How we develop packaging solutions

It all starts with a commitment:

We protect what you have manufactured, and ensure security throughout the entire logistic process. The product which arrives, is the same as the product you dispatch, with intact integrity along the entire process.

1. Consultancy

When we have a new product from our clients, we start to analyze it: firstly with our imagination, then as a paper sketch, and after, using a CAD drawing.

After understanding the product and our customer’s needs and priorities, we together define the specifications that must be met by the packaging solutions we are going to design and propose.

The interplay of creativity and our knowledge of materials, modern machining processes and years of qualified development activity, help us to develop more and more effective packaging.

Internally, we analyse several possibilities, study the challenges from different angles and we select the top 3 solutions, after we took into consideration:

  • level of required protection
  • transportation distance
  • product shape, weight and constrains
  • collapsibility and foldability of the empty packaging
  • products’ nesting rate
  • durability of packaging
  • ergonomics for the operators (after understanding all the handling operations that are to be made, and in what order they are done)
  • number of products that can be fitted in a truck
  • future-proof solutions: because the service life of the packaging exceeds the service live of a regular project, it is very important that the packaging can be used for multiple projects, as parts of other complex projects, or as many components as possible to be reused also for future projects

2. Cost analysis

We may conduct logistic cost analysis to select the top 2-3 solutions we will present to our customers.

We help you to:

  • analyse your current packaging status versus space
  • perform a packaging analysis i.e. small boxes with individual protection vs. large containers with textile dividers
  • perform an economic and financial analysis
  • develop an action plan

Logimarkt’s consultants will analyse your entire production chain: available storage facilities, automatization opportunities, handling methods, shipping processes.

Upon receiving the feedback from our customer, if all is fine, we move forward to the Development stage.


Cost analysis

3. Offer

After identifying the solutions and their approval by the customer, we elaborate the commercial offer.

This contains all the information related to the products or the solutions agreed by the client, from the technical details, drawings (if applicable), prices, quantities, to the delivery and payment terms.

4. Designing

When we design a packaging solution developed together with our clients, we take the following aspects into consideration:

  • the concept defined together with the client
  • optimal ratio: quality for price
  • we carefully check that the concept is feasible and durable
  • we pay attention to details for various scenarios that may occur during its use
  • we try to keep solutions as simple as possible

In this phase of the project we calculate the number of products that fit into the container and truck.

We use:

  • Catia v6
  • 2D Autocad (dxf, dwg)

5. Prototyping

After the drawings and the project’s costs are approved, we make the prototype. The customer must check, test and approve this prototype before starting the serial production.

6. Testing

We recommend that the testing is done by the client, by introducing the packaging into an identical logistic flow, or one as close as possible to the one in which it is going to be used.

Before the product is sent to the client, it also must pass our own tests:

  • a platform is used to simulate the vibrations encountered during transportation, and we thus make sure that our product will resist in time to the dynamic load
  • stack load is tested using a press
  • we check the static load as well
  • we run different impact and drop tests

In most cases, when the testing procedures allow, we participate together with the client when they run the tests so we can help them to find the most appropriate corrections for the identified problems.

7. Prototype approval

After the prototype/ sample tests are done, if there are no changes and they’ve successfully passed the tests or checks, the next step is receiving the final approval from the customer.

This must include absolutely all the agreed details, from dimensions, color, design, to resistance or material composition.

8. Placing the order

After the prototype is approved, the client sends us the firm order in written, so we can start the series production.

The order must contain the complete details agreed together. Logimarkt’s written confirmation will follow.

9. Production

The approximate duration of each operation is:

  • 2 to 5 weeks: supply of materials
  • 1 to 2 weeks: preparations for production
  • 1 to 6 weeks: actual production of the ordered products
  • 1 week: delivery

Production operations and equipment:

  • Metal welding
  • Profile cutting
  • Metal bending and drilling
  • Plastic injection
  • Plastic thermoforming
  • EPP production
  • Kongsberg CNC machine for prototyping
  • Die cutting machine
  • Plastic welding
  • Hot melt gluing
  • Waterjet foam cutting
  • Mirror welding
  • Laminating
  • High frequency welding
  • Foam contour cutting
  • Label production machine


10. Delivery

We pack the goods in a safe way for transportation. For an easy reception, we label each pallet with all the needed information.

We protect what you have manufactured, and ensure security throughout the entire logistic process. Thus, the product which arrives, is the same as the product you dispatch, with intact integrity along the entire process.

11. Customer care

Logimarkt’s multi-way packaging answers the most difficult or complex problems our customers may encounter.

We understand their need for extended and complete services, beyond than just placing an order.

The clients are Logimarkt’s top priority. Our entire company, each department understands this aspect and integrates it as part of the organizational culture.

We strive to bring an excellent experience, responsiveness and customer dedication to every project we engage in.