ESD boxes

ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletPallets per truckWeight (kg)
Conductive Solid walls and closed base plastic containers, 300x200x147 mm, ESD RL-KLT 3147ESD RL-KLT 3147300 x 200 x 147243 x 162 x 129.50320260.57View product
Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 4174ESD RL-KLT 4174396 x 297 x 174345 x 260 x 147.50130331.35View product
Extremely resistant to impact antistatic KLT box, 400x300x147 mm, ESD RL-KLT 4047ESD RL-KLT 4047400 x 300 x 147346 x 260 x 129.50160261.08View product
Plastic container for the automotive industry with fire retardant properties, 400x300x280 mm, ESD RL-KLT 4080ESD RL-KLT 4080400 x 300 x 280346 x 260 x 26280261.70View product
Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 6174ESD RL-KLT 6174594 x 396 x 174544 x 359 x 15665332.00View product
Plastic ESD container with water drainage system to stop the spread of fire, 600x400x147 mm, ESD RL-KLT 6047ESD RL-KLT 6047600 x 400 x 147544 x 359 x 129.5080261.82View product
ESD storage bin for the automotive industry, 600x400x280 mm, ESD RL-KLT 6080ESD RL-KLT 6080600 x 400 x 280544 x 359 x 26240262.67View product
Plastic container for the automotive industry with ESD conductive properties, 800x600x210 mm, ESD RL-KLT 8210 GESD RL-KLT 8210 G800 x 600 x 210739 x 556 x 20020334.52View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletPallets per truckWeight (kg)
VDA container with ESD properties, 300x200x147 mm, ESD R-KLT 3115ESD R-KLT 3115300 x 200 x 147243 x 162 x 129.50320260.57View product
Stackable plastic container VDA ESD R-KLT 4118ESD R-KLT 4118396 x 297 x 174346 x 265 x 135130331.50View product
PVC container with solid walls, made from conductive material, 400x300x147 mmESD R-KLT 4115400 x 300 x 147346 x 265 x 109.50160261.29View product
KLT impact resistant containers with closed base, 400x300x280 mmESD R-KLT 4129400 x 300 x 280346 x 265 x 24280261.85View product
Stackable plastic container VDA ESD R-KLT 6118ESD R-KLT 6118594 x 396 x 174544 x 364 x 13665333.00View product
VDA KLT container with ESD properties, 600x400x147 mmESD R-KLT 6115600 x 400 x 147544 x 364 x 109.5080262.10View product
Reusable and returnable containers from PVC, 600x400x280 mmESD R-KLT 6129600 x 400 x 280544 x 364 x 24240262.97View product
ESD rack box with dissipative properties, 1200x400x147 mm, ESD KLT 12415ESD KLT 124151200 x 400 x 1471142 x 360 x 144.5032334.32View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletPallets per truckWeight (kg)
Smooth base containers with dissipative properties, compatible with blackline, 300x200x120 mm, ESD ST3212-0226, for PCBs and electronic componentsESD ST3212-0226300 x 200 x 120264 x 164 x 107352330.41View product
Smooth base box with conductive properties, 300x200x290 mm, ESD ST3229-0227, for PCBs and electronic componentsESD ST3229-0227300 x 200 x 290264 x 164 x 278128330.81View product
Container with ESD properties and smooth base manufactured from injected plastic, compatible with blackline, 400x300x75 mm, ESD ST4308-0201ESD ST4308-0201400 x 300 x 75365 x 265 x 72304330.61View product
Storage and transport container for electronic parts, 400x300x120 mm, ESD ST4312-0202ESD ST4312-0202400 x 300 x 120364 x 264 x 108176330.73View product
Smooth base container resistant with ESD properties, 400x300x175 mm, ESD ST4318-0203ESD ST4318-0203400 x 300 x 175364 x 264 x 163112330.95View product
ESD box for transport and storage, 400x300x220 mm, ESD ST4322-0204ESD ST4322-0204400 x 300 x 220364 x 264 x 216120331.15View product
Conductive and dissipative box, 400x300x230 mm, ESD ST4323-0206ESD ST4323-0206400 x 300 x 230364 x 264 x 21688331.15View product
Plastic ESD container for shipment, 400x300x240 mm, ESD ST4324-0205ESD ST4324-0205400 x 300 x 240355 x 256 x 216120331.08View product
EURO container from injected plastic, 400x300x290 mm, ESD ST4329-0207ESD ST4329-0207400 x 300 x 290364 x 264 x 27464331.43View product
ESD lightweight stackable container, 600x400x120 mm, ESD ST6412-0208ESD ST6412-0208600 x 400 x 120562 x 364 x 9888331.40View product
Plastic dissipative containers stackable on pallets, 600x400x175 mm, ESD ST6418-0209ESD ST6418-0209600 x 400 x 175562 x 364 x 15360331.96View product
Injected plastic containers with ESD properties, 600x400x200 mm, ESD ST6420-0210ESD ST6420-0210600 x 400 x 200562 x 364 x 17852331.99View product
Distribution containers, 600x400x230 mm, ESD ST6423-0211ESD ST6423-0211600 x 400 x 230562 x 364 x 20844332.23View product
Distribution, storing and display electronic parts and components containers, 600x400x235 mm, ESD ST6424-0221ESD ST6424-0221600 x 400 x 235570 x 370 x 21044332.20View product
Multi purpose dissipative containers, 600x400x273 mm, ESD ST6427-0212ESD ST6427-0212600 x 400 x 273562 x 364 x 25136332.60View product
Multipurpose plastic box, 600x400x290 mm, ESD ST6429-0213ESD ST6429-0213600 x 400 x 290562 x 364 x 26848332.53View product
Plastic distribution and storage box compatible with accessories, 600x400x295 mm, ESD ST6430-0222ESD ST6430-0222600 x 400 x 295570 x 370 x 27232332.71View product
Manufacture industrial injected plastic boxes, 600x400x340 mm, ESD ST6434-0214ESD ST6434-0214600 x 400 x 340562 x 364 x 31840332.90View product
ESD conductive box producer, 600x400x347 mm, ESD ST6435-0216ESD ST6435-0216600 x 400 x 347562 x 364 x 32428332.04View product
Plastic PVC box factory, 600x400x450 mm, ESD ST6445-0218ESD ST6445-0218600 x 400 x 450562 x 364 x 42720333.58View product
Transport and storage box for electronic components, 800x600x235 mm, ESD ST8624-0223ESD ST8624-0223800 x 600 x 235768 x 562 x 21022334.20View product
EURO container compatible with Blackline manufacturer, 800x600x340 mm, ESD ST8634-0224ESD ST8634-0224800 x 600 x 340756 x 562 x 32014335.22View product
Industrial ESD plastic container, compatible with blackline, 800x600x455 mm, ESD ST8645-0225ESD ST8645-0225800 x 600 x 455756 x 562 x 43010336.25View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletPallets per truckWeight (kg)
Container with ESD conductive or dissipative properties for electronic products and components transport and storage, 1000x400x120 mm, ESD ST1004-0219ESD ST1004-02191000 x 400 x 120953 x 365 x 9766262.47View product
Electronic products and components transport and storage box with smooth base, 1000x400x230 mm, ESD ST1004-0220ESD ST1004-02201000 x 400 x 230953 x 365 x 20833263.30View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Pallets per truckWeight (kg)
Open front modular bin with ESD conductive properties, 170x102x74 mm, ESD SB1107-4901ESD SB1107-4901170 x 102 x 74150 x 90 x 702626.00View product
Antistatic open front plastic storage boxes, 190x125x98 mm, SB1110-4902SB1110-4902190 x 125 x 98170 x 105 x 95260.15View product
Dissipative semi open front storage compatible with LF containers, 240x150x122 mm, SB2112-4903SB2112-4903240 x 150 x 122215 x 130 x 12026N.A.View product
ESD shelving plastic boxes with conductive properties, 305x172x130 mm, SB3113-4904SB3113-4904305 x 172 x 130274 x 155 x 12526N.A.View product
Dissipative modular bins from polypropylene, 355x215x152 mm, SB3215-4905SB3215-4905355 x 215 x 152317 x 175 x 14826N.A.View product
Antistatic shelving box from PVC for small parts, 420x260x170 mm, SB4217-4906SB4217-4906420 x 260 x 170390 x 226 x 16726N.A.View product
Open front dissipative plastic bin from polyethylene, 490x310x190 mm, SB4319-4907SB4319-4907490 x 310 x 190N.A.26N.A.View product

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