VCI anticorrosive protective packaging

VCI anti-corrosive protective packaging (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) are produced from materials (plastic, paper, carton) treated with inhibitors of the corrosion or oxidation process which is specific to ferrous and nonferrous materials.

When the pieces/ components are packed in VCI foil or paper, the anti-corrosion molecules are released in the atmosphere and transferred on the surface of the metal, forming a protective barrier. This film prevents the corrosion phenomenon and protects the metal surface for a long time. Sealing the VCI packaging maintains this atmosphere where the parts are protected all along the transportation and storage.

They are recommended especially when, from different reasons, the surface of the products cannot be treated with specific substances. For good results, the products which are to be packed need to be cleaned from fingerprints (if possible, handle the goods with gloves) and in general  from residues (water, dust). Ideally is to pack the goods immediately after production.

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  • Anticorrosive paper for automotive oily parts and car parts transport, manufactured in Romania

    Water repellent packaging from bitumen paper

    Bitumen Kraft Paper represents an efficient and economical way to protect the products against humidity. It is used most often for the transportation with shipping containers, to avoid the deterioration of the goods caused by humidity, especially for the ones in automotive industry, constructions, metallurgy, etc.

    Beside the coating, some of the models can be reinforced, for a superior resistance to tear and high durability. The reinforcements are applied vertically or horizontally.

    The bitumen paper is an efficient moisture barrier, having a superior resistance against water or simple vapors, and it can be produced in a couple of models:

    • with a bitumen layer inside and two layers of Kraft paper on the exterior (sandwich type)
    • with two flexible sheets of Kraft paper and film on the exterior and a special grade reinforced bitumen layer inside (also sandwich type)

    The bitumen (also known as asphalt) used as a core, inside, is high grade, able to provide an outstanding barrier.

    This type of protective packaging is suited for applications during storage or transport of car parts in general, oily parts, engines, industrial machine parts, but also in building construction, as a membrane for vapor checking or temporary waterproofing for roofs, and can be used as lining for boxes, containers (especially for the wooden maritime crates) and pallets, or it just can simply wrap the parts due to the high level of pliability, for export packaging.

    The water repellent bituminous paper is available in a variety of dimensions and models:

    • in rolls with 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm widths
    • in standard cut-sheets dimensions
    • in customized sheets dimensions

    Their thickness may also vary, depending on the model.

    All the versions can be handled quickly by the operators and are easy to use.

    Upon request, the kraft paper can be imprinted outside with company logo (for brand awareness) or various instructions.

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  • VCI anti-corrosion paper in various thicknesses and with high level of pliability

    VCI paper protective packaging

    VCI anti-rust packaging guarantees optimal protection against corrosion for metallic components. These products are treated with anti-corrosion molecules to offer protection for ferrous and non-ferrous items. The paper is not bleached with chlorine, being safe for use in different applications. The anti-rust properties are active for one year. The paper has the highest quantity of molecules per cm².

    It is recommended for applications where the temperature differences between fabrication and packing, and transportation moment, are high. For example, if the pieces need to exit the factory immediately after production, and outside is very cold, they have no time for cooling down. The water condense will be formed on their surface. By default, the corrosion phenomenon is favored.

    Due to the fact that for paper, in 30 minutes after packing, the molecules are already on the product, this one is recommended in case the time between packing and transportation is short and the products need immediate protection.

    Because the anti-rust paper allows the humidity transfer, for sea shipping is recommended for this one to be used together with the VCI corrosion inhibiting polyethylene film. The packaging where the products wrapped in paper are placed, have the exterior protected with foil.

    The VCI anti-corrosion paper can be used for:

    • packing components of small dimensions
    • protect the small and medium dimension products, in areas with high humidity risk
    • heavy weight products, for protection against shocks, as well as for wrapping cable reels or laminated stripes
    • to protect voluminous products or with atypical shapes

    To benefit at maximum from the anti-rust characteristics, the following conditions must be meet:

    • the distance between the VCI corrosion inhibiting paper and the product which needs protection, must be of maximum 25-30 cm
    • contact between metal and cardboard will be avoided (there’s the risk of moisture entering), as well as metal and wood (the wood absorbs humidity and acidity)
    • the packaging must be hermetically closed
    • there will be no obstacles between the VCI anti corrosion packaging and the metal which needs protection (the mechanical absorbent materials, plates placed between the layers of products)
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  • VCI polyethylene anti-rust packaging for atypical shaped products

    VCI film protective packaging

    The VCI polyethylene anti-rust film protects the metallic components against corrosion, having a higher mechanical power, compared to the anti-rust paper.

    During the fabrication process, the polyethylene molecules are mixed with the VCI anti-corrosion ones. The final product becomes impermeable. As against paper, the film doesn’t allow the moisture transfer, functioning like an umbrella. The VCI particles are gradually released, slower than for paper. The molecules reach the product’s surface in approximately 2 hours. It is recommended for applications where the parts can, or even must stay longer inside the factory, after they are produced, or the temperature changes from the storage/ loading for transportation area are not sudden.

    The VCI polyethylene anti-corrosive foil is available in stripes with widths between 200 mm and 6000 mm. It is transparent, with a light-blue nuance. Can be used to protect ferrous and non ferrous products and metals, and doesn’t influence the mechanical or electric characteristics of the packed components.

    It is very easy and quick to use, being available also as bags with different dimensions. Can be used in combination with the VCI anti corrosion paper for shipping with high humidity/ salinity conditions, like the sea transportation for example.


    • protection of tubes, pipes, cylinders, voluminous components
    • to pack the components for export, for protection between operations and for long term transports

    The activity sectors which can benefit from these products are: automotive, mechanical, metallurgy, heavy industry, electronics, packaging industry etc.

    For a complete protection against corrosion, the following conditions must be meet, during packaging stage:

    • the packed components must be cleaned by any trace of residues either chemical, metallic or of any other nature (finger marks, detergents, chlorides etc.)
    • the metallic components must be completely dried
    • the distance between the VCI foil and the product which needs protection, must be maximum 20 cm
    • the VCI packaging will be sealed
    • there will be no obstacles between the anti-rust packaging and the metallic product, so the VCI particles can reach it and form a protective layer on the surface of the metallic component
    • the pieces metallic component must be completely packed
    • desiccant can be put between the foil and the metallic piece, in order to absorb the existing humidity at the moment of packaging
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  • The VCI products are approved by the authorities in this domain: REACH, RoHS, TRGS 615. They don’t contain prohibited substances, heavy metals, and they comply also with the regulations from the automotive and even nuclear factories. They are safe for the operators exposed to their handling, and in general for the environment, they are recyclable and even reusable (if they were not in contact with different oils).

    By eliminating the phase of covering with oils or different other protection solutions, the costs with raw materials are decreased, as well as the ones with the involved personnel and the time allocated for this procedure.

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