VCI anti-corrosive protective packaging (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) are produced from materials (plastic, paper, carton) treated with inhibitors of the corrosion or oxidation process which is specific to ferrous and nonferrous materials.

When the pieces/ components are packed in VCI foil or paper, the anti-corrosion molecules are released in the atmosphere and transferred on the surface of the metal, forming a protective barrier. This film prevents the corrosion phenomenon and protects the metal surface for a long time. Sealing the VCI packaging maintains this atmosphere where the parts are protected all along the transportation and storage.

They are recommended especially when, from different reasons, the surface of the products cannot be treated with specific substances. For good results, the products which are to be packed need to be cleaned from fingerprints (if possible, handle the goods with gloves) and in general  from residues (water, dust). Ideally is to pack the goods immediately after production.

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The VCI products are approved by the authorities in this domain: REACH, RoHS, TRGS 615. They don’t contain prohibited substances, heavy metals, and they comply also with the regulations from the automotive and even nuclear factories. They are safe for the operators exposed to their handling, and in general for the environment, they are recyclable and even reusable (if they were not in contact with different oils).

By eliminating the phase of covering with oils or different other protection solutions, the costs with raw materials are decreased, as well as the ones with the involved personnel and the time allocated for this procedure.