the following conditions are met during the packaging stage:

    • Thoroughly clean components to remove any traces of chemical, metallic, or other residues (e.g., fingerprints, detergents, chlorides).
    • Ensure metallic components are completely dry before packaging.
    • Maintain a maximum distance of 20 cm between the VCI foil and the product requiring protection.
    • Seal the VCI packaging securely.
    • Eliminate any obstacles between the anti-rust packaging and the metallic product to allow VCI particles to reach and form a protective layer on the metal surface.
    • Ensure that metallic components are fully packed.
    • Optionally, desiccant can be placed between the foil and the metallic piece to absorb existing humidity at the time of packaging.
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  • Certified and Environmentally Friendly

    VCI products comply with various industry standards, including REACH, RoHS, and TRGS 615.

    They are free from prohibited substances and heavy metals, meeting the requirements of automotive and even nuclear facilities.

    These products are safe for operators handling them and environmentally friendly, as they are recyclable and, in some cases, reusable (if they were not in contact with different oils). By eliminating the phase of covering with oils or different other protection solutions, the costs with raw materials are decreased, as well as the ones with the involved personnel and the time allocated for this procedure.

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