Lower Own Weight - metalic and plastic containers

1. Lower Own Weight

Plastic pallet boxes are made of polypropylene, a sturdy but lightweight material. Thus, a plastic pallet container is several times lighter than a metal container of the same size and loading capacity. This means that your company will reduce its shipping costs, since transportation companies charge by volumetric weight.

Easier to Handle by Warehouse Employees - foldable plastic container

2. Easier to Handle by Warehouse Employees

Plastic pallet containers are easier to load, unload and move around the warehouse. By comparison, metal containers are heavy, noisy and difficult to move. Also, there is the risk of injury if a metal container collapses or topples over close to your employees.

Space Saving - collapsible metalic containers and foldable plastic containers

3. Space Saving

Many models of plastic pallet containers are foldable, reducing their own volume by 70%. This feature helps companies save costs on the return journey of the empty packages and make better use of the available space in warehouses. By contrast, metal containers have a lower folding ratio.

No Rusting and Damage by Temperature Variations - metalic containers and plastic containers

4. No Rusting and Damage by Temperature Variations

Plastic pallet containers can be shipped in any weather conditions and across oceans. They are impervious to rain, sleet, snow or salty sea water. Metal containers may develop rust over time. Also, since metal expands and contracts at temperature variations, their structure may become weakened, with visible crack.

Atypical dimmensions - metalic containers

5. Atypical dimmensions

In case of large, atypical dimmensions, the metalic containers are the first option. They allow more flexibility in these cases and can be fitted with textile dunnage customized for the products. In case of some atypical products.

Heavy loads with difficult handling - metalic containers with automotive components and plastic containers with lead-acid batteries

6. Heavy loads with difficult handling

In case of very heavy loads (>600Kg/m3), dry goods, which requires high temperatures or unloading of containers by tilting, the metalic containers are easier and cheaper to be produced.