Pollution – a worldwide problem that progressively affects every one of us

Plastic pollution has been a problem for both the wildlife and human life for a long time, but now it’s getting even more serious. It affects our oceans, seas, rivers and soils. Annualy, it is estimated that between 1.1 and 8.8 tones of plastic waste get into the ocean, which is an alarming factor that might affect the marine ecosystem in such proportions that “by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish (by weight)”, according to

In the logistics area, plastic is one of the most frequently used type of packaging material, for it provides a higher transport quality, less issues at stocking and it is more affordable than other types of packaging. The increased usage of plastic material leads to an increased plastic pollution once the container is damaged or altered in such way that it cannot be reused. This is an issue that concerns alltogether the retailers as well as the environmental activists.

Besides the plastic packaging, cardboard packaging represent a threat to the environment too. Even though they decompose naturally, they cause emmisions of carbon, which are harmful to the ecosystem. Besides that, the more we use cardboard boxes means that more trees are being cut off. By recycling them, we can reduce the pollution generated by half.

As a result, Logimarkt wants to step up and take action in regarding to this worldwide problem and contribute to the ecosystem’s conservation by finding a solution to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. It is not an easy job, but we are happily doing it for the satisfaction that comes along with the ascertainment of doing something beneficial for the environment.


How can we put it into practice?

The first step to protect the environment is to reduce the generated waste. This come before recycling or anything else. Logimarkt helps reduce the packaging waste by supporting customers on the transition from one-way-packaging to returnable transit packaging. By producing highly efficient returnable packaging that increase ergonomy at the working stations, that can be folded on reverse transport to save space up to 75%, we help reduce the carbon footprint and packaging waste as well.

By gathering old returnable packaging and transforming it into new reusable high-quality containers and pallets that can make the difference between an alarming environmental condition and a much safer one. As another advantage of recycling the returnable packaging containers (RPC), we contribute to reduction of global warming and carbon emissions, which has increased by 500% since 1950. Moreover, if we, as a whole, do not correctly mange plastic, the risk of using and wasting even more resources will cause even more litter and will progressively damage the environment.


Reverse logistics (RL)

In industries where the main focus is on the production area, it sometimes might happen that during the conditions of transport or storage of different goods, the containers or pallets that are being excessively used crack, bend, scratch or even break. At this point, the materials used to transport various types of goods are altered and cannot be reused, as they will harm the products’ state or shape.

The concept of reverse logistics enables the already broken boxes, crates and pallets to be given a second life by transforming them into new working materials, thus avoiding extra costs of production and having to dispose of the old unusable packaging.


About recycling

Some may see recycling as being a simple process that every business should have available for its customers.

Nonetheless, plastic recycling is a serious and rigurous procedure that involves a great attention to details and a closeup survailance of the whole process.


The recycling process

Firstly, we gather the materials from our clients that want to take part in the recycling process.

After receiving all the products, the HDPE and PP material crates, totes, collapsible containers, pallets, and trays are first ground into small parts.

The next step is a more in depth grinding or shredding, where what is left from the initial products are tiny flakes. This procedure is beneficial so that they can be carefully washed next in order to eliminate all the impurities. The contaminants may not be recycled, so this step is essential for the whole process to take place in a safe and sanitary environment.

Further on, the plastic flakes are carefully dried before they are transfered to the injection moulding area. With the final step, the products are once again given a shape and a final touch on the design that they come in.

With the help of this procedure, the plastic crates and pallets receive a second life and the production costs are reduced.

While the injection process takes place, the plastic containers and pallets are melted to a temperature up to 250º C, which guarantees that no bacteria or other infectious material can survive the process. This is a safety measure that ensures our customers that your safety is one of the most valuable aspect for us. Moreover, no other chemicals or substances are added to the product when the injection process takes place.


How can you take part in our recycling procedure?

By simply returning your old or damaged crates and pallets in our units and benefiting of a discount at your next order.  This procedure is benefical for you, as our client, due to the fact that you won’t have to throw away your used equipment, the costs for buying new ones are reduced and, as a bonus, you contribute to building a safer space for our ecosystem by reducing the plastic waste.


A wide spectrum of activity

You don’t have to worry about reincorporating the recycled products into your everyday use. The plastic boxes and pallets return to you as safe to use and sustainable as they always were.


Cost reduction

With our new recycling system it’s easier to ensure our customers that with our recycling method your products will be as safe and practical as they were before entering the process. Moreover, with this new process that we have developed, by transforming your old/damaged storage products you will be able to observe an undeniable cost reduction. What is even more beneficial for you is that once you reached out to us and participated in this process, you will even enter a cashback promotion for just submitting the unusable material to us.


Zero waste

No product is wasted and everything is transformed in order to make new items for you that are efficiet, practical and eco-friendly.

The zero waste comfort comes alongside with the comfort of working with a company that respects strict quality protocols and always looks up to opportunities in order to come up with the best solutions, prioritising our clients’ interests and convenience.


Prioritising our faithful customers’ preferences

Another advantage for you is that we can also change the color of your materials, at request, but only go darker. With that being said, if you have a box which is light blue and you might want it to be dark green, your wish is our command.

The examples presented above are not the only options we have in stock for you. For more information in regarding the modification of your crates and pallets’ dimensions or color shifting, we stay at your disposal.

Every action that we are able to do is a step forward to contribute to better susteinability, no matter how unimportant it may seem. We, as a progressively growing business on the European market, value and encurage the wide range of ways in which we can all take part in reducing the plastic waste and leaving the future generations a safe place to live in.