Cushioning paper

Cushioning paper is recommended to pack and protect heavy products with different dimensions, or high value products during transportation. Paper padding can be single layered or multi-layered.

The paper creasing process increases its volume so this one absorbs the mechanical shocks and fixes the product by filling the voids inside the package.

Industrial wrapping paper is produced from recycled materials, is easy to collect and is 100% recyclable. Crinkled cushioning paper is more economic than other protection systems for goods, due to its low price and its characteristics: light weighted, flexible, can be fitted in narrow spaces and can be reused multiple times.

To meet different packaging needs, from books to heavy metallic parts with sharp edges, the cushioning process is carried out with several machine types, resulting in three types of protection paper for packaging:

  • classic – ideal for heavy weight goods with sharp edges
  • papillon – a good option to protect small and medium sized goods
  • tubular – has the advantage of using a small amount of paper due to the high volume of air that can be inserted inside the paper layers

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