How we develop packaging solutions

It all starts with a commitment: protecting what the clients have manufactured and ensuring security throughout the logistics process.

The product that arrives is the same as the one that was dispatched, with intact integrity throughout the entire process.

1. Consultancy

It starts with a brief. An idea is born. It becomes a paper sketch and then grows into a CAD drawing.

The interplay of creativity and our knowledge of materials, modern machining processes and years of qualified development help us develop more and more efficient packaging.

Several possibilities are analyzed internally, and the top 3 solutions are picked using the following criteria:

  • Level of required protection
  • Transportation distance
  • Product shape, weight, and constraints
  • Collapsibility and foldability of the empty packaging
  • Products’ nesting rate
  • Durability of packaging
  • Ergonomics for operators – after understanding all handling operations to be completed and their order
  • Number of products that can fit inside a truck
  • Future-proof solutions: because the service life of the packaging exceeds the service life of a regular project, it is essential that the packaging can be used for multiple projects, as parts of other complex projects, or that its components can be repurposed.

2. Cost analysis

We may conduct a logistic cost analysis to select the top 2-3 solutions we present to our customers.

We can provide the following:

  • Analysis of the current packaging solution
  • A comparative packaging analysis (i.e., small boxes with individual protection vs. large containers with textile dividers)
  • An economic and financial analysis
  • A development strategy

Logimarkt’s consultants will analyze the entire production chain: available storage facilities, automation opportunities, handling methods, and shipping processes.


Cost analysis

3. Quotation

After validating the solutions, we produce a commercial offer.

It contains all information related to the products or the solutions agreed upon by the client, from technical details, drawings (if applicable), prices, and quantities to the delivery and payment terms.

4. Designing

Essential factors in product development:

  • The concept is defined in collaboration with the beneficiary
  • Optimal quality for price ratio
  • Feasibility and durability
  • Attention to detail and possible scenarios that may occur during its use
  • Keeping it as simple as possible

Volumes are carefully estimated to determine the number of items to fit in one truck or container.

We use:

  • Catia v6
  • 2D Autocad (dxf, dwg)

5. Prototyping

The next step is prototyping. The customer must check, test and approve this prototype before starting mass production.

6. Testing

We recommend that the client does the testing by introducing the packaging into an identical logistic flow or one as close as possible to the one in which it will be used.

Before the real-life test, the product goes through laboratory tests:

  • A vibration test determines the dynamic load resistance over time
  • Stack load is tested using a press
  • Different impact and drop tests are carried out

In most cases, we join our clients for real-life tests to accurately determine the performance of the packaging and improve as necessary.

7. Prototype approval

After testing, the final approval must include all details: dimensions, colour, design, resistance or material composition.

The order is then placed and confirmed, and serial production can start soon.

8. Production

The approximate duration of each operation is:

  • 2 to 5 weeks: supply of materials
  • 1 to 2 weeks: preparations for production
  • 1 to 6 weeks: production of ordered products
  • 1 week: delivery

Production operations and equipment available at our facilities:


9. Delivery

The goods are carefully packed and shipped. For easy reception, each pallet is labelled with all critical information.

10. Customer care

Logimarkt’s multi-way packaging answers the most difficult or complex problems our customers may encounter.

We understand their need for comprehensive services beyond ordering and receiving a product.

Customer care is essential to Logimarkt’s organizational culture. Each department strives to bring added value to every project we engage in by providing an excellent experience, responsiveness and dedication.