Reusable Pallet Wraps

Reusable pallet wraps are a good packaging accessory alternative for palletized goods.

They are a good solution for companies who want to protect the environment and save money, at the same time. It is a reusable wrapping protection for the palletized goods with a service life of more than 5 years. It also saves time to apply the foil and cut it down as it makes these operations faster. Reusable Pallet Wraps save costs with the disposal of plastic foil waste & compressing it & sorting and collection, costs with environmental tax, and cost of the one-way packaging foil.

It is also a good solution for companies who do not want to invest in a wrapping machine or need to open the pallets more often.

What Are Reusable Pallet Wraps?

Pallet wraps are made of strong transparent fabric and are provided with straps. One single worker can quickly place it around the stack of palletized products and fasten the straps. With proper care, one reusable pallet wrap can last up to five years or over 2 500 use times, which makes this solution also eco friendly.

As for safety for products in transit, the clients do not have to worry that they are trading quality for cost. There is no trade off involved, because reusable stretch wraps help to create stable stacks, that won’t wobble and topple even during rough journeys.

They can be placed also on uneven/irregular shaped stacks.

Benefits of Using Reusable Pallet Wraps

Apart from cost and convenience, other benefits will be also enjoyed from the use of pallet wraps. They are made of breathable fabric, therefore there will be no condensation on the packages inside it, which may compromise the quality of the products.

A high benefit is that the pallet wrap can be returned in a very easy and convenient way, with almost no cost at all, due to the fact that it takes up a very little space when is folded, and are really light weighted.

Another important advantage is that even if it’s manually placed on the stack, the application is rapid, and simple, which is time saving and efficient.

Customization Options

Pallet wraps can be made in customized dimensions to fit various shipment requirements. Based on the specifications sent by the clients, there can be produced any sizes of custom wraps. As options, they can have transparent pockets for shipping documents.

Other options for reusable custom wraps:

  • Can be produced in the company colors, adding them marketing value
  • Can be also produced with company name and logo printed on them
  • Can have embedded RFID tracking
  • Can be made of fire retardant material

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