Wheels for pallet containers

Logimarkt pallet boxes with wheels can be easily stacked, no matter how the casters are mounted.

They can be installed also if the container has skids.

Pallet boxes and containers, in general, can be moved much easier with the help of wheels.

Their installation can be done as follows:

  • With self-tapping screws on the feet of the pallet box, either in the 4 corners or in the 4 midpoints. Easy to mount, but it doesn’t last if the container is handled on uneven surfaces
  • With nut bolts, piercing the pallet-box base. The tightness can be obtained by using a rubber gasket.
  • A metal device is formed to help the wheel to be fastened with 4 bolts to the palletbox base’s reinforcements, without piercing it. It is the sturdiest option.

The casters/ wheels can have the following options:

  • With brakes/ no brakes
  • ESD/ non ESD
  • With hard tread surface (for soft floors) or with rubber tread surface (for concrete floors)
  • With bearings/ wheels with bushing
  • Non marking (don’t leave traces on the floor)/ standard
  • Swivel/ fix
  • The wheel diameter is important for the floor flatness and rolling speed
  • The wheel core can be from plastic or metal – depending on the weight which is transported
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