Reusable Pallet Wraps

Reusable pallet wraps are an excellent packaging accessory for palletized goods.

They are a good solution for companies aiming to simultaneously protect the environment and save money. It is a reusable wrapping protection for palletized goods with a service life of around five years. It also saves precious time with wrapping and unwrapping plastic foil.

Reusable Pallet Wraps save costs with the disposal of plastic foil waste, compression, sorting and collection, costs with environmental tax, foil and its transport cost.

It is an excellent way to avoid investing in wrapping machines and allows quick or repeated access to the goods.

What Are Reusable Pallet Wraps?

Pallet wraps are made of a strong transparent fabric equipped with straps. A single worker can quickly place it around the stack of palletized products and fasten the belts. With proper care, one reusable pallet wrap can last up to five years or over 2,500 cycles, making this solution a much less wasteful alternative to plastic foil.

Safety is always first. The wrap keeps even irregular stacks stable through the roughest journeys.

Benefits of Using Reusable Pallet Wraps

Besides cost and ease of use, they come with added benefits:

  • They are made of breathable fabric, not producing condensation on the packages inside; this could save some trouble
  • The return cost is virtually zero as long as the truck makes this trip anyway; its size and weight are negligible
  • It is applied quickly, even if it needs to be done manually

 Customization Options

Pallet wraps can be made in customized dimensions to fit various shipment requirements. They may come with transparent pockets for shipping documents.

Other options for reusable custom wraps:

  • Custom colors for added marketing value
  • Printing (logo or other markings)
  • Embedded RFID tracking
  • Fire-retardant material

Due to the pollution level associated with plastic use, single-use plastic wraps for pallets are a significant issue. Moreover, precious time is wasted when an operator has to wrap the foil around a pallet at least 30 times. Furthermore, the costs increase from supporting the plastic tax and the waste costs. On the other side, reusable pallet wraps do not go to waste and have a long service life. The operator has to wrap only once the pallet, which will be fully secured. Also, the costs associated with plastic and waste taxes get eliminated.

Because the clients’ preferences vary, the pallet wrap’s design is adapted to suit every need. For pallets and roll cage trolleys, Logimarkt’s design team has the expertise and experience gained from working with various clients in different industries to develop custom solutions that are viable alternatives to plastic pallet wrap. The operations staff is well-equipped to oversee the manufacture of new designs at scale and project delivery. The pallet wraps are designed to suit both the external logistics areas and the intralogistics segment.

The options available for the configuration of the product are but do not limit to: fabric type, fittings strength, material, load support, branding, tracking and end-of-life specifications, all to meet the client’s expectations and requirements to suit their supply chain.

More benefits of using reusable pallet wraps:

  • Save money – when investing in innovative items like reusable pallet coverings, return on investment is crucial. When used internally daily and with their long service life, the return on investment is most likely to be within six months. After that, the client will have another three years of use, which will help in saving a lot of costs that would have been spent on single-use plastic pallet wrap.
  • Help in reducing the environmental impact – by using reusable pallet wraps, clients benefit from the qualities that bring material satisfaction and reduce the footprint left on the environment. Although plastic is often a necessary commodity, there are numerous situations where it is possible to use alternative or reusable products instead, particularly when it comes to single-use plastic wrap. Each plastic product manufactured depletes more oil reserves since, as we all know, plastic is made from oil. Logimarkt’s reusable pallet wraps are ideal for minimizing the influence on the environment because the wraps can be recycled numerous times. Thus, the waste produced by single-use plastics gets prevented.
  • Stop the single-use plastic consumption – reusable pallet wraps got developed for this purpose. Pallet wraps made of single-use plastic are required in some circumstances. Still, they can readily be replaced with reusable wraps in many scenarios, with internal warehouse movement of goods being the most cost-effective. Pallets or roll cage trolleys are frequently wrapped for just a few meters before the wrap is taken off and discarded, often less than 10 minutes after it gets placed on. This is a classic example of needless plastic usage and can undoubtedly be replaced with reusable pallet wraps.
  • Reduce landfill – Anything that all of us can do in the short to medium term to lessen the load on landfill can only do good since landfill problems are at an all-time high. Reusable wraps are fantastic for reducing the excessive amount of plastic waste discarded in landfills since single-use plastic shrink wrap contributes to the problem. Due to its frequent use as a cover for goods transported on the back of open trailers, single-use plastic pallet wrap is frequently seen strewn along roadsides and stuck in bushes and trees. When the force of the wind exerts pressure on the plastic, it is easily torn off and ends up as litter. Instead, reusable pallet covers are more securely fastened to the items and the pallet, eliminating any chance of ripping off. Additionally, Logimarkt’s product is made of mesh, allowing air to pass through it and lessening the wind’s effect.

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