Cushioning paper

Cushioning paper is recommended to optimally pack and protect heavy products with different dimensions, or high-value products, during transportation.

Its purposes are many: fill in the voids and keep the products steady inside the external packaging, to protect against the damages which can come from difficult transport conditions or improper maneuvering, protection against scratches or cracks for sensitive and fragile goods like chinaware or glassware, for example, by individually wrapping them, protection against dust or various lint.

In thickness, paper padding can be single-layered or multi-layered, and can come in different weights. The paper creasing process increases its volume so this one absorbs the mechanical shocks and fixes the product by filling the voids inside the package.

It is used in industries like automotive, e-commerce, logistics (large warehouses), electronics, etc.

Industrial wrapping and packaging paper is usually sourced and produced from recycled materials, is easy to collect, and is 100% recyclable after use (eco advantage), not aggressing this way the environment, but sustaining and protecting it by reducing the volume of the generated industrial waste.

After use, it is very easy for the clients to dispose of it, so it can be processed into the next loop of protective cushion material. There are paper films that, due to the nowadays technology, can be recycled together with regular paper waste and also with bio-compostable paper waste.

Crinkled cushioning paper is more economic than other protection systems for goods, due to its low price and its characteristics: light weight, it is flexible/ malleable, has a good level of tear resistance, can be easily fitted in small or narrow spaces, and can be reused multiple times.

To meet different packaging needs, from books to heavy metallic parts with sharp edges, the cushioning process is carried out with several machine types, resulting in a couple of types of protection paper for packaging:

  • classic – ideal for heavy-weight goods with sharp edges
  • papillon – a good option to protect small and medium-sized goods
  • tubular – has the advantage of using a small amount of paper due to the high volume of air that can be inserted inside the paper layers
  • paper cushions – an alternative to film cushions

The cushion paper packaging is very flexible when it comes to the solutions which can be used by the clients, but basically, there are two major methods:

  • fill in the voids between the product and the outer box with simple paper, straight or folded – light duty
  • place rolls of paper inside, between the product and the packaging, for an enhanced level of protection – heavy duty; the coils of paper are strong, can be produced on various diameters and need only a little space for storage

Besides the technical abilities and performances, the cushioning paper rolls or sheets can be imprinted with the company logo or other signs, thus conferring also a marketing value to the packaging. To respect the eco characteristics, the ink used can be one with easy removal during the recycling process.

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