Wood packaging

Wood-based packaging has an essential role in modern supply chains. This type of packaging utilizes wood as a primary material. It creates containers, crates, pallets, and other essential solutions. Wood’s strength and versatility make it a preferred choice for safeguarding products during storage and transit.

These wooden packaging solutions protect items of varying sizes and weights. The use of wood ensures stability and duration. It contributes to the integrity of the packaged goods. In addition, wood-based packaging is eco-friendly. It sources from sustainable forestry practices.

Industrial wood-based packaging is a cost-effective and recyclable solution. This suits businesses that aim to balance efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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  • producer of stackable plywood crate for chemical products transport and storage

    Foldable wood containers

    Foldable wood containers are an alternative to plastic or metal containers. They may be one-way or reusable.

    They are lightweight in relation to their load capacity. This makes them an excellent air or sea transport solution.

    Various industries use foldable wood containers. Some of them are automotive, electronics, chemical, food and more. These containers can have custom sizes even for small order quantities.

    Foldable wood containers can be adapted for dangerous goods. The interior can come in contact with glass, plastic or metal boxes. They are more economical than metal containers while ensuring maximum protection for their load.

    The edge joints are designed to stay sealed and not lose any bulk products the containers might hold. The joints can be puzzle-like or use small metal joints similar to hinges on the vertical or horizontal sides. It may have hinged lids or covers.

    The wood is qualitative, with high resistance to humidity. In addition, it prevents deformations.

    Wood containers can have various folding or construction systems:

    • By breaking down the walls and placing them on the base pallet
    • Folding on the short side
    • With closed walls
    • Open walls with vertical lattices
    • Made of stackable frames to reach the desired height

    They may come with accessories:

    • Lids or covers
    • Lateral or frontal loading and access doors
    • Internal dunnage (textile, foam, wood, plastic, etc.)
    • Open handles, metal handles or handles made from resistant textile bands
    • Label holders, bar labels, inventory systems, logos, inscriptions (e.g., ‘FRAGILE’), seals
    • Specific components can be painted in company colors for brand visibility
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  • wood collar containers for storage and transport

    Wooden collar containers

    Wooden collar containers offer a custom design. They allow adjusting their height as needed. This ensures seamless adaptation to diverse storage requirements. They are suitable for various applications.

    A few advantages of these pallet collars are:

    • Fast assembly: This process minimizes downtime and streamlines operations. Operators can set up and dismantle the containers with ease. This enhances overall efficiency.
    • Resistant: Made from robust wood, these containers ensure long-lasting duration. The sturdy build withstands regular use. This way, they provide reliable protection for the transported goods.
    • Eco-friendly: Choosing wood collars leads to a sustainable initiative. These containers are environmentally friendly, and companies can reuse them. They reduce waste and contribute to a greener approach.
    • Smooth integration: Due to the standardized dimensions of these containers. They allow easy integration with existing pallets and containers. This simplifies logistics and helps maintain a smooth supply chain.
    • Cost-effective: Investing in wooden collar containers offer a cost-reductive storage solution. They are reusable and have a long service life.
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  • plywood crate for transport of electronic products

    Foldable wooden containers with frame

    Foldable wooden containers are space-saving solutions. They allow easy collapsing when not in use. This optimizes storage space, reduces costs and enhances efficiency.

    Advantages of foldable wood containers:

    • Easy and quick installation: A single operator can assemble these containers. Their assembly process facilitates smooth operations.
    • Short production time.
    • Robust, resistant and stable: Constructed from sturdy wood. They offer reliable protection for valuable items. They ensure duration and are suitable for frequent use.
    • Reduced costs on return transports: They are a cost-effective storage solution. The initial investment yields long-term benefits, including return transport. Many wood containers can fit in a truck due to their folding.
    • High folding ratio: reducing volume by up to 88%.
    • They can come in atypical dimensions with low costs. The containers are flexible in terms of dimensions. They allow tailoring to meet specific storage requirements. This makes them suitable for various industries and product types.
    • 100% recyclable: the eco-friendly materials used contribute to reducing environmental impact while maintaining efficiency.
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  • protective and resistant wooden containers with closed walls

    Rigid wooden transport containers

    The rigid transport containers are durable and provide efficient transport for goods.

    Some advantages of these wooden containers are the following:

    • Sturdy materials compose them. This way, they protect items from damage during transit. They ensure goods reach their destination intact.
    • The containers offer adaptable dimensions. This minimizes empty spaces within the container. They optimize space usage and reduce the risk of shifting during transit.
    • Embracing the transport of wooden containers aligns with eco-conscious practices. Wood is a renewable and biodegradable resource. The use of it contributes to minimizing the environmental footprint of packaging materials.
    • The robust nature of these containers mitigates the impact of external forces during transit, safeguarding fragile or sensitive items from potential harm. This resilience ensures that goods arrive in optimal condition.
    • Investing in the transport of wooden containers offers long-term value. Their reusability reduces the need for frequent replacement. This leads to cost savings over time while maintaining consistent cargo protection.
    • The rigid wooden containers are adaptable to multiple modes of transport. They include road, rail, and sea. Their design accommodates the nuances of each method. These products facilitate a smooth journey for goods.
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  • Wooden dividers for industrial packaging

    Accessories for wood containers

    An entire range of accessories is accessible to streamline the logistical procedure:

    • Label holders enable clear labelling of container contents and facilitate quick identification. All the available options are displayed here.
    • Internal separators for quick inspections of the goods.
    • Handles for better maneuvering during special applications. They enhance the ergonomic aspect of wooden transit containers. They also make handling and transport more efficient.
    • Stacking corners that reinforce the stability of stacked wooden containers. These durable corners minimize the risk of shifting and tilting. They ensure safe and secure vertical storage.
    • Lids and covers protect the contents within wooden containers. These accessories shield the stored items from dust, debris, and natural factors. This way, they preserve their integrity.
    • Locking mechanisms provide security for valuable or sensitive items. These accessories prevent unauthorized access and protect the contents. They ensure integrity at delivery.
    • Distancers assemble a mobile racking system. They grant rapid access to stored products. This solution caters to varying sizes of wooden packaging and complements other compatible products.
    • Doors facilitate easy access to the contents. The user-friendly door system helps streamline warehouse operations.
    • Barcode printing fluidizes inventory management. They ensure accurate tracking and quick identification of stored items.
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  • Wooden pallets solution for transport of retail products

    Pressed wooden pallets

    These pallets optimize logistics and storage processes.

    They are innovative and offer a robust and lightweight alternative for various applications. Their durable construction contributes to reliable and efficient handling.

    These pressed wooden pallets come in standard dimensions. This ensures fit with a wide range of storage and transport systems.

    They are the result of crafting renewable and eco-friendly resources. This way, using these products leads to a reduced impact on the environment.

    Pressed wooden pallets enable efficient stacking. In addition, they optimize vertical storage and transport. This stacking ability maximizes space usage. It reduces the footprint required for storage.

    They find utility in diverse industries, from manufacturing to retail. Because they are adaptable, they cater to different product types.

    Molded pallets offer a hygienic advantage, as they are easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that items remain uncontaminated.

    Pressed wooden pallets are a cost-effective choice for businesses. Their resistance minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

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  • Wood trays for transports in the automotive industry

    Pulp wood trays

    These trays are remarkable solutions for optimizing packaging and transport processes. Eco-friendly materials compose them. This way, they align with responsible practices. Their composition ensures a reduced impact on the environment. This is possible while maintaining durability.

    Their design withstands the demands of automotive and industrial environments. Their resistance ensures secure containment and protection of items during handling and transit.

    They cater to varying shapes and sizes of products. This optimizes space use and minimizes wastage within the packaging.

    Investing in pulp wood trays proves to be a cost-effective solution. Their reusable nature translates to prolonged use. This contributes to overall cost savings.

    Pulp wood trays are easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that items remain hygienic and suitable for various applications.

    At the end of their lifecycle, pulp wood trays can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This further contributes to sustainability efforts. More information on these bio-based trays is found here.

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  • These packaging options can replace metal or plastic, even for air or sea travel.

    They find applications across various industries. They address diverse needs and enhance efficiency.

    In the automotive sector, they offer secure transport for vehicle parts. These types of packaging ensure they reach assembly lines intact. These containers can adapt to different component sizes. This way, they help in efficient storage and movement.

    The electronics industry benefits from their protective features, which shield delicate gadgets during transit.

    Chemical and pharma industries rely on these containers to carry sensitive substances. They minimize the risk of spillage and ensure regulatory compliance.

    In the food industry, these products maintain hygiene and protect perishables. They offer a suitable solution for storing and transporting food items.

    Manufacturing plants can utilize wooden packaging to streamline logistics. They accommodate various production processes.

    Retail companies benefit from using these products as well. They ensure efficient storage and display of products in stores.

    Companies in the farming industry can use wood containers. The containers prevent pest infestations that could disrupt supply chains.

    The eco-friendly nature of wood-based packaging aligns with sustainability initiatives in multiple industries. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses aiming to reduce their footprint on the environment.

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