Foldable Big Container for heavy loads FLC1208-4803

Due to their special design, The Foldable Big Containers with access doors on one short and/or one long side (heavy duty type) are especially preferred in automotive and electronics industries, but they can also be used in any other industry if the model is compatible.

Our Foldable Big Containers with access doors on short and/or long sides, designed for heavy-duty applications, are highly sought after in automotive and electronics industries, as well as various other sectors requiring robust solutions.


  • Exceptionally robust design for heavy products and intensive use.
  • Remarkable stability when stacked, allowing for tall stacks.
  • Customizable height options to suit your specific needs.
  • Available in standard base dimensions of 1200×800 and 1200×1000 mm.
  • Various options for feet and skids, as well as additional access doors.


  • First-injection material base for superior shock resistance.
  • Compact folding reduces volume by 64-65%, lowering transportation costs.
  • Smart design ensures that folded feet and skids support the container’s edge, not its walls.
  • Possibility to divide internal space using a level/layer separator.
  • Compatible with conveyors.
  • Exceptional long-term durability.

Technical specifications

External dimensions (mm)1200 x 800 x 950
Internal dimensions (mm)1120 x 720 x 780
Stacking height (mm)920
Folded height (mm)344
Base and side designclosed, 4 feet
Weight (kg)43.5
Static load (kg)4000
Dynamic load (kg)750
Color basesilver grey
Color attachmentsred, blue, black
Optionalaccess door, lid, skids
Units per pallet9
Pallets per truck33
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