Returnable Packaging Calculator

Returnable packaging can seem to be a not-so cost efficient solution for you on a short term, but for longer periods of time, the expenses that you initially invested will pay off!

We have put together a tool that can be used in order to show you what to expect, in terms of profit, after you will start using returnable packaging. By filling in the requested information it will calculate how long it will take, in terms of years, until your investment will pay for itself.

The calculator is not only simple to use and adapt to, but also efficient and precise. Start calculating, using concrete data, the period of time that will last until the investment in returnable packaging will be payed back.

0.00 Annual cost of cardboard per limited trip

Hours per year spend assembling packaging, if any?

0.00 Total

Additional Annual Costs

0.00 Total annual cost of cardboard / limited trip system

Total quantity of plastic containers required to replace disposable / limited trip system. Take into account the following:

  • Number of containers packed each day
  • Number of containers collected at a time
  • Frequency of collection
  • Time to unpack and return containers (days)
  • Shrinkage @ 2% per year
  • Buffer stock for seasonal peaks, if any

0.00 Cost of implementing a returnable system

Other potential costs

0.00 Total cost of implementing a returnable system

Other potential revenues

Time to pay back your investment: 0 years